Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a dedicated lover. So I saw Eclipse.

I think pretty much everybody under the sun knows how much I love, love, love Robert Pattinson. And for the record, it is NOT because he's in the Twilight movies. It's because he's fucking hot.

So I gathered up some of my favorite people- my friend Lisa, my sister in law Kate, and my cousin Rhonda and dragged them all to see Eclipse with me. Eclipse was by far my favorite in the series and the movie did not disappoint me.

We went out to eat at Old Chicago (yumola) and got in line for the midnight showing at 5:30. We only sat for about 30 minutes when it was revealed that if we each paid an additional $7.50, we could see Twilight AND New Moon before Eclipse...but the kicker is that we A) wouldn't have to stand in line anymore and B) we got to keep our seats for Eclipse.

We were sold. So we buy our tickets and sit in our seats. For the next six hours.

The gang- being awesome.
Lisa wasn't thrilled about having to sit in really uncomfortable seats for six hours but when one of us would go to the bathroom or concessions it was agreed that none of us wanted to be out in line. Plus, the people who ended up waiting in line had a hard time finding seats for their whole group. We had no problem.

Obviously, nothing goes smoothly and without drama so yay! We had drama. First up was this bitch that came, who was part of a group of six who kept demanding our group move down. Um, no bitch. We've been sitting here for six fucking hours- we are going nowhere. So she got really huffy about it, and ended up going to the other side of our row where there were enough seats for that group. Then three more people joined our group and we had just enough seats for them so that was fab. They were a fun and entertaining addition to the theatre because two of them had some drinkity drink before the show. Which is fine because we had a 45 minute wait before Eclipse started. It brought entertainment for us all.

Well APPARENTLY, miss bitchy didn't like it so her and her entire group stormed out and went into a different theatre. Um...lame. Especially after she made a scene trying to get us all to move over. That's not right- like you don't ask people to move an entire group. That's kind of lame anyways but even more so when the people have been in their seats for hours. Like a whole day, really.

OK, so fast forward a little while, and Kate and Rhonda had to go potty. While Rhonda is waiting for Kate to come out, miss bitchy comes over and hits my cousin and walks away. People- this is not ok. It is a god damn MIRACLE that I wasn't down there because it would have gone down. I would likely have gotten arrested. You don't fist up and walk off. If you are going to step up, you at least finish it. Grow a sack, bitch. Plus, it wasn't even Rhonda that was telling the lady to step off in regards to the seats- it was everyone but her. Lame.

See? Aren't Rhonda and I adorable? I'm sad you can't see my Team Edward shirt.

Anyways. So the movie was awesome. I loved every single part of it. The fight was great- obviously the fight in the woods by the tent was the best part. I do think it's good that they didn't dwell on the newborn vampires being created, and I do think it's cheesy they focused on Bree. But -shocker- they are because there is the novella out about Bree and -shocker- we all know she dies. BUT...since I'm a Twilight nut I own it thanks to my blogger friend, Danielle. (Thanks again chicky!!)

I have to say though, Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria? Shitty as fucking hell. I'm glad she's killed off because BDH did not do that part justice. Rachelle LaFerve should have been offered more money or worked out the schedules because changing that part, while I'm sure executives thought it'd be no big deal, was a big deal to me. BDH didn't come off as manipulative and cunning at RL did in the first two.

And I have to say- Bella's wig? Fucking RIDICULOUS. I know she had to cut her hair for her other movie, The Runaways (which was HORRIBLE, by the way) but come on. You can't tell me they don't make better wigs. This is a movie that is breaking records left and right--- invest in better wigs, yo. Dang.

I am so nervous about Breaking Dawn. As a fan- I want a sex scene which includes seeing Edward demolish the headboard and a bruise covered Bella, I want a gory and graphic birth with vampires eating the baby out, etc. I want EVERYTHING that is in the book and if they are truly breaking it down into two movies it better be worth it. It better include it all. I'll be super pissed off and angry if it doesn't. I don't care if that means they have to offer a PG13 and R- figure it out.

OK- so see the movie. It was awesome, I will probably see it again soon because it really was that good.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am so pissed that BDH sucked. I was already pissed she took over the role of Victoria but to find out she didn't even do well in the role? Stupid.

And I'm with you, there better be some bed breaking in Breaking Dawn. I mean, that was a part of the book! And it was a big part! Come on now, it's not like we're asking for some True Blood action (although, I mean, if Eric and Bill want to show up naked I'm all for it... just sayin').

D and I are going to see Eclipse tomorrow. FINALLY. CANNOT WAIT!

The Insatiable Host said...

1. Im HOTTER than quite honestly the best Jacob line although you and I are sharing Edward.
2. you should have totally belted the BITCH
3. I too am nervous for BD - I can't wait because if that sex scene isn't smashing good times, I will literally cry.
4. Bree was apelike- and BDH totally was like watching one of the FEMMEBOTS from Austin Power explode...she was horrible!!! BOOOOOO!!
5. Going to the Drive in on Saturday to watch all 3!!!


PS...loved the team eddy t-shirts

Danielle said...

I've been waiting for this post from you!!! I want to see the movie, unfortunately I have no one to go with so that means I won't see it until it comes out on DVD! LAME! But I'm glad that it was good! I can't wait to watch it! I can't believe that bitch really hit your cousin, let me tell you I would have rocked her jaw if she did that and I was there. What a cunt. But I guess there's always at least one in a crowd like that ... just reminds me why I avoid things like that at all cost! :) So fun that you got to watch Twilight and New Moon before hand!!!

Gini said...

SWEET! I am seeing Eclipse on Monday with my friend Ellie! I also want Breaking Dawn to be super graphic-- there are so many awesome and creative parts in the story that SERIOUSLY need to be included in the movies that I think people better revolt if they don't.

Salt said...

I am SO right there with you. Loved everything about it, but seriously? BDH? BAD casting call. I'm glad she won't be in the next one.

ellie vs Eleanore said...

First I have to say, my husband, Gilbert, bought me New Moon on Blue Ray, watched it with me AND took me to see Eclipse. I hearted the whole thing but I was majorly disappointed in BDH. First off, awful wig! As a true red head, it was awful and fake and made me think of the bad 80's hair, (unlike mullets which are great). And, AND why didn't they even say Bree's name? If they're gonna make a big deal of her, why cut the few lines she has in the book?

On another Twihard tangent, the sex scene MUST be epic and the birth scene must make us all squeam. I'm just saying...don't eff it up.