Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm still alive.

Hey lambwhores and goatsluts. I'm still alive. Barely. I have had an eventful week, to say the least, which is why I have been MIA as far as blog posts.

But thank you for all of the concerned emails, texts, and Facebook messages I've received. It's much appreciated to think that some of you rely on my crazy every day.

While I promise to bring you better posts (with pictures!) very soon, here are some random happenings in my world:

1. I brought my cousin Rhonda, who's been visiting from Tennessee, back to the airport today. I'm glad she didn't see me tear up because then she would have been a mess. The kids did ok until we got home and Jackson woke up from his nap. He immediately is calling out for "Ronna" and Olivia wants to know when Rhonda is coming to play Barbies with her again, and is she going to be at Grandma's house tomorrow. Ugh. That's awful. So I'm trying to explain that Rhonda had to go home to her mom and dad because they miss her. But I am already trying to figure out where I can cut expenses to save money to either get her here again or to go visit her again. It's so weird, she is like the 18 year old version of me and it's just bizarre. Especially how we didn't grow up together. I actually didn't meet her until she was 12 and at my wedding because we always lived apart. But I love her to bits. I have big hopes for that girl.

2. Do you remember our cat, Rosie? Ugh. Well you probably remember mentioning how she's constantly in heat and we tried to fix the problem ourselves to no avail. It hasn't worked and it's going to cost approximately $400 to get her fixed. No, I'm not joking and no, I don't have $400. We have only one low cost neuter/spay place here, but your income has to be below $40,000 and the only do a few a year and not only do we make over $40,000 but they aren't returning our calls. This is really bad because Rosie? Has started spraying. It's awful. For someone who is absolutely a FREAK about cleaning and things smelling good this is a nightmare. And I feel so bad because despite the fact she's weird and loud.....I'm attached. But more importantly- so is Olivia. Olivia practically rescued the thing and Rosie is in LOVE with Olivia. Rosie only sits on Olivia's lap and anytime Olivia sits on the couch, there is Rosie wanting to be cuddled. BUT...my sanity is worth something. And $400 is not going to just show up on my door. So this means that Rosie? Is going to the no-kill shelter tomorrow. I know. I am not lying when I say that I cried. I'm actually crying right now thinking about it. Because it's like Rosie knows because she's been loving on me non stop and it's breaking my heart. I had to tell Olivia this and I tried to make it sound nice, like Rosie is going to live with her mommy (who was living under my mom's porch with her kittens, which included Rosie, and we had the no-kill shelter come get her and the two other kitties, while we kept Rosie because Olivia was so attached) and at first, Olivia was ok with this. But then today? She keeps randomly crying and telling me she is going to miss Rosie and why can't I just fix her tummy? UGH. So....I told her that Rosie really misses her mommy but we can get a new kitty. My sister in law's cat had kittens in March and there's a gray one with half a tail (born that way) that I kind of like. It's a boy kitty and we can get him neutered for $59. She wants to call him Stumpy and while she sounds happy about this, I'm skeptical. Since she asked me to take a bunch of pictures of her and Rosie for her memory book. I'm basically balling about this. And heartbroken.

3. I have a few book reviews coming up, including one for TLC Book Tours. That one is going to be out on my blog on July 14- so look for that. I am SO EXCITED about doing these and I am going to be giving that book away.

4. A giveaway is coming soon- stay tuned.

5. A very awesome summer recipe is coming up on Domestic Bitch Friday this week. You will love it. I promise.

6. Fourth of July was awesome. We had our annual BBQ and while I didn't get to kick my brother's ass in badminton, I did get to play a bit with Rhonda. My skills are still sharp. And guess what? I got sunburned! YAY! It's an annual tradition and this year? I'm burned on my back, the tops of my boobs and the tops of my legs. And my arms are super dark. I'm like a walking billboard for skin cancer practically.

7. I crossed a few things off my 30/30 list....so an update on that is coming VERY soon. You are going to be SO excited. I almost pissed myself when I crossed the most recent thing off last night.

OK lovelies. That's all for this evening. I have a raging headache which I think is a punishment for poor eating, lack of sleeping, and not enough caffeine over the last week. I? Haven't gone to bed before 2 am any night this last week and I? Am too fucking old for that. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back up and running, girl.

So sorry to hear about Rosie. My heart is also breaking form Olivia. Hopefully Stumpy will fill the void. She is little and she will bounce back.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us blog queen.

Your very loyal lamb whore,

Amber the Awesome

Gini said...

Yesss. I've been wondering about you! Don't abandon us for ages and ages hence like MODG.

Snoozie said...

Sorry to hear about Rosie- It is heartbreaking to give up an animal. I had two cats & they both got sick,I didn't have the money to take them both to the vet, so made them comfortable and called the local animal shelter and told them I found them in my yard sick. I will for sure go to hell for that one but I at least hope they got the help they needed or went peacefully. good thing rosie is going to a good shelter. I am sure Olivia will handle the separation with little anxiety if she has another lil fur ball to occupy her thoughts. good luck.

Another David said...

this is why cats > dogs

Jandy xx said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! I am beyond excited to see you back! but i'm so sorry about Rosie, i'm facing the same prospect at the moment and it's heart breaking, but hey, as a sucker for "I'm going to put my cat down unless you take it" I KNOW how horrible the stench of cat wee is. She'll find a lovely new home I'm sure. Stumpy is the awesomest name for the new one! we once had a blind cat called "eyes" lol!

Looking forward to reading whats been going on

oh and i am sooooo jealous of you and your burnt boobs, never have i experienced that!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Welcome back lady!

Ugh, I hate to see good family leave. I still sometimes tear up when I say goodbye to my grandma. The lady is all stubborn and opinionated just like me and I just always miss her like crazy.

As for Rosie... I don't know what to say. It sucks because girls are more expensive to fix than boys and I can't even imagine what she must be acting like. I know out vet here was cheaper than $400 but... that's in RF and I'm pretty sure you don't want to drive all the way here for that.

Anyway. I miss you! We need to plan another hang out soon when we have money =-)

Sam said...

Hi!! Your back! The only thing that got me through your absence was the Eclipse soundtrack. I think it melted in my CD played from being listened to so much. Thanks again.

With Rosie, couldn't you turn her in and them put her up for adoption and then Matt or your mom go in and adopt her out? They fix them before they send them out, and it should only be like a 60 dollar max adoption fee, maybe less. Look into it, it's definitely worth a try if Rosie is that attached to Olivia and vice versa.

RandomRambler said...

I agree with Sam, hand her in and then have someone else adopt her back out once she's fixed...

OR, if you're set on leaving her there for good, how about adopting (which I will admit I am a HUGE advocate of) instead of taking on your friend's kitten? Maybe you could get one that's already litterbox-trained and fixed. Or, even better, maybe there's a cat at a shelter that looks like Rosie and you can take her home. Would that be easier on your daughter?

Chicken said...

Poor Miss Olivia! Hopefully a new kitty will take her mind off of Rosie. As for Rosie, my heart breaks for her, but at least she will get fixed in the shelter, then that pussy will stop being such a skank. :)

Sara said...

Sounds like an eventful week! I saw my sister off to the airport on Monday. James watching us leave out the window and bawling his eyes out broke my heart.

The kitty situation is sad, but Sam has a good suggestion. Drop her off, let them fix her and then adopt her back. The spraying is a huge issue and I feel ya. Thus why my guys are all outdoor cats.

Can't wait to hear what you've crossed off your list!