Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weight Update. Only half of my ass is hanging off the wagon. SUCCESS.

Some of you have emailed me asking me if I am still a fat cow or if I've progressed to borderline heifer.

Really- the kindness from you blows me away.

But it's a legitimate questions because I haven't posted an update since....May? Something like that. But while I have some truths to fess up to- I do have something very cool to report.

When I originally started my weight loss goal I was 183.6. You remember that post, don't you? OK, so it's not like I dropped 180 pounds or anything, and my new number most definitely could be a LOT better than it is. But it isn't because not only have I slacked off on going to Curves but I've slacked off from walking. To my credit though, I haven't just stopped exercising at all. I have been BUSY over the last two months and although in your head you think you'll have more time quitting a full time job, going to a part time'd be wrong. Because I? Am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I run, run, run all day every day and so I? Am exercising. AND I'm eating a LOT less than I did at my full time job. No offense, but now I realize what an enabler that job was as far as bad eating. Seriously- no wonder why most of us were gaining weight. And a lot of it. So now...I eat a lot better. Still no veggies...but almost no fast food. Very limited caffeine. Lots of water. Etc. Whatever.

But now that I'm going to be in more of a routine with my new job and I feel like life is going to stop flipping out- I'm starting my walking again. Saturday. Saturday is my big day to see if I can still continue with my two mile walk or if I have to work up to it again. I hope I don't, because that would suck.

Anyways. You want to know my number. Don't you??


It is....


Hookers, if you don't know how to do simple math.... that means I have lost 15.5 pounds. (Right?? I'm not wrong on my math am I? I fucking hate decimals.)

Some changes I've noticed body wise would include: smaller thighs and calves. My butt is not jiggly. OK, so it's a little jiggly but what's left I like. My waist is a little bit smaller- I have the tiniest beginnings of hour glass shape. My boobs? Are bigger.

Jigga what?

I know- my boobs fucking grew. Instead of being 38D, I am now 36DD. Can someone fucking explain this to me? I am so enraged that my thigh fat has moved to my boobs I can't even tell you. Irritating.

OH- so another highlight? Back in March when I bought myself a t-shirt at the Muse concert, I bought a large because that was all they had and it didn't fit. It didn't even come close. Mr. O can attest to how small the shirt was because he got one like mine, same size. We joked about it, but seriously- how lame is that?! OK so now.....the shirt fits. I don't look like a fat girl squeezing into a small shirt anymore.

More importantly- it means I have crossed another thing off my list. *boobie flash*

If that isn't inspiration and motivation---- I don't know what is.


Mama Kayla said...

Way to go! 15 pounds is an accomplishment! wooohoo!

Christy Ashley said...

Hi Sara! Found you through 20sb! I love your blog! Great job on losing the 20 pounds! And I love your 30/30 list!

Have a great night!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I think I need to get on the weight loss track myself. I can't have you being the only hottie at the M5 concert or Adam will only want you! I just cannot have that!

Annah said...

Go you! :) That's definitely something worth celebrating hooker! :) WORK IT, OWN IT, SELL IT! What?!?!

Alpha Za said...

Congrats! You Look Awesome!

Sam said...

Dang! I wasn't expecting that! That's a lot of weight lost!! Congratulations! I have been working out lately also and my boobage has increased significantly also, what's up with that?!? People have really asked if your still a fat cow? That's super mean and i'll punch them for you. :)

Gini said...

NICE! 15 lbs is awesome!! You look fucking great too!

Danielle said...

YOU GO SARA!!! That's fucking awesome and you should be so proud of yourself! I'm so happy for you and you look fucking fabulous! Get 'em girlfriend! :) xoxoxo

Chicken said...

Just when I thought you couldn't be any sexier you go out and lose 15.5 pounds.

TerresaE said...


I would love it if some of my thighs would move to my boobs.

Ashley said...

The boob thing is because of how they size bras. 38D means that under your boobs measures 38 inches, and when you measure the fullest part of your bra, you're 4 inches bigger than that. (If you were 1 inch bigger, you'd be A, 2 inches would be B, etc.)
So it would seem that you've lost 2 inches off of your chest (like, your rub area) so now you're a 36. And you managed to not lose any boobie size (hard to do! boobs tend to get smaller when you lose weight) so now you have a 5 inch difference making you a DD.

I feel smart for knowing that

Lady Grey said...

Congrats! You look great... funny thing for me is when I loose weigh my legs stay the same size ... I look like an overly compensated pear! I would take boobs size increase over my legs anyday!

deannaburasco said...

YAY for you, Sara! You look great!

Homevalley said...

Oh, I just discovered you and it is on - you seem like mah kinda lady! Congrats on the 15 L-Bs... come visit and teach me how to do that! I've got 20 pounds of baby weight that I need gone now.

Love the site!

Ellen said...

Ok, I just found your blog so I'm catching up, but I love it! And am subsequently leaving multiple comments on posts because they're all new to me!

Great job on the weight loss and I love reading your blog, I look forward to more! :)

Ellen @ lapuremama