Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Year Reunion: The Recap

Before I get into my post I have a few housekeeping things to deal with before I forget them. The winner of the giveaway for the book The Life You've Imagined is SUSAN! Susan, I have your email and I will contact you this evening for your mailing address.

Number two- I am doing this backwards because if I get one more email asking how my reunion went I may go homicidal and nobody needs or wants that. SO that means my grad pictures AND more high school memories post is tomorrow. Just hold your fucking horses, yall.

So. Let's get to the recap. As most of you know I have a 30/30 list in which I've compiled some things that I am determined to do before I turn 30. I'm pretty much freaking out at this point but I'm going to just focus on one item at a time. On that list was attending my ten year high school reunion. And I didn't put it on there for any dramatic reason like I've beaten cancer, saved a million puppies, or have lost 400 pounds since then, but because I really hated high school. Every school has it's groups and once you get in a group you're stuck there. BUT.... if you didn't grow up in Superior it's almost impossible to make die hard friends. You are automatically labeled and it's just really hard. And I moved here in 8th grade so that makes it a lot harder since that's the age when things get awful for most kids.

Anyways. So I haven't really kept in touch with anyone from high school. Not because I didn't want to but because nobody really cared. And I don't say that to be all emo but because it's just the way it is. I've made other friends and moved on. Now since Facebook has come along it's changed things a bit and people are at least fakey nice to you.

OK- so my reunion was Friday and Saturday. I was only planning on going Friday night but got sucked into going Saturday because my friend from high school, Amanda, asked me to. And because I'm a good friend who can fall for a guilt trip I agreed.

So here is Amanda and I eating cake on Saturday. I thought this was such a fucking lame picture idea but then when I got to thinking about it- it's totally fitting for us. And I'll tell you why on tomorrow's post.

But Friday night it was at a pizza place and I'm going to go on a limb and say about 75% of people were completely trashed by 9pm.

Some of these people were drinkity drinking. I? Am completely sober. I should have been sober cab but it probably worked out better to not be. Here's the fun stuff though:

1. Nobody has changed. If they were straight up bitchy in high school, they still were. If they were socially awkward- they represented themselves as socially awkward still. If they were too stoned to remember high school they did well by covering that up and pretended to know who people were.
2. Dear ladies- there comes a point in your life where you have to stop dressing like you are 21. You aren't. You are 28 and let's be real--- it looks a little pathetic to be trying so hard. If dressing and acting this part hasn't landed you a husband yet it's probably time to switch tactics.
3. I got my ass rubbed and grabbed (separate occasions) on Friday. Saturday I got one rub and I'm pretty sure two grabs. Friday night also garnered me an "accidental" boob rub. Except it was open palm so I'm pretty sure that's not an accident.
4. I got to catch up with my high school crush. *sigh* He's still super cute and I am pretty much kicking myself in the ass for never asking him out. I should have and I didn't because I was a loser. But he pretty much told me he would have gone for it.
5. I had three guys tell me they had crushes on me in high school, one guy tell me I looked "really fucking good" and one guy told me my "eyes were dangerous". Seriously.
6. One girl who I know I didn't graduate with but was at our reunion told me I was super hot and asked if I would be into a threesome. I'm not sure who she was dating/married to but it didn't matter because I don't know if she was serious. I'm hoping she wasn't because that's just totally weird and random but she was super drunk. So who knows.
7. I was on a roll on Friday. I got two tables laughing with my running commentary on the activities. Examples: I'm pretty sure one classmate married a chick who has down syndrome- nobody was able to confirm or deny this, one of the popular girls who was as bitchy as can be gained a lot of weight. Some people said she's going through a divorce and my answer to that is Chips Ahoy isn't going to make it better. It's probably petty to feel like even the popular girls couldn't stay skinny.
8.It was determined that one guy who regularly chats on FB with me is a confirmed creeper. He's not just a fucktard pervert to me- he does it to almost everyone. You have no idea how badly I wanted to say something to him in front of his wife. Two other FB weirdos stared at me. They wouldn't come talk to me but they just stared. I tried to avoid eye contact but people at my table kept reporting that indeed- they were still staring.
9. Oh- I found out that I'm apparently famous. Kind of I guess. People on FB actually read my blog but they don't comment. Start commenting, whores. :) *Mwah!
10. The kid that couldn't read in high school learned out to Bedazzle his shirt. (more on that whole story tomorrow!!!) It was a proud moment. Renee and I were regretful that we did not keep our "Hey Kids! Learn to Read!" poster. *sigh*

Obviously, for the sake of people's lives I'm not going to mention names. That and I'm going to link this post on Facebook and it might be embarrassing. And in one case one of these people are married and I am not going to go all Tiger Woods mistress up in here.

Anyways. I was really bummed because we had a huge graduating class- somewhere over 500 people and MAYBE 80-90 people were there. Why such low numbers? Because the planning committee relied on Facebook to get invitations out. Now, I get that it's expensive to do invitations and postage. But did they have to be fancy? Couldn't we have just done a one page flyer type thing? It also didn't need to be two nights. It could have been one night- appetizers and drinks. We could have even had a "bring your own beer" which is what some people did- but they partied in the parking lot instead of inside where the live band was and that sucked. Also, while the band was marginally good they played all 80s music. Let me tell you- when they pulled out "Mr. Roboto" I almost went gangbusters. Seriously- we graduated in 2000, not 1989. We should have had a DJ who played stuff from the four years of high school. While you can tell that effort was put into some things it was painfully obvious that other stuff was half assed. And that sucks.

I feel bad for the people who have no idea a reunion even happened because they aren't on Facebook. Yes, Facebook is changing the way a lot of things happen but let's be real- some people aren't on Facebook. Some people aren't in touch with anyone from 10 years ago but still would have liked to make an appearance. For the amount of money that people had to pay it was far below expectations.

Things I've learned: keep my expectations low and carry pepper spray. See you in 2020. Unless we have a 15 year which we totally should to make up for the lackluster 10 year.


The Insatiable Host said...

hmmm..so did you at least have fun fakey smiling while you were narrorating in your head what you would post about here???

Anonymous said...

OMG... now i wish i could have made it ha ha... i was im a wedding though. ugh. im hoping for the 15

Jessica (Penney)Lia said...

Sara ~ I must say this was a great post,althought I didn't go to the reunion I heard I didn't miss much. I don't think you couldhave sumed things up any better, thanks for the run down of everything and everyone.

Morgan said...

Seriously? No merely freshman or that vitamin c song??? And ditto on the invite - I am surprised there wasn't ab evite in fact! Lol.

So I didn't miss out after all, sounds like a typical weekend out then? Kind of glad I didn't spend the $500 for a ticket. Really hope there is a 15 and by that time our student council has learned from mistakes and listened to suggestions. Even though I'm not on it I would love to help plan!

Here is what I suggest for a 15 year: rent out barker's island and throw a street dance. Money for the city ad promotes tourism and its outdoors so there os no concern about capacity it can start early so it can be family friendly, there is a mini golfcourse and a playground to entertain the kiddos (& some adults). Also, its not right next to other bars fr peeps to dissapear to - hopefully people will stick around Connect with the dragon boats committee for help with licensing, equipment and vendor relations. Hire the Insalts, Weasel, and then Staupe and Lindberg's band plus one more good 90s cover band. Hire Sara to design the invites and ask

Angie (Gomulak) DeBeir said...

Hey...so I'm leaving a comment!! lol!! That was an awesome recap of our reunion. So glad we didn't decide to go to Saturday night too as I heard from more than just you that it was pretty lame. I would LOVE to hear some of the names of the people you are describing..especially since we had to leave early Fri night due to my hubby having to work Saturday morning. Pretty sure I was one of the few whom weren't smashed also since I only had two drinks. lol!! Guess that's about all I can handle these days!! Well..anyways..it was nice to see you and thanks for the recap...can't wait to read more!! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

All I can think is the whole time you were thinking, "And THIS is going in my blog, and THIS is going in my blog!" Lol I love you.

Jandy xx said...

hahaha, exactly what Krysten said! We didnt have a reunion at my school, thats how much we rock! Awesome post hun, I can so see my year in all the stuff you described!

Oh, and something for our blog... we didnt have only 4 years of high school, we have 6! and I'd say we maybe had 60 peeps graduate, maybe 100 at most, def not 500! whoa!

Annah said...

I loved this post!!!!!!!!!!! My reunion is in October and I cannot WAIT to see what shenanigans I get into. MUST BLOG ABOUT IT :) Glad you had a good time babe.

Cecelia Winesap said...

I'm glad you went. I REFUSE to go to my 10 year reunion that's coming up in a few weeks. They're holding it at the most popular girl in school's house and making us pay for the hot dogs they're going to serve. I don't think so.

Ang said...

thanks for killing my dream of having a successful 10 year myself :(


Gini said...

If anybody bitches to you in a comment about your constructive criticisms, I DO hope you approve the comment. ;)

Toulee said...

I can't disagree enough.

I had a blast. It was so nice to see everyone after all of that time. I have been removed from the area for about 5 years now and it was just like old times, if not better. I didn't see anyone not getting along or what not. I didn't see any of the bitchiness or social outcasts. I even caught up with some people I hadn't talked to since like 7th grade! The first night at VIP was awesome. We got there around 8pm and basically closed the place down. The second night at the Curling Club, we would have done the same except for I was so burned out that we just went bowling and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Apparently you were a hot item, good for you ;), but as for the husband/wife comment, don't hate on our lifestyle sweetie :) It was what I expected out of a 10 year reunion with the exception of a few missing people that I did really want to see. As for a 15, I can't speak for the rest, but I would not be attending that if they had one. It's too soon.

And to end this all, it was really nice to see you after all of these years Sara. Please continue to do well for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sara you absolutely hilarious and would love a 15 yr, regardless I did have fun and wish that more people would have been inside for the band, but I cant deny I was outside to in order to visit with some people. Until next time :)

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

Kind of makes me glad I skipped mine, although I would have loved to have seen all the popular chicks that got fat and divorced....hahaha

Anonymous said...

ha, trashed by 9pm. CLASSY.

Chicken said...

You looked like you rocked the house as usual! And I couldn't agree more with item #2, ladies if you're stealing clothes from your preteen daughter or taking fashion advice from mylie cyrus it is time to stop!

Julie H said...

I didn't go to my 10. It was kind of expensive, I was pregnant and it was a few cities away. I WILL be going to the 20th though (only 2 years away how scary!)

Nicole Anderson said...

Hi Sara,

I have to join Toulee and say that I totally disagree with you. I also have to say that I'm a little hurt at what you took away from the reunion. You and I spoke on Friday night, and I guess I thought it was a genuine conversation. I think you are hilarious and definitely made me laugh at your comments. To think that you could think I was being fake was a little upsetting.

I guess my biggest issue with others is this. I am so tired of hearing people bitch about their high school reunion, and their high school experience in general. High school is what you make it to be, and it's nobody's fault but your own if you hated it. High school is a part of us and who we were as kids. It helped us grow and learn who we did, or did not, want to be. Are there times I hated it and wanted to be done, and had regrets? Sure! But, I made the most of it and walked away with good memories. Was I always a great person in school? No, but I am the first to admit that, and I would never blame that fact on anyone else but myself.

I tried to walk into the reunion with a smile on my face and with hopes that I could have a nice adult conversation with people I hadn't seen in years. I was not going to walk into the reunion with a chip on my shoulder and look down on anyone. Did we have laughs at some things or people that night? Oh heck yeah! I guess I just kept an open mind and decided that I was going to have fun and that was that.

I have to admit that I was disappointed at the lack of people in attendance, but not surprised. I agree that many people did not know about the reunion, and that sucks, but there were also the "protestors" who decided to pout and bitch about it versus just going to have fun. It's just sad and a little lame.

I know I am going to really piss some people off by my comments, and I apologize for that. But honestly people, take a look at yourself before you start blaming others for not talking to you or being rude to you. Maybe there's a reason behind it. I do have to thank you for not using names Sara, but I am hurt that you decided to bash my friends, because some of your comments are really obvious as to who you're referring to.

All in all I think you are a great person, and I enjoy reading your blogs and FB updates. You have the right to your opinion, and I'm sorry that you didn't have a good experience. Take care Sara...

Cameron said...

Although I was apprehensive about going to the reunion, I had a great time. Everyone I met was friendly and seemed to be having fun (I did not go to the Sat. night event).

If you 'really hated' high school, I'm not sure why you would think a high school reunion would be a better experience. From your post it sounded like you spent most of your time judging people...no wonder you such a lousy time.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I am glad you went to the reunion, because it made for a great post.

My class didn't have one. Joshua's class did the year before (he is CO 92 and I am CO 93). Why didn't we have one? Because our class sucked ass.

Another David said...

Yowzas! now i know what that first post was about. have to admit, i can see how that would have pissed people off. leaving out names is nice to those who you're talking about, but then everyone starts wondering "is she talking about me?!" and voila! everyone's pissed.

anyway, i'm sorry you didn't have a good time, and this is precisely why i don't plan on going to my reunion. anybody who i have even the slightest inclination to still talk to, i do. the rest of them can fuck off as far as i'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you