Monday, August 30, 2010

Ranting. Just because I can.

So I have all kinds of things bumping around in my head so instead of making a bunch of posts- let's just roll them together.

1. Go here and join in on a giveaway I'm running on Oh, My Darlings. Go there and rant and rave about how awesome I am.

2. I have decided that I could be the next Chelsea Handler. I was having a conversation with someone today and I had this person ROLLING and out of nowhere, she's like, "God dammit- you could be Chelsea Handler. You should be interviewing people." I should. I would be good at this. And then I realize I'd have to lose a ton more weight. Ugh. And that sounds shitty. So consider me the next Chelsea Handler, but fat.

3. Random issue- all my Facebook messages are gone? Like all of the new AND the ones I've saved-- all gone. It's kind of a problem because yeah...I had appointments and stuff that I saved. And yeah- all gone. So I'm more than a little frustrated over that.

4. So speaking of #2 I was watching clips of Chelsea Lately on You Tube and then I remember this clip of Kathy Griffin on there ( (because Blogger isn't letting me embed it.). And towards the ends she's talking about how she isn't going to tone it down because it might offende people. And it just kind of summed up how I have been feeling the last two weeks.

5. My neighbors across the street have been doing home improvement stuff. Their house was gray and's cotton candy blue. Seriously. It's so heinous I can't even stand to look at it. And now that I realize that the jacked up boat, half falling apart trailer, AND motorcycle all belong to them- all three of which hog the street thus preventing me to park in front of my house when I pay $1700 a year in property taxes, I am livid. AND they have this stupid fucking construction trailer parked on the street (on the wrong side obviously) and it's just pissing me off.

6. My other neighbors, who are new since December are like MIA. The girls are gone but I see the guy there a lot. Well not really the guy but from the window in my stairwell I can see their tv and he's really been enjoying the Girls Gone Wild videos. Matt and I sat on the stairs laughing. Thankfully, we can't see what he's doing on the couch and that's probably best for all involved.

7. Matt and I got to spend Saturday together, without kids. Which was really nice but completely retarded because we couldn't think of anything to do. I had several people tell me just to have sex...but the construction across the street was like too distracting. So we ended up going to lunch and then we went to Best Buy to price out cameras and I suckered him into buying me a cd. Successful date. More so than when we were actually dating so I think that's an improvement.

8. Stumpy, our new cat, is getting on my nerves. He likes to be next to me at all times. So if I sit anywhere he'll fall asleep on or right next to me. Which yay..but it's getting old. At night he is constantly on me. He wants to snuggle and frankly- I'd rather sleep. But the other thing is that he has gas. My little cat farts and you can hear it. I don't know if it's just how he is or if it's his food but he farts and it smells. But today he was doing his thing in the litter box which is fine, but it smelled AWFUL. Turns out Jackson gave him some Pop-tart which isn't good for kitty digestive systems and sure enough- obvious pop tart remains in the box. But Olivia comes to me and is like, "MOM! I can smell Stumpy's butt in the dining room. I can't eat like this." True story. So we ended up eating in my bed watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

9. I have book reviews coming up tomorrow. Some super good books and one really shitty one. Stay tuned for that homie g's.

10. I need new music. I need stuff that I can rock out to so I need suggestions. Leave me a comment to tell me what's new and awesome. I just got Florence and the Machine and love it long time. If I were single I'd probably sleep with it in my bed.

11. True Blood finale coming soon. I'm in AGONY thinking that it's going to be over until June. Seriously thinking about it is making me lose my breath.

12. The third book in Maggie Stiefvater's wolf series better come soon. I'm going to review Linger tomorrow but I'm telling you- just like I did at the end of Shiver I balled. I balled HARD. I can't stop thinking about the book long after I finished it (in exactly 4 hours and 20 minutes, thank you) and I am hoping for a good ending.

13. Thinking about Vegas in May. I hope we can do it. I'll even open it up as a blog get together. :)


justme5686 said...

Re: Music, you might try Gaelic Storm. It may sound weird but they're a great band!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Listen to the band Cage The Elephant, especially the song In One Ear. We play it at Maurice's and it makes me happy every single time it comes on.

And please no more book reviews, my to read list is already miles and miles long. Obviously I need to take a speed reading course or something.

And VEGAS. Dude. I need money, I want to go!!!

Josie said...

If you haven't heard Dragonforce, I suggest you expose yourself. And if you appreciate some serious guitar skill, you should watch there music video Through Fire and Flames.

Sara said...

Yep, it's the food that makes the poo so heinous. Not that shit smells good anyway.

Neighbors suck. My husband came in the living room buck ass naked today as I look out the window, there is my neighbor who decided to open his blinds. Lord love a duck.

Jandy xx said...

Vegas... right time to save some $$$$, I'd so love to do that!

great post! poor Olivia putting up with Stumpys stinky bum!

hey do you know that in Aus we call "cotton candy" Fairy floss?!! Random FYI!!

Mr O said...

so the blog post I just happen to stumble upon includes requests for new music and for once, I have none. The music I am looking forward to hasn't come out yet (Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World). If you want to check out a local band that I really like, their cd just came out on iTunes. They are called Evolett. Maybe try them?

And good luck with the kitty and neighbor issues :)

Chicken said...

You do need to interview people! Come on you ask all the right (mostly sexual) questions! You should make it a weekly blog thing where you question a random person and use the interview as your post.

Chicken said...

Oh and I forgot to add that just like Ms. Handler you could insult them at the same time in the interview, that's what makes it perfect!

Unknown said...

Haha I agree you could definitely be the next Chelsea Handler...or you could just be Sara Strand and have people say "I could be the next Sara Strand."

Anonymous said...


I say call the Mayor's hotline or whatever on the neighbors...they have city codes for a reason, yo. The car in front of my in-laws house did not MOVE for a YEAR. It's now moved...about 3 inches but now they can sometimes park there!

Freelance Whales is an awesome group. Check out some Local Natives and just because Omaha rocks, look up Edge of Arbor on facebook or myspace.

Progressive Momma said...

I live in a condo and my neighbors tend to be super annoying. One, who was moving out decided to leave his garbage in the parking lot for several days...what is that all about?

Btw I love reading your blogs...they are always so fun and exciting- you totally crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Neighbors? Fuck, don't get me started.....but you MAY have stumbled across the subject of next month's DOTM.

And honestly, at this time in my marriage, I would love to get a good CD over some sex. Why? Because I can get good sex anytime, but a good CD only comes around every so often. So you did good.

Miranda said...

Ok so I had a witty yet informative comment all types up last night then my phone dies before I hit post and shablam! The bastard was gone. Sooo...

1) For music I second Cage the Elephant.

2) You should most def read Firefly Lane

3) When are you planning to go to Vegas? We will be there the weekend of the 13th. Hollaaaa!