Sunday, September 5, 2010

And at some point I might die of exhaustion.

Seriously- this has been such a frantic week and weekend I don't know how many more of these I'm able to endure. Because at some point? I might actually collapse and die. Here are some of the highlights. Which means this list? Isn't all inclusive. Which for those of you with the vocabulary of Snooki means that there was a lot more in my week than this.

1. My mom had an unscheduled doctor appointment this week. And normally I try not to get freaked out by stuff but after my dad had his heart attack in May- it just made me realize that my parents aren't always going to be here. That they too have an end date and really? That's kind of a harsh reality check for 20somethings. The first wake up call you get that says hey- your parents are going to die someday- is hard. So while my mom appears to be ok I guess I think about that. Like, what would my plan be? I can't imagine not seeing or talking to her everyday. Ugh. Let's hope that I don't have to worry about this for a long time.

2. Then literally the next day I find out my sister in law, whom I adore and love to bits, was in ICU. She's a type 1 diabetic and went into ketoacidosis. Which is a fancy way of saying that her diabetes was way out of control. We almost lost her and honestly? I don't know what I would do without her. She's the closest thing to a sister I have. She's my movie buddy, my music swapping buddy, my reading buddy, AND she likes super inappropriate things just as I do. AND she's the only one who wasn't complaining watching Twilight, New Moon, AND Eclipse all in one night and all in a row at the theater. That? Is awesome. And I know awesome when I see it. So it sounds like she is in the mend and I hope that's true. Whatever led up this I hope it's fixed. Because again, I wouldn't want to lose her anytime soon either.

3. And completely unlike me, I thought about two weeks ago that hey- I should do something for my daughter's birthday. So I planned a birthday party in under two weeks but yet again unlike my usual organize everything down to the exact napkin- I did everything the night before. That's right. For those of you who follow me on Facebook you would have read the following: (keep in mind this is all after I stopped at the grocery store, Target, the party store, and Michaels for party shiz)

it's Olivia's birthday party today. Which means Sara Maniac Cleaning Mode is ON. Cleaned the carpet, swept/mopped kitchen/dining room, cleaned laundry room, 3 loads of laundry, cleaned bathroom, cleaned both kid's rooms, cleaned the book shelf, dusted, cleaned all of the windows. I still have to clean the floor in the... porch, clean the counters, prep all of the food. Oh, and then decorate and get party stuff ready.

Then I had to prep the craft table, get the rest of the food ready, do one last sweep and spot mom in the kitchen, porch and dining room. Then I cleaned the back porch. Then Matt and I got the yard set up and got the tables/chairs ready. THEN I started decorating. At the end, this is what I put up:

Olivia's birthday party was a huge success! Lots of food, cake, smores and then more cake. She got a ton of cool new stuff and is in love with her new clothes. We just had a fashion show. Thanks to all of our really fabulous friends and family who came- we know exactly how lucky we are to have you all. :)

But I'll post more on the party and some pictures tomorrow-- on her actual birthday.

4. So that was Saturday. After I paid the bills and ran a bunch of errands on Friday I played with the kids all afternoon. But that evening I was going to go for dessert with one of my bestest friends, Tammy. Now Tammy and I get into all kinds of fun when we're together and we can talk all night. It's probably a good thing we weren't friends during our wild and crazy years. :) But when we were out she decided she wanted to get her nose pierced again. She had it done before but her old job made her take it out and so it heeled up. But she's at a new job that doesn't care and I pretty much have nothing going on, so I decided that yeah- I'll go with ya. Moral support and all. Well I was *this close* to saying, "fuck the phone bill!" and getting mine done. But when she came out? Covered in blood. She, being like me (which is why we? Are great friends) is the 1 in 20 person who bleeds like a fucking attempted murder victim. But in the end- she debated on just trying the other side and I told her that she basically has nothing (except another 2 pints of blood) to lose. So she did and it looks awesome- no blood at all on that side. But then she kind of egged me on and I totally pussied out in the end. But then...I got to thinking about it...and I'm still debating it. I kind of want to but I'm such a chicken with needles. Which is good because at least my chances of becoming a heroin junkie are smaller. Bonus. Ugh. So now I'm debating.

Which is funny because I'll jump out of a plane without thinking about you know...possibly DYING...but I'm debating a piercing because I might get an owie.

5. I am overwhelmed by vegetables. So tonight?? I'm going to figure out what the fuck to do with 15 pounds of tomatoes. Not to mention the obscene amount of corn on it's way to me tomorrow. But I'll figure it out. I'm sick of buying produce at high prices. I? Am going to force myself to learn what exactly to do with all of it.

6. Oh- the weight loss? I've hit a plateau. BUT...I have a big update coming on that. Maybe Tuesday. ;)

OK- so question of the night-----do I get my nose pierced? Pros and cons, people.


Asha said...

Do it! Do it, now! As you said, all you have to lose is some blood and your body will replenish itself within 24 hours. No biggie!

Jennifer Kay said...

Sara - you could totally rock a nose peircing, I mean if it's not one of those big booger looking ones. A lil' diamond would be just enough bling.

E said...

I pierced my nose 10 years ago and I have never once regretted it. does it hurt? Yes, but it heals really quickly and I thought other piercings hurt a lot more. I PRO PRO PRO!

Miranda said...

DO IT!!! I had my nose pierced, took it out for a job then it healed up. So I went and had it RE-pierced. FYI piercing through scar tissue? Dumb idea! I took THAT one out then missed it terribly because let's face it, they're completely adorable. Sooo... A few years ago my friend took me to get my nose pierced again (other side this time) and for some reason I took it out after my wedding. Damn... I think I know what I want for my birthday now! Except now I have scar tissue on both sides. Maybe I'll settle on a tattoo :) Post pics when you decide to become awesomer with a nose piercing!

Anonymous said...

Do it !!! You will love it ~ I got mine done last year and adore it. The con- pulling it out on accident with a fingernail, dropping it down the sink while you wash your face, pulling it out when your sunglasses get caught on it, I could go on and on but it is so worth it. Just make sure you carry a spare with you at all times incase you loose it. Good luck and it does hurt like a bitch. ~ it did for me anyway~


____j said...

I know what you mean about reality checks. Anytime Nanny tells me she doesn't feel good, I go into straight up panic mode. Have I ever mentioned that I talk to her on the phone AT LEAST twice a day every single day. Ya. Let's just say, I really hope she drank some of that everlasting elixir back in the 30's. HA.

Also, have I ever told you that you'd be a GREAT teacher? Because if you ever get bored & decide to go back to school or something, you should do elementary education. YOU would be awesome at it. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear K is feeling better. SCARY.

Happy birthday to O today. Glad you survived party mode!

You can can them there tomatoes. ;) I wrote a how-to and everything.

Good luck with the piercing. It's definitely not me, but those who have 'em... love 'em.

Nicki said...

I say if you want it, get it! Life's too short. Definitely not for me, because my nose is big enough without me drawing attention to it. If you can jump out of a plane, you can jump into a piercing chair, right?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you survived!!

Nose piercing? You should totally do it. You could pull it off. Me? I owuld look ridiculous, like I had a booger on my nose or something. I figure if you can pull the shit off, it.

You are only young once baby.