Sunday, September 19, 2010

I heard a rumor "weekend" meant "rest"...

..but it's only a rumor because I've yet to do absolutely nothing on a weekend. *sigh*

I have a super full week of posts coming up for you this week so be sure to come back tomorrow to hear about more piercings, me vs. toddlers, house drama, and more. Seriously. This all happened in the span of three days and that's the stuff that I can even think about right now. And Sunday isn't even done yet. I'm scared.

Anyways. So I have been such a Get Sketchy loser as of late. I like to play along with their sketches because it keeps me creative AND it kind of gives me incentive to use things out of my stash. Anyways. So for this week's sketch, this is what I cam up with:
And I pretty much LOVE it. It's a thank you card and I took the time to heat emboss my butterflies, so they are raised. Hand colored them in, did a textured cardstock, found a piece of ribbon AND matching rhinestones. It was a big deal and they took me forever. And if you like them as much as I do, you can BUY THEM HERE.

OK- on to the next one. (Cue Jay Z song, please..)

One of my favorite bloggers out there, Jamie, has been tossing this idea around for awhile and I think it's awesome. But basically it's a blogger mail swap- you send something, you get something. It's going to be a lot of fun, so if you want information, please go to her blog HERE. Sign up.

And then Thursday, Matt and I participated in this thing called Ruby's Pantry. Basically- you pay $15, and get food that's worth way more than $15. You never know what you're going to get and some months might be a dud, but this month was pretty good:

This isn't showing the two loaves of bread or 5 pounds of baby red potatoes I had already put in the freezer. But you do see five bags of oyster crackers (which I love), eight pounds of onions, five pounds of flour, two pounds of oat bran (wtf do I do with that??), an industrial size can of corn (again...not sure how I'll use THAT), two loaves of garlic bread, eight ciabatta rolls, two loaves of bread (in addition to what I put in the freezer), 15 pieces of chicken thighs (yuck) and 3 cartons of orange juice. Matt passed up on the five gallon bucket of "salad grade eggs" because I probably would have thrown up. He was number 263 in line and the last number he heard getting passed out was in the 700 range but he said there easily was more. So while it's not everyone's cup of tea- it's pretty nice. It's only once a month and I would say I got my $15 worth. Even if I don't use everything, it was still a bargain. A lot of staples I could use amongst many meals.

OK- so that's me for tonight. I feel like I'm forgetting something...but oh well. Come back tomorrow for Olivia's piercing and pictures that she'll hate.


Just Plain Tired said...

Since I work most weekends I call Monday and Tuesday my actual weekend. But truthfully, whatever day I have off I'm usually busier than I am when I'm at my actual job.

Jennifer Kay said...

Loved the cards, love, love, loved them. I have never sent one before but maybe this will inspire I know mama needs a new pair of shoes.

I haven't used a paypal account forever so let me know if my payment came through.


____j said...

I didn't rest this weekend either. AND IT SUCKED. But, thanks for letting your friends know about the BMS. I'm hoping it's going to be awesome.

We have something similar to that down here, but they call it Angel Food. You pay I think $30 or $35 and get like $60 worth of groceries. Awesome deal [most of the time].

PapierGirl said...

Pretty card! Great color combination - love the embossing and the coloring on your butterflies is great! Thanks so much for joining us this week at GS - pleasae come back next week for another great sketch! :)

The Insatiable Host said...

shiz i wished we had something like that here... but alas we dont.

the new Thank you cards are super fly. I really love them.

have a great week my friend..

ps. the re-sends were re-sent today. Fuck that bugs me!!! it's all done now though, let's hope and see what happens. I got all but 1 pair back from "recalling them" so that wasn't at least a dud.


Steph said...

I see you say "yuck" to the chicken thighs - not sure what you don't like about them, but if you are a fan of fried chicken, chicken thighs coated in Extra Crispy Shake N' Bake and baked taste awesome and close to fried chicken for being coated in crumbs and baked instead of fried. Healthier than the real stuff too! It's my favorite way to eat them. :)

Janet M said...

Nice card - I really like your colors in this and great work on the sketch.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sara I love oyster crackers too! I cannot have soup without them, it's just not right!

And that card? LOVELY. Seriously I wish I was crafty like you because that is gorgeous.

And weekends? Don't get me started. Between work and school I busted my ass this weekend. I want to die. Ugh.

Sara Strand said...

@JPT- sometimes I think a day off in the week would be nice.. and quiet...

@JenniferKay- they are on their way!

@J- yeah, I suspect some months of this are going to be a dud..

@PapierGirl- I'll be back!

@Insatiable- I thought the US postal service sucked...Canada has us beat. And not in a good way.

@Steph- I don't like dark meat turkey or chicken. It tastes slimy. Is that a word?

@Janet- Thanks!

@Krysten- oyster cracker lovers unite!

Julie H said...

Rest? What's rest??

That looks similar to the Angel Misitries. They don't have any around here, even though there are tons of poor people here since the housing market bombed!!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks for answering my blog comment moderation question on blogfrog! i'm your newest follower. you can follow me at have an awesome week Sara!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I signed up for that blog mail thing.

i am quite excited!

Oh, with that bran stuff, can't you maybe make cookies with that?

Maybe not.