Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'd like to do acid.

Before I start my post- here is the latest Etsy shop creation.
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Unless you live under a rock, which admittedly I do most of the time, you have probably heard of Bethany Storro. Maybe better known as the girl who threw drain cleaner on her face. For fun or something.

Now, I'm no medical expert or doctor...but I'm going to just go ahead and diagnose this chick as certifiably crazy. In my humble opinion, of course.

I see today she plead not guilty to charges of theft because people gave her a fundraiser which raised about $28,000. She apparently only spent around $1,500. Now, let's just use bullets to outline all of the things that make this story hilarious.
  • First off, she was a pretty girl. And she was previously married. I don't know if she's getting a divorced, already divorced, whatever- but dang. Good luck trying to snag husband #2 dumbass. No guy is going to want to marry you, let alone kiss you if it appears that your lips and general face is peeling off.
  • Why does EVERYONE who does this kind of stuff automatically blame black people? She said that a black woman, outside of Starbucks, says to her, "Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this". OK- first off, how many people ever shared a drink with you on the street? No. Most people coming up to you are asking YOU to share with THEM. And most homeless people or general weirdos don't want a sip- they want you to buy them an entire case of beer. Why didn't she say it was an old lady with warts and a black hood like in Snow White?? THAT is obviously going to make more headlines. Get original, people.
  • When she had the fundraiser and got the money, she didn't use it for hospital bills. Nah. She bought a train ticket for her sister (what? You couldn't spring for an airline ticket??? Cheap whore.), went on a shopping spree at Target (seriously? That's the BEST store you could splurge at? Shit...I love me some Target but I'd be hitting up Coach. Or La Perla...) and then took mommy and daddy out to dinner. Let me guess- you went to Sizzler! Hey big spender...
So I don't get it. Why do people do these things? Obviously they want the attention and people to fall all over themselves to help you. But you can do that other have a baby. It worked for the whores on Teen Mom- why not you? Or you could become a polygamist and get your own show on TLC. Whatever. You get what I mean. Destroying your face with acid isn't the best way to get famous. Because now you'll always be pegged as "that girl". It's not like surgery is going to fix that. Shit, how would that even get paid for?

Let's all do some golf claps and leg pumps for this idiot.


Danielle said...

When I saw this on the news today I couldn't believe it! My reaction is the same as yours ... what a fuckin idiot!! I love your new stuff for the etsy shop! You've been hard at work lady!

Unknown said...

OMG My eyes hurt! I'll never be able to see again.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I just do not get people sometimes, it makes you wonder what on earth goes on in some people's heads.

Unknown said...

The reason this chick bothers me so much is not because she's crazy - which she apparently is - but because this thing really does happen to innocent people. The Chicago news is ablaze with the trial of a woman who was attacked with acid. I've heard her speak of the emotional turmoil she had to endure, and then someone goes and does the same thing, to herself. Sick.

Julie H said...

She's definitly crazy.

____j said...

That card is so cute! AND That girl is a freak show.

Lady Grey said...

I agree with you that she is certifiably crazy! and a dumbass! I suppose some people like the "victim" thing?