Friday, September 17, 2010

I've got nothing.

Seriously- I've got nothing. I had all the intentions in the world to bring you a Domestic Bitch Friday today...but yeah. It's not happening so deal with it. But I do have stupid things to vent about.

1. I hate being the only person who clears out the caller ID. Seriously. Our phone is super ghetto so I have to go one by one to delete them and went back to August 24. Seriously?? I actually don't know why we even have a phone because I never use it, I hate talking on the phone, hardly anyone ever calls because they know I hate talking on the phone, and if I needed 911 I doubt they'd get here before I was killed in my house anyways.

2. Olivia's attitude this week?? Awful. So stinking awful. She's whining about EVERYTHING. She asks me for milk and I didn't fill the glass right so she's crying. She had a choice between cereal or waffles for breakfast, she chooses cereal with no milk. No big, so I get that and she starts yelling that she wanted the waffles because she doesn't like her bowl. I feel like killing myself with a spoon some mornings.

3. Being part time is a joke. You'd think only working part time I'd have all this time. Nope- all my free time I previously had is now gone. I'd like to know how that works. I'm working way more around the house yet it looks worse. I'm spending WAY more on gas because I'm constantly going back and forth everywhere. Jackson is in a toddler class Thursday and Fridays which is great because he needs kid interaction, but wow- I'm exhausted. After running errands beginning at 9 this morning, Olivia was at school at noon and then Jackson had class and then I had to hustle to get Olivia, then cook dinner while Matt's taking a nap. MUST BE NICE.

4. My nose is really sore. A few days ago I realized that Matt's contact solution, which I had been using to clean my piercing, is expired. Like THREE YEARS expired. Which maybe explains why my nose didn't feel like it was getting any better. The outside feels fine but the inside is really sore. So maybe it's still healing. I bought new solution so I don't get gangrene or something on my face.

5. I need a haircut. I'm starting to get triangle head and that sucks. I need to go...yet I have no money.

6. I also need pants. Which is probably a good problem since I need smaller pants, but it's not because again, I have no money. The pants I've been wearing look ridiculous. They are all major baggy in the butt and really--it's not a good scene.

7. I've been may-jah exercise slacker. I need to get back into it because I gained two pounds and that? Is unacceptable. I need to cancel my Curves membership because it's $34 a month I need to be using for something else. That should be on my agenda for tomorrow because I have put it off for 3 months now.

8. I've been crafting like crazy. I got two sets done that are going to go into my shop, probably tomorrow, which I'll show you on here. Then you can all buy stuff from my shop and fix problems 5 & 6. You don't want your leader looking like a homeless person with triangle hair.

So that's my 5 minute rant for the night. I need to wrap a few things, organize myself for next week and work on more crafty stuff. And maybe get to sleep at a decent hour.


Jon Hanson said...

Triangle head? I've heard of flat feet, square jaw and a round ass but never triangle head. Chick thing?


Just Plain Tired said...

For not having nothing, it was a whole lotta something. ;)

When you have young kids at home whether working full or part time, a parent (usually mom) is always busy.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dude. Wait till you have to come around here. Then come to Maurice's and maybe I can get you my discount. I think you'd probably have to give me money and then I pay for it but still... 40% off. That fucking rocks.

Jen Mc said...

Hey yo! Good rant...I am with you on almost all of it. Glad I'm not the only one with a sassy little girl lately. :)

Have a SUPER weekend!

Ruth said...

Hey, I clear the caller ID too. Hubby doesn't seem to realize it's even there or if he does he doesn't know how to erase the numbers. Without me, I am fairly certain he would be in trouble.

And I stay home and I never seem to get done all that needs done.

Julie H said...

I'm going to cancel my house phone. I can't get it under $15 and I can just add another line to my cell phone and use that as a house phone until Trevor is in need of it.

I work part time and I'm freaking exhausted. Seriously kind of considering quitting but that paycheck thing keeps making me think again.

Sam said...

Wow, that was only five minutes? I'm scared to see a post that you had thirty minutes to dedicate to. :)