Thursday, September 23, 2010

King's Without Burgers

One of my biggest gripes is when businesses fail to provide the service that they've literally promised. There are always going to be things that happen but it still irritates me and just ruins the whole day.

On Tuesday I didn't have to work so I had the entire day to pretty much do whatever. I had to bring Olivia to school and while she was doing that, Jackson and I were going to hang out at my friend Kelli's house. Matt calls me at 10a.m. to ask me to bring him lunch. Which is fine, he doesn't actually work very far from our house and he tells me he wants Subway. I tell him Subway isn't happening because I'm not hauling two cranky kids in and out of Subway for one sandwich, so he needs to pick something with a drive through.

After a quick deliberation, he decides he wants Burger King- a whopper with cheese AND bacon, onion rings, Dr. Pepper. No problem-o. So I pack the kids up and decide that because we'll be cutting it close, they are going to get kids meals from there and all will be perfect. I drive across town to Burger King and when I get there- I'm informed they have no beef or onion rings.

I'm sorry- what the fuck do you mean, as BURGER have no burgers? How does that even happen?

They don't know and now I'm onto plan B. I decide plan B is McDonald's so off I go. Only to get there to discover that hey- electricity shortage in half of Superior means McDonald's? Is only accepting cash.Which I don't have.

So I leave there, drive to the other end of town to my bank to get cash, drive back. Only to find....that the drive through line is now all the way to the road. No bueno. So I decide to get clever and go to Culver's. On the OTHER end of town. I get there only to find....they aren't open. Even though it's now 11:15 and the sign says they open at 10. I see people, but everything is locked and nobody answers drive through.

So I drive across the highway to the other McDonald's. And SUCCESS I can not only order, but now I can pay! Only to get pulled to the side for fries. *sigh*

After 12 minutes of waiting (when my fast food experience tells me fries take 2 1/2 minutes in the deep fryer..) I get our food. Ridiculously cold. I don't even care because it is now 11:25, I still have to get to Matt's work, get home and get the kids lunch so Olivia can be at school at 12:15. I drive like a bat out of hell to Matt's work and proceed to wait another 10 minutes for him to come out. We leave him quickly when dun dun dun...

..we're stopped by a train.

Of course we are.

We wait.

And wait.

And FINALLY... we are the road. We get to our house at approximately 11:57 and I'm literally throwing food at the kids to eat. Then Olivia spills ketchup all over her tights and it's so bad that I know I can't send her to school like that. Jackson chokes on milk, I spilled my water, Stumpy (the cat) is eating my fries that I left for two seconds, and everyone is crying.

After lunch I get Olivia changed, pre treat the ketchup stain, hustle us all out the door and back into the van. I seriously pull up to school at 12:18 and thank god I'm not the last parent.

But seriously. I have never had a more stressful morning. It's all just very frustrating. But Matt got his lunch, Olivia got to school, and I got to hang with Kelli and her kids.

Anyways. I need to remind you- I have my little contest about BAD CARS. Go there for what I'm talking about. Email me with your pictures by the end of the month and we'll put the pictures up for vote! I have three official entries right now.

And I have put more into my Etsy shop. I have more coming very soon- but for this evening- these are up.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I still don't understand how Burger King was our of burgers. Dustin says Monte must have got up there somehow and ate all of it.

He's sorry.

Funny enough, there is a Burger King commercial on RIGHT NOW.

Just Plain Tired said...

A burger joint with no burgers, that's got to be a first. After reading this you deserve a medal for your persistence in getting everyone fed. I bow down to that persistence. :)

Melissa said...

DAMN! What a day! :|

Chicken said...

I would say that you win the good wife/mommy award. After all of that I would've pulled over to the side of the road and called my husband and told him that he'd have to wait till dinner time to eat. Man I needed you to do the bad car contest in the summer! Portland has some creepy guy in a mini van with long horns on the hood and it's always got some sort of mexican music on, the driver wears all black sits really far back in his seat and has a triumph the wonder dog hand puppet singing along with the music driving the car. Its classic!

justme5686 said...

Please tell me you got a glass of wine at the end of that long day! You deserved it!!!

Julie H said...

What a crazy thing, might have been faster to go to subway ;)

Ang said...

One time I went to Arby's and they were out of Roast Beef... WTF?! I know exactly how you felt!

Just reading this post stressed me out! Sorry your morning was shitty!

MrsDixon said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! How can a BK be out of beef? My biggest fear is going for my daily starbucks, and them saying "Nope....we're fresh out of coffee"