Monday, September 6, 2010

Olivia = 5

Folks, my baby girl is FIVE. Anyone who has children will tell you that with each new year and new birthday, while you're excited to see them grow into awesome people, you are reminded that time doesn't stop. Want to hear about her birth?? Go HERE and you can read about it (no, seriously- go there and tell me that I don't make cute babies. You can't). What I haven't talked about a whole lot, and maybe some day I will, is the post partum depression that I went through after she was born. It's hard to look back at her first year baby book and realize that I don't really remember a whole lot of it. I do, but I don't...if that makes sense. And while some days I feel cheated out of the experience with my daughter and first born, I am mostly thankful that I was able to get passed it. Because today? She's five.

On Saturday we had her birthday party. Now, growing up I don't remember most of my birthdays. I never remember having big birthday parties. Except for when I was 8- I remember that one because my mom took my brother and I to see the Little Mermaid at the theaters. That was a big thing because we didn't have a lot of money so that? Was a big treat. AND I got a jean purse with patches on it. I remember thinking I was the coolest. And while Matt and I don't have a lot of extra money I make it a point to give them a party every year. I like to entertain and to see them get so excited is worth every migraine and bill crunch I have to do to give it to them.

This year Olivia had an art themed party. But she got a Hello Kitty cake because I couldn't resist.
Most of her friends were able to come so that was great. She even blew out her candles this year all by herself.

She got some really cool presents. Our favorite quote was when Olivia opened this princess doll gift that she loved because she has others from that set, the little boy that gave it to her was like (after Olivia said thank you), "Your welcome but I didn't pick that out." LOL! We all laughed because it was so adorable.

Every year I try to get my picture with just Livi. This was after the party and we were both really tired.

But Jackson wanted his done too.

And Lenny was an unwilling party goer.

The coolest gift she got were new shoes for school. Olivia is a HUGE fan of anything girly including but not limited to: shoes, underwear, purses, jewelry, etc. Not only are they pink sparkly shoes WITH sparkle laces but they light up on the toes. And the toes have rhinestones. I would even wear these.

On Sunday, my grandparents came over to see Olivia since they weren't able to make it on Saturday and they came bearing gifts. Olivia got some cute outfits/jammies and a paper doll set. Jackson ended up eating a whole bag of gummie bears. LOL. (Fun fact- toddler poop after a whole bag of gummy bears? Stinks and is multi colored.) THEN they took her to see a movie.

Seriously- this weekend? Beyond busy. The only thing I'm sad about is we didn't get to go into Canal Park yesterday. We've made it a semi tradition to walk Canal Park because that was what I did with her the afternoon I went into labor. On her first birthday I got my picture taken with her right where Matt took my picture when I was in the beginning stages of labor. So that was kind of cool. Anyways. Olivia is 5, yall. She starts preschool tomorrow and I'm freaking out. She's excited because she's wearing new clothes and new shoes AND bringing a backpack. I'm scared to give my baby to strangers. *sigh*


The Insatiable Host said...

Bella's 5th birthday is tomorrow and our party was on Saturday they grow so quickly... I am glad that you posted pics and everything!! have a great one and i'll talk with you tomorrow.


Julie H said...

Before you know it she'll be 16 and talking back and you are so going to wish she was 5 with cute sparkly light up toed shoes :)

Annah said...

Your Olivia is precious. Congratulations :)

SurferWife said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia!!! Time sure flies, right?

My Haley will be 5 in exactly one month. And she too will have a Hello Kitty cake along with everything else Hello Kitty per her commands.

Don't you wish we could keep them in a bubble?

Jandy xx said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Hope you enjoy your first day of pre school! xx

Alpha Za said...

She is adorable.

Happy Birthday Olivia, may you have many more!

Ang said...

Yay! Happy birthday to your baby girl!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

A huge happy belated birthday to Miss Olivia! These pictures are darling and it sounds like the party was a huge success. Plus those shoes are TOTALLY rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I would wear those shoes too. Tell her she is lucky to have shoes that cool.

I am glad you survived because I figured you would be stressed.

They grow up so fast. My "littlest one" is getting ready to pump out her first little one. Excited? Naw. Scared as fuck? Hell yes.

deannaburasco said...

Happy birthday to Olivia! She is so cute! My daughter turns SIX tomorrow! I cannot believe how time flies!