Monday, September 13, 2010

Preschool: Week One

So last week was Olivia's first week of preschool. And I'm not going to lie, it was hard on me. I'm not ready to say I have kids in school and that may sound lame but I don't care. I'm just not ready. And frankly- I don't know if I ever will be. But you'll be proud- I didn't make a blubbering fool of myself. I only cried when we left the house in the morning:
Obviously, Olivia was super excited about her first day. She doesn't go first thing in the morning since she's the second class but that's ok. She's really excited to show Grandma (my mom) her outfit of the day in the morning. But I had to work that morning so I took a break so I could bring her on her first day. Mostly to make sure she didn't cry or hide under a table or something. So here she is at the door:
It was SO windy that day. We walked to the preschool but honestly? I was freezing. But I managed to get a super quick picture with my big girl before bringing her in:
I pretty much worried all day. She's never been in a day care setting and I've never just left her with people I don't know. We don't use babysitters- I rely on friends or family and even then I feel bad for leaving my kids with them. So when she was done at the end of the day I was early. And freaked out because there were no kids in the class, but then they came back. They apparently have snack time which I didn't know about.
When I asked Olivia what she does during the day she says "I don't know" and so that's fun. She seems to like going there so I'm not going to worry about it too much. The lack of communication is kind of bizarre. Like, I have NO idea what they are doing, learning, etc. Olivia came home singing a song I didn't recognize and told me she was supposed to practice. Fabulous- except I can't help her if I don't know the song. So I am going to have to get some kind of relationship with the teacher going because I want to be active in her education.

And she ended the week with getting a really bad cold. She tells me today that it was only her and 3 other kids because everyone else is sick. Fabulous.
Do you love the attitude in this picture?? This was her second day of school and the novelty of new clothes hadn't worn off yet. :)

So all in all- she did good. I did good. I'm not used to her being in preschool but it'll get better. I think Jackson misses her during the day because when we go to pick her up he's SUPER excited to see her again. And they talk the entire way home.

Ugh- is this what getting old feels like?


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh the part where you said that Jackson can't wait to see her, and they talk the entire way home literally made my womb ache! lol! But JC won't have someone else to talk to for quite a while here. Good for you for staying strong! I know what you mean about relying on friends and family and no strangers ... I wish I had more of that option. I do have a lot so I'm greatful! You should feel really good that having never been in a setting like that before, she did pretty damn good!!!! You go Olivia! :)

Love her outfits by the way!

Annah said...

She's so cutie!!!!!!!!!! :) I love her little face, she looks like a doll. Modeling, anyone?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sara she looks DARLING. Oh my gosh. I can imagine what you must be feeling right now having to let her go. But you are such an amazing mom for wanting to be active in her education. Seriously that little girl is damn lucky.

BTW what are you wearing in the pic of you and her? I can only see a little bit but it looks cute!

There are 8 more minutes left of True Blood as I type this. I almost can't breathe with anticipation!!!

Nicki said...

Ha! She's so sassy in the last picture! Make it work, girl!

Unknown said...

Cute pictures. My 4 year old just started preschool this year, and I know what you mean about not knowing what is going on there. I ask about his day, what he did, and he says "nothing". So glad I pay for him to go do nothing. ;)

Sara Strand said...

@Danielle- don't worry, when you have more babies I'll be telling you my uterus is sad too. :)

@Annah- let's not encourage this, mmkay?? We have enough attitude between her and I as it is.

@Krysten- yes, she looks darling. Would you like to test drive being a momma one weekend? My phone may or may not be turned off the entire time...

@Nicki- she totally is full of sass. Let's not encourage it.

@Sarah- well it's better to do nothing with someone else, right? Because "something" at home usually means trouble.

Jandy xx said...

wow, you make adorable kids!

Julie H said...

Awww she's adorable!! I'm probably tne only parent alive that was so happy the first time I dropped my oldest off at school. The break was wonderful lol. My youngest is home sick today too, pretty sure I'm getting the cold he has. Yeah.