Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sara vs. Toddlers

It's almost like Toddlers Gone Wild but maybe not as obscene.

When Olivia was two I enrolled her in this Toddler Class to help her interact with kids since she wasn't going to daycare. AND because when I'd bring her around kids she'd climb on me and refuse to play. Which was completely understandable because the kids at the park have bright green boogers and it's just a good rule of thumb not to play with anyone who has anything green oozing out of them.

It's a life lesson, yo.

But it really worked for her so I knew that when Jackson was two he was going. The probably with Jackson is that he thinks he's ten when he's really only 2 1/2. So he doesn't really understand why rules apply to him because he's perfectly capable of doing everything on his own, including jumping off of the top of the slide. Because you know- he's a big boy.

Which is GREAT. Except that when he plays with kids his own age he really doesn't know what to do. He automatically goes for the Barbies because Olivia makes him play Barbies a lot. Or she makes him get married to her. Or this morning she made him take her on a date to the bathroom. So the poor boy has literally no boys to play with his own age.

So I signed him up for two classes, one on Thursday and one on a Friday. Thursday was...weird. First off- he's not the youngest, he's one of the oldest. So these kids aren't verbal like him and have some difficulty with some of the toys and crafts. Which is fine because Jackson went right for the fire house toy (boy stuff!). He really wanted no part in the reading circle but he was super excited to put his name on the tree thing. In fact, he didn't understand why he couldn't just keep the damn apple and no joke- looked at me like I was an idiot. *Some* of the parents in the class are way different from me. And by "way different" I mean, they are super excited to play blocks, trucks, etc. And me....not so much. Don't get me wrong- I play with my kids but seriously, I can't get into it. It just gets old and it's boring for me. It's never been my thing.

But Jackson seemed to have a good time AND he let me give him a hug in front of everyone. *BIG DEAL*

I have no pictures of Friday because I was all stupid and forgot my camera. But Friday was GREAT. Jackson is actually the youngest in the class AND my friend Kelli was there with her daughter Sophia. And that's awesome because it gives Kelli and I time to hang out.

The other cool part of the class is that parents separate and we get to talk about parenting issues. And I have a GREAT question for both sessions---- what should I say to Olivia when she asks how she got in my tummy (basically where do babies come from). Now, if you are new to these parts- you absolutely MUST READ THIS POST because I think that event is what is bringing this on. Except this time she asked me while I was driving and so it is a very good thing I didn't take out the old guy on his little old person motor scooter on the sidewalk.

How would YOU answer that??


Just Plain Tired said...

As a grandparent I get to refer all awkward little kid questions to the parents. Yes, a cop out I know, but hey I had to come up with those type of answers on my own years ago. ;)

But seriously, I think daycare is a good thing for kids, to get them used to being around other kids and sharing... and stuff like that.

Except when they share what ever bug they inevitably catch with the family.

deannaburasco said...

Those questions are why I got the book "It isn't the stork" and I read it to her. Once I read the part about the penis going into the vagina, the questions stopped. : )
Seriously though, it is a great book for young children, explaining things honestly without graphic detail.

Ruth said...

I never really enjoyed playing dolls and blocks either. My husband didn't care to either. We did it and we were damn fine actors about it.

Danielle said...

That sounds like a really awesome program!!! I wish I had access to something like that! Unfortunately everything here is like daycare and thats pretty much it! But thats why I did daycare for JC ... they need that interaction! I guess Jackson is lucky to have another child to play with, even if she is a woman! JC is always around adults and they're mostly women lol he desperately needs some child interaction before he turns into one of those kids that people assume to be a midget since he talks like a 45 year old man but looks like a 7 year old! lol! The pics are really cute! I love your bag!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my god I was just watching One Tree Hill last week and the kid on there was asking about where babies come from and the parents' answers were HYSTERICAL.

I honestly have no idea what to tell you. I don't remember ever asking my parents that and I have no idea what they said if I did. But I certainly don't envy you!

Annah said...

You look like his big sister taking him to school. So friggin' cute!

Anonymous said...

I am totally loving the pictures!! Glad he had such a good time.

As for playing with the kids, well i am one of those odd balls. I love to physically get down there with them and play and rough house, but hey...that might be because I don't have any of my own and I get to go home in an hour and you have to continue playing with them.

Ah, the greatness of being a cool Aunt.

Blue Disastrous said...

As I always say.. When a mommy and daddy really love each other, they get happy in the pants. Then they fight each other to get what is in their pants. Over nine months, a mommy gets sicker and sicker, and at the end, the cancerous tumour inside of her eats it's way out, killing her, and then the tumour transforms itself into a baby human and is sent to live with a brainwashed family of robots.

But of course you can't tell her the truth.

Angie DeBeir said...

I have to ask...where are these toddler classes held at?? I would LOVE to sign Dominic up for that!! What an AWESOME program!! Love the pictures!! :)