Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So 2012 is coming a bit early.

It was a BIG weekend up in the Strand household my fellow whores. I'm serious as herpes right now.

Guess what happened?

Matt? Finished putting the siding on the back porch.

What? Not as epic as you thought it would be? Well then you suck. Because the siding project started in June 2007. FYI- it is September 2010. You do the math. The only thing left is the upstairs bathroom alcove thingie, but I don't ever care right now. I'll bitch about that next summer because having the back porch done is such a big deal. It all began with me tricking him into buying a window for the back porch, because that was the first excuse. So he did that one side. Then I told him we have to have the side where the back door is done before Olivia's party because I don't want my house to look ghetto for the third year in a row. So he got that side done. Then this weekend he's like, "I'm bored" and I'm like, "then finishing the siding already asshole" and he DID!

I keep staring at it in awe---like my house is no longer the unfinished shithole on the block. Nope- it looks super nice. Except for the front and back steps, but hey- the decking stuff is here! It just won't get put on until next summer. Which is ok and I can deal with that. Really, I can. I wasn't happy to hear that we'll have to dig around the entire foundation to put insulating foam or whatever in. Not just because of how much it costs, how much work it is, or what a mess my yard is going to be for the entire summer. No- what GETS ME is that when we had the entire yard dug up in 2007 for the addition....no mention of this needing to be done. So I paid a lot of money to have someone flatten my yard and then we did the whole grass seed bit and only now does my yard look normal.

And now we're tearing it up again.

*insert angry eyes*

But in happier news, I've also gotten Matt to *promise* the new laundry sink will be installed AND functional by Thanksgiving. I don't know how this happened, but this project has been in the works for 5 years. He actually started buying some of the necessary plumbing things this past weekend and we're going to get more on payday. I can't even tell you how retarded happy I am about a new laundry sink.

Maybe then I can get a ceiling in the laundry room!

Oh folks-- I? Am moving up in the world here.


Just Plain Tired said...

Congratulations! Always nice to get needed things done to the house, no matter the time frame. ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hell yes! And all this means you're coming out here next weekend, riiiiiiiiight?

____j said...


Elle Sees said...

what'd u think of the True Blood finale?


Ruth said...

Great news!
It always sucks to have your house look like crap and have to wait for it to get fixed.
I know, I have been waiting for 10 years.
So, it's so nice when you have at least some of it done.

Ang said...

LOL - congrats on having new and finished things! I can only imagine how happy you must be!!

Anonymous said...

Hey....I GET how important that shit is, girl. I have been begging for Joshua to put the door on the bathroom for FOUR YEARS NOW!! So I know how epic it is when they actually finish something.

Where the fuck are the pictures??

Missy Salsa said...

Cross that off your check list!


Another David said...

don't believe it. picturas, por favor

Sara Strand said...

@JPT- true story.
@Krysten- I'm trying!
@J- thanks!
@elle- bleh. It's weird and it's making me think there better be naked Eric pronto.
@Ruth- Matt wouldn't survive 10 years like this.
@Ang- it's like winning an award kinda.
@Amber- I'm going to come out there and between you and I we should be able to figure out a door! Chill out with the pics.
@Missy- damn straight homie.
@David-are you...calling me out? NOBODY CALLS ME OUT!