Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I'm looking at my calendar.....

...and this fall? Ridiculously busy. Seriously. I may or may not have time to piss.

Some big things happening in Sara's World:

1. Tonight was meet & greet night at Olivia's preschool. I'm super excited for her but not quite ready to let my baby play with deviant kids. A few kids looked questionable at best so I'm going to hope it's just that they are overtired and strung out for the day. But the center is First off, it's in an old church so it's already a weird layout but that's ok. But when I walked in first thing I notice was how mother effing hot it was in there. There is literally no air circulation up in there. My kid is going to fry in the warm months and likely freeze in the winter. The second thing I noticed was that it looks.... well worn? Like nothing has really changed in the last 20 years. It's not super bright and inviting like you'd expect. It's actually dark and I don't know. Something just felt off. But, I met a few moms that seemed nice and I also got to visit with a mom and her kids that we know through the local Family Resource Center. Which was great because our kids get along. Unfortunately, Olivia is in the PM class and her twins are in the AM class. But she starts Tuesday. OH! So I showed Olivia the bathroom and her first words? "I don't think so, Mom." Fabulous. She already has weird bathroom anxiety like me.

2. One of my favorite bands, second after Kings of Leon and my wannabe lover Caleb Fallowill, is Anberlin. I love, love, love Anberlin. So I want you to check out Mr. O's blog because he is doing a countdown to the release of their newest album which happens on Tuesday. To say I'm excited for this release is a huge understatement. But go there because I am going to be active in his comment section (wow--that kind of sounds perverted. I mean it in a good way, bb!). I always am, but this? Is a subject near and dear to me.

3. I have Olivia's 5th birthday party on Saturday. I have absolutely nothing ready or planned. I am pretty  much flying by my ass crack on this one so it's teetering on Epic Fail. So basically my entire day tomorrow is going to be putting this party together on almost no money. Should be interesting.

4. She turns 5 on Monday. Can I just say that I'm not ready? I believe I've mentioned this. At least 4 million times. I'm not ready and I don't care. *plugging my ears like a super mature adult*

5. In October I'm going to see Muse (with Passion Pit opening) and Maroon 5 (with One Republic opening) with Krysten. I am super excited to go to both of these AND spend time with Krysten because I? Heart her to pieces. We'll get in some girl talk before which is always good and fun so I'm looking forward to that. What I'm NOT looking forward to is driving to Minneapolis and back in the same night. I'm not excited about driving back alone (because if the last time is any indicator, I better come up with a better plan) but I don't really have the option of staying over night either time. Ugh. So I'm just going to have to be a big girl and do the damn thing.

6. Breaking news--- my husband? Did some siding on the back porch. I KNOW. It's been three years in the making and hot fucking damn one of the 3 exterior walls is done. I'm trying not to dwell on his promises that it would be don't before Olivia's party because that? Is just not going to happen. It maybe would have had he started this oh....3 years ago. Or even the beginning of the summer. But it's fine--I'm just glad we've got some progress. I'm not ready to talk about my back steps being detached from my house. That? Is a post for another day. And I'm still trying to calm down from that incident. Even though it was a few weeks ago. Let's just say- if you're coming to the BBQ on Saturday? Please be prepared to climb into my house.

OK- so that's all I've got right now. I'm actually going to see if I can get an update on my sister in law who has been in ICU for two days because of ketoacidosis. So- keep her in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your comments up and working! Blogger is such a whore sometimes.

I was just gonna say that planning a BDay party on the fly doesn't sound like your style, but already know that right?

Sending you some bloggy hugs and will look forward to some cool rants and awesome pics lover.


Julie H said...

Wow I hope your SIL is ok!! I tend to do a lot of stuff last minute, I'm such the procrasinator! Plus we are super busy most of the time so it's just the way it is. Everything works out find and no one is really going to notice if you didn't add that extra banner you wanted to make or whatever ;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously doing the same for my son's b-day which is Monday as well. The "cookout" is at the local park, hopefully I get a pavillion because I am not paying to have a damn bbq at the freakin local park that my soon to be 17 year old invited the whole town to. So I guess I will be purchasing all this food he wants with the money I pull out of my ass crack- it's big enough so I should have plenty. lol good luck with Olivia's party. And High Fives for having Labor Day Babies!!


Oh, My Darling said...

The Muse and Passion Pit show sounds awesome!!

Another David said...

that's a hell of a calendar. didn't you just see muse a couple months ago??