Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Local Vandals.

*pause for this quick commercial*
I got my crafty one this weekend and while most of it were scrapbook pages and the treat boxes (coming soon bitches) for the three classes my kids are in.... I did get these super cute cards done. They are in my Etsy shop and you need to buy them. Right now. Do so HERE.

Before I get into this post I should give you some facts about the city I live in. According to the 2000 census we have a population of 27,368. We have a Wisconsin State University, we have a Wisconsin Technical College. We have a lot of churches. Pretty much most of what is considered in "north end" is what some would say is below poverty level area of town. I live in "south end" which isn't grand by any means. My mom lives on the nicer side of the main drag through town where I live on the "other" side but it's not bad. I actually like where my house is. It keeps my evenings entertained with the all the drug houses and pedophiles.

Between my house and my mom's we have a park that is really nice. It has a nice play are for kids, a huge grassy area for dogs and basically running around. It has a pavilion that a lot of families do picnics at. A local daycare uses it daily and the Boy Scouts maintain the garden area. It's a really nice park and pretty much everyone who lives in South Superior has either used it or does regularly now.

The problem is that we have a huge influx of people coming from major cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, etc. Now while some of these people are genuinely moving to the area to start over somewhere new, the majority are moving here to qualify for state benefits for being displaced workers in search of jobs. But what they do is basically be a leech on society and refuse to get a job, stay here for awhile, then move back. Rinse, recycle, repeat. Now while I could go into the argument that there should be someone monitoring this kind of shit because people who live here that actually need the benefits because their jobs aren't making basic needs met (shelter, food, utilities) I won't. Because that's for another day.

My issue? Is that almost everywhere you go in Superior you'll see spray painted graffiti on something. And nothing pisses me off more than people who vandalize someone else's property or flat out steals it. Just because you can't get off your lazy ass and get a fucking job doesn't mean you have the right to take away something from someone else or ruin it.  A few weeks ago someone spray painted someone's brand new fence. Thankfully, the neighbors near him helped him clean it off. A neighbor of my mom's has had his motorhome spray painted TWICE.

What has just hit my tipping point is the fact they have now hit the neighborhood park. My mom and I walk at different times but we have both noticed that every once in awhile there is a group of either teenagers smoking like the bad asses they think they are or a group of black people who may or may not be transient. I say that because they are only there once in awhile and I'm not sure if they live around the park and it doesn't really matter.

But when they do shit like this? It burns my ass.

Do these assholes even know what fucking anarchy even is? Because somehow I doubt. Stay in school fucktards because maybe one day you'll pay attention during your American Government class.

Really? Is this necessary, Teddy? Because I'm glad you at least know what street the park is on. But nobody cares that you were even here. Because the fact of the matter? You are a boil on the ass of society.
But the thing that pisses my mom off the most? The duck. Jackson freaking LOVES riding on the duck and now...
Poor duck. What kind of asshole spray paints a duck? Jackson was pretty bummed the duck was messed up.

I don't know why people insist on doing this like this to a town so it looks like shit and like a fucking ghetto. We're in Wisconsin, assholes. If you want a ghetto, please move. I'll help you pack. I am so sick and tired of people who fail to take responsibility for themselves. Get a job, do better for yourself. I realize that jobs don't pay a whole lot, I GET IT. But isn't minimum wage better than nothing? Don't you want to show your kids what hard work means? I get it's easier just let us taxpayers pay for everything for you but I'm tired of it. I'm tired of calling the police about gangs of punks hanging out in a park at night and them doing nothing. I'm tired of calling the police about what is essentially a drug drive through down the street from me but doing nothing. I'm tired of the pedophile behind me calling his little girls his "little whores" and having police tell me there's nothing they can do. I'm tired of driving around and seeing shit spray painted with misspelled words. If you're going to vandalize please for the love of god type it out on a computer and use spell check first.

I'm tired of walking around town and seeing these guys with their pants falling off their asses. Hi- it's not cute. You look like a fucking idiot. I'm glad you're wearing underwear at least but I don't want to see it. It's not hot to wear clothes bigger than you need. It's not hot to have a comb stuck up in your hair. It's not hot to speak Ebonics when you're very much white. It's not hot act like a general asshole in the middle of the grocery store. It's not hot to loudly proclaim that you're going to "fuck that fat bitch like the fucking cunt she is" when I'm standing in front of you with two toddlers. I don't want to explain what a cunt is to a 5 year old girl. And to top it off? When a kid, no more than 10, was telling his friend or brother that his mom is being "such a bitch", while the mom is standing right there, and I said to him, "Please watch your language- you aren't old enough to know what you're even saying" his MOM told me to fuck myself. Yeah. 

*Round of applause to excellent parenting right there* I don't think I have to tell you what my mom would have done if that was me at 10 years old.

So I'm frustrated. And I'm angry. And I'm scared these punks are going to be a bigger influence than me on my kids.  


Julie H said...

Most of the spray painting around here is done by gangs tagging all over. Little fuckers! We saw a great one yesterday at a park next to the school Trevor was playing football at. Not to mention the tennis shoes and bandana hanging from the wires above.

Cassie said...

Hey- I just wanted to tell you thank you for the package. I love the cards!

Jennifer Kay said...

I hate those bastards and I don't even live by you...we have the same trash in our neighborhood and I even live on the north side of town. Assholes stole my kid's pumpkins on Friday night and smashed them all in the street, my three year old was heart broken. You need a neighborhood watch...oh wait, looks like I do too.

Jon Hanson said...

That shit always pisses me off too. In my old neighborhood we'd see it once in awhile.

If I caught one of those little bastards i'd like to string 'em up by their toes and 'tag' them.


Rebel Mel said...

Dude.., I've been taking graffiti pics around here for a while now.... What you got ain't nothin! I know it's annoying, but just you wait until I post my pictures, you'll be thankful you're not living around here!

Charlene said...

The thing to do is figure out what you can do to improve your neighborhood, help those who have less than you do, etc. Lumping every person who doesn't look and dress like you into a hateful name isn't going ot help.

If the activity is criminal and you see a particular person doing the vandalism, get the police to arrest them.

Jen said...

man... I hate vandals. At the park by our house, some little shit wrote on the slide "I peed on the slide" which they probably did so therefore we do not use that one! Makes me so angry!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh Sara, that's so sad. We don't get a ton of graffiti around here which I'm really thankful a little surprised about. With us living close enough to the Cities you'd think we'd get a bit more of it.

Poor Jackson's duck =-( That's the saddest part. I mean seriously, who one earth puts graffiti on a neighborhood park? That's so sad and honestly, do you think it makes you look badass? Because pretty sure it just makes me feel sorry for whoever's dumb enough to do it.

Just Plain Tired said...

Crap like that drives me insane. And hey, we live in the same state, not really sure how relevant that is though. ;)

Anonymous said...

That stuff breaks my heart. This is why it's so hard to break the cycle. Adults do this to kids, kids become angry, as soon as they can get their hands on spray paints, drugs, guns, they continue the cycle and show other kids how to destroy their childhood.

Helena said...

What is wrong with your police?? Do they want the area to just get worse and worse? I live in a newer development in a ghetto little suburb of Pittsburgh, and the police patrol it like crazy. They are so vigilant, it has stayed really nice, and the ghetto part is getting better and better. But if the police were to just ignore everything and shrug their shoulders, it would go downhill fast.

Danielle said...

Wow! What assholes! Seriously, I'm not sure who's worse the people doing the vandalism or the police who don't give a rats ass. How frustrating and especially at the playground. Poor Jackson :( That's so upsetting for a kid when they see stuff like that, I remember when that happened at my elementary school. We had just got a new playground and over the weekend some teenage assholes came and spray painted on the colorful tube to crawl through. I remember being so upset by it. I hope they fix this soon, because this is seriously out of control.

Kevin Michael said...

I grew up in East LA, the graffiti capital of the world. It's one of the few non-violent crimes for which I'd love to be able to use torture as a punishment.

AmberLaShell said...

I live in dallas, and actually work downtown, which is beautiful. But, there are neighborhoods were parents let their kids run rampant and destroy property. Sadly, I bet 80% of those parents are buying the paint for the kids. So sad.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

We don't get much graffiti around here but this is a small rural town.

And we're mostly armed.

For hunting & shooting the varmints in the garden.

But if some guy is on my property after dark.... as long as they don't find him with a bullet in his back at the end of the driveway...well, the sheriff appreciates us pro-active homeowners.

Just knowing that seems to keep the vandalism down around here.