Sunday, February 6, 2011

Customer Service & Brains = 2 things Best Buy doesn't have.

I think I've mentioned it at least 38 times that my camera is dying. It's pretty much dead and it tries hard. So hard but Mr. Canon just can't get it up anymore. Or.. on. Whatever. It's a problem considering I use my camera EVERY DAY for pretty much everything. Even though we got our tax refunds last week I don't really have the money to be shelling out for a camera.

Pretty much all of the money is reserved for various things that HAVE to get done this year.

But I told Matt it was time to bite the bullet and by another camera. And I don't know about you but the idea of getting a new fancy thing is exciting until I see the receipt and realized how much money I just spent on said fancy fun thing. I knew going in that I had $200 set aside for this camera. We had researched it and decided we were going to go with a Panasonic Lumix camera and after checking Best Buy online, decided it would be cheaper for us to buy through them.

According to their website, they have them in stock. This was Friday.

Saturday we make the trip to Duluth and go to Best Buy. I noticed immediately that they re-arranged their store and it's set up in the most retarded, inefficient way possible. I don't understand why stores have to continue fucking up stuff when it really only makes people angry. And it wasn't just me- this poor couple were trying to find some movie and although you'd expect movies to be alphabetized.. they are... only after they are organized by what network they played on. Because you'd know that if you were DVR'ing shit all the time.

Anyways. So we got to the cameras and we see the one we want is displayed. We get approached by the rudest, most arrogant sales person EVER. First off, we ask about the camera and ask if we indeed have to get a new memory card because of a faster speed or whatever. (Actually, this is all Matt. I'm molesting the display cameras and subsequently fucking them all up because I am technologically challenged and it's a miracle I'm even allowed to have a cell phone.) This guy starts BERATING Matt for asking so many questions and at one point tells him that maybe he should work here instead since he's so qualified, but in a super sarcastic manner.

Here's a fun fact about Matt. He's very non-confrontational (and you can see how it gets boring for me. He just doesn't play into much.) and he let the guy just be rude. Then we tell the guy that's the camera we want and please can you get it out. The guy then LAUGHS and says, "Oh- we don't stock these. We can order it for you and have it shipped to the store." Um, no. This is were I get involved because I don't fuck around. I start telling the guy that we looked online and yeah- it says it's in stock for $149.99 with the battery, charger, some cord thingie, and some other thing and yeah- we want it. The guy then tells me that it's store policy to not stock these things and so he pulls out a form to order it. And I just felt like the red mist of anger and stabbing tendencies go over my eyes. I think Matt saw it because he tells the guy that if we'd do that we'd just have it shipped to our house and the guy THEN starts telling me it's cheaper to ship to store. Um, really? Because online it's FREE SHIPPING asshole.

I look at Matt and tell him we're going and we'll order it ourselves because I'm not confident this asshole is competent enough to not fuck up what we want (all in front of him). The guy was like, "Well, I can sell you the display for the same price." Oh, what a bargain. You mean the one I'm pretty sure I fucked up? No thanks jackweasel. Then I'm like, "Well, does it come with everything the online would?" No. It doesn't.

They also don't have the other components in stock either. Super. No, we're passing, ordering online. This guy then says, "Well you can order online but you won't get customer service." Oh yeah- because it's so effing stellar right now.


Then I went over to the music because I like to see what they have under "up & coming artists" because those cd's are all under $10. Um, yeah. Where did they go? Nobody who works in the music department seems to know. They also are out of stock on anything that is currently in the Billboard 200. So Matt goes over to the Xbox games and yeah..... out of everything that's a best seller. What IS there is just thrown into the racks with no rhyme or reason.

I told Matt I was so over this fucking waste of store. Seriously. When we got home we ordered the camera and it *hopefully* will be here this week. But I sent a rather scathing letter to Best Buy in Duluth because their customer service sucks. And what kind of STORE doesn't stock the things they sell? This camera guy was trying to tell me they never keep any of the cameras in stock. What's the point, then? Seriously? I don't get it. :/


Canadianbloggergirl said...

I would certainly write to their headquarters about it. Hopefully you got the guys name. I've done it in Future Shop, and got the guy fired (not my intention) but his HR file was full of complaints already.


Asha said...

I hate arrogant twats! Seriously, if you don't like your job effing quit! I'm glad you wrote a letter complaining about his "impeccable" service. What a douche!

Ms. Ro Chelle said...

It's to bad you don't live near a Nebraska Furniture Mart.

I went to a Best Buy last year when I needed a new wireless router because mine had worn out. The sales guy was like "are you sure your computer just doesn't have a virus? That can affect your internet connection." And I said "yeah..I'm sure I don't have a virus." And he says "how do you know?" "Uh...because I know how to run my virus scan on my computer...duh."

Lame. Hope your online purchase goes smooth.

Anonymous said...

yeah that's super lame. Wish I could've seen the guy's reaction when you were calling him an incompetent asshole :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Um. I know I only worked at Best Buy for 2 days but why exactly did they not have it in stock? Because it was sold out or what?

If I were you, I'd be calling that store up tomorrow and speaking with a manager about how that sales person acted. Because that is ridiculous.

And can I just say I'm jealous you guys are getting a new camera? I am so ready to throw my Nikon out a window.

Anonymous said...

Mu sister works at Best Buy. I love her with a passion that burns stronger than the sun, but man she is a moron.

they are all morons there.

I think that may be a store policy or something, just to hire morons.

Nicki said...

That's retarded. I've NEVER had to order a camera. They go to the back and get it because hello? Part of the excitement of buying a camera today is that you'll get to WALK HOME WITH THE CAMERA THAT DAY. I order online when I don't want to deal with store assholes like that. Good move, Best Buy.

Oilfield Trash said...

Holy fuck. I would have gone to jail for murdering that fucktard. No cameras in stock. Whats the fucking point.

That is like the sex shop not carrying condoms, "We will order them for you". Well maybe the viagra cocktail will keep me hard long enough for them to come in.

Dana said...

I hate Best Buy and try to avoid it at all costs and I hate fucking customer service these days and I'm so glad you sent a letter to the store. In the future, there's a good website to go to that is pretty cheap and very fast shipping, which is sometimes free. I've used it for many electronic purchases, including a camera and I've never been disappointed. And no, I'm not being paid to say that. :)

Julie H said...

Sounds like one step up from Wal Mart!