Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Best Birthday Party I've Ever Had.

I'm going to be honest- this was THE best birthday I have ever had, and my 30th will have a lot of pressure.

First I invited pretty much every cool chick I know within reasonable driving distance, and there really aren't that many. (If we're being honest). And then everyone who could come, came. What is really cool about my friends is that we aren't really a "group". Most of my friends don't know each other, but when I get them together you wouldn't know we haven't been friends for years. All of my friends are similar to me (which is why they are awesome) in some way or another, and so then everybody ends up being pretty compatible. I never really worry if the group will bond or have fun- I know they will once they warm up to each other.

So to do that we started with a dinner out. Some girls couldn't make it to that and that was just fine. The girls who did come were Amy, Jennie, Tammy, Emily, Kate, and Jess. Great group of chicks, let me tell you. So we had a really great dinner where I talked about horribly embarrassing things about me growing up and they all got a great laugh. The really cool highlight was two things: 1. Amy, my relatively new friend from almost 4 hours away, drove up for my party. She came up earlier and then we went shopping and she surprised me with cupcakes (picture in a bit) and yeah. She is just really great and awesome and I am so very glad I met her. AND my friends totally thought she was the bee's vagina so that is cool. 2. My friend Jess came. Jess was my first friend when I moved from Florida to Cloquet, MN so from like 4th grade until the end of 7th grade we were BFF's. Lots of embarrassing but fun stories with her. But then I moved to Superior and we lost touch. And then we'd run into each other from time to time but never really reconnected. So then when I'm planning my party I'm like fuck it, I'm inviting her and THANK GOD because she came and it was great. It was like we had never been apart for like 15 years or whatever it is. So yes, having Amy and Jess there just made it a million times more awesome.

So after dinner we came back to my house for a sex toy party. Now, out of respect for my friends I decided not to post a bunch of pictures of it. BUT I am posting a picture as proof the party happened.

And that I wore a strap on so we could play ring toss. Nobody can ever say I'm not a good sport and I can't have fun.
The party ended up being a hit, I got some really cool new toys on their way and three of my friends booked parties so I'm going to have even more coming. Also, Batman and Stumpy really like vibrators on cords.

And we ate cupcakes with But-R-Creme. Thank you Sam's Club for inadvertently selling sexual cupcakes. You rock.

After the party some girls had to go home, but because Amy had driven all that way I thought maybe we should really make it a night and go out to a bar. Now, I'm not a drinker so I don't really know what bars are good or not in my area, but Jess suggested Keyport because they have karaoke and it's not usually super crowded. AND my brother Travis and his friend Phil were going to meet us.

And what a good decision that was. Not only did we close down the bar but Travis and Phil helped my friends have a really good time by buying all of their drinks. Seriously? If I haven't mentioned how awesome my brother is, I suck. Because he IS awesome and him and Phil are hilarious. They are also complete enablers because they got all of my friends drunk. :) Which was super fun and everyone had a great time. Jess, Amy, and Tammy got along so well and it just thrills me to no end to know that I have AH-MA-ZING friends. Seriously. I do. I can't gush about them enough.
So here's us looking awesome. The bar was not that bright, but my flash is so it looks like we're drinking in the day time. But I was drinking Pepsi because hey- I don't drink and I love being sober cab for my friends. I'm cheaper than a cab and I'm awesome! :) And we also came with glow in the dark bracelets and I believe most of us were fist pumping to random karaoke songs. I think all of us sang along to the guy with a Justin Beiber in the front/mullet in the back hair singing "Welcome to the Jungle" like he was god damn Axl Rose. I mean, he OWNED it. And we were singing and fist pumping.
And somehow, Amy convinced Travis and Phil to let her paint their nails? And she did a damn good job after 4 rounds of shots. Seriously. She's better with drinks than I am sober and I'm not sure what that says about me?? But the best part was that the boys forgot about their manicure and went to work like that the next day. Fun fact- brake cleaner apparently removes nail polish.

And here's me and Amy. Seriously- she is such a fun person to hang around. Next time we're totally singing what I'm going to call our song. Yes, I'm going to refer to the song in this video that is playing while everyone is trying to figure out how to take our picture with her phone. I should mention this is all going down late in the evening, and we're all either a little tipsy and/or tired.

And if you're a loser and DON'T know the name of that song-- shame on you. SHAME. Bitches, that would be the classic duet between Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.. Leather & Lace. Lovers forever, man. :)

At the very end of the night, which was really like 3am since we hit daylight savings that night, I got a complete stranger to take a picture of the Cloquet Crew. Me, my bro, and Jessica. Seriously. We tore up the streets of Cloquet in our younger year. Specifically with crab apple fights, Travis almost drowning (a lot) at the pool, baton twirling sessions (which Travis wasn't a part of.. he probably wants that clarified), and just a lot of awesome fun. When I think of my childhood I think about hanging out with her and Travis and his friends and doing stupid stuff because we were all poor but thought we were the shit. (But I still stand by my opinion in that we WERE the shit.)
All in all, it was a great night. I had such a good time, I seriously can't remember when I last laughed so much and had that much fun. Seriously. I had a friend text me and say she wishes she would have came out to the bar and then another who couldn't come at all said she heard the crazy fun time we had and now wishes she would have come. Yup- you missed out if you weren't there. But oh man.. my 30?? Yikes. It's going to be fun. How are we going to top it chicks??

Anyways. The next day I met Amy for breakfast at Perkins since it was next to her hotel and yeah. Shittastic service. I swear, of the Perkins' I have been to I always get the WORST service. I mean, Amy and I were chatting but our waitress sucked ass. She literally dropped our bill at the table not even 5 minutes after dropping off our food and then never came back. Hi bitch- we'd like some mother effing refills. Or hey- could you split our bill since you didn't?! Annoying. I hate, hate, hate bad service. And it wasn't even that busy in there. And I'm sorry- but if you don't offer to refill? You shouldn't get a tip. We left one, but still. The other stupid thing, is that I lost $10 either in the parking lot or the restaurant. And yeah, so that sucked. But I was glad Amy and I got to have breakfast and just chat before she went home.

Oh, and I woke up with a major fucking head cold on Sunday. Swell. I didn't drink but I felt hungover. Even better. :)

So yeah. That was my party. I'll post my prezzies another day (maybe tomorrow??) because I got some really good ones!! AND I got some bloggy love in the mail recently that I need to share with you. BUT.. I'm beat. Later bitches!


Oilfield Trash said...

Damn it looks like you had a damn good time. I am jealous, you had more fun on your birthday this year than I have had for mine in the last 5-6 years.

And your friend Amy is cute.

Annah said...

I'm all jealous over here wishing I was there :(


Glad you had a wonderful time! Your brother and friends sound awesome. Kissies.

Annah said...

And I still say you look no older than twelve. So yay, you!

Anonymous said...

whoa, who's that Amy chick? She's in like every picture! She must be super awesome ;)

Now... to plan for your 30th...... we'll come up with something ;)

Unknown said...

Haw haw, *I* don't need a strapon to play ring toss! I come with my own, um, target!

However, use small rings. Like onion rings... Just sayin.

Unknown said...

First off, I did not know that bees had vaginas. You learn something new every day!

I cannot believe you played ring toss with a strap-on, that is just wrong in so many ways (and actually something I would be caught doing at parties.)

Glad you had a blast on your 29th Sara!! Looks like you all had so much fun.

Anna said...

Glad you had a blast! I'm excited to see the prezzies =)

Super bummed I couldn't make it, but I'm not a very good partier anyway =/ I'd be the boring old lady - haha!


Tabitha said...

Oh wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a hella good time! Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

Jennifer Kay said...

You suck for posting the answer to the question because I totally knew it!!! I am the song trivia queen round these parts.

I wanted to show off my skillz.

Wish I could have gone to that super awesome birthday party because I'm pretty sure I sat home watching Gray's Anatomy on DVR.

Ang said...

Sounds like a GREAT time - really wish I could have been there! Next year I'll try to not make plans that weekend!

Kattrina said...

Glad you had such a great birthday. Sorry I haven't been a good pen pal lately - things have just gotten crazy-shitty here but I promise I'll pick it up and send you something great and late for your bday!!!

Julie H said...

Looks like you had a great party! It's always nice when your birthday doesn't end up being a big fat disappointing day lol

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Anyone who can play strap on toss knows how to have a good time! Sounds awesome.
<3 New Follower
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G said...

Looks like you had a blast and partied in style!

Dana said...

I'm glad you had tons of fun! You deserve it!