Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Sara... birthday edition

So.. I'm not doing a vlog today, for two reasons.

1. I got my eyebrows waxed not that long ago and they are still red. Like the top half of my face is red because I had the most violent eyebrow waxer lady EVER. Seriously. I just hope the redness (and swelling) go down before my party tomorrow.

2. I'm going to do this really quickly so I can mop my floors. I know. I haven't gotten to mop in two weeks and I had to buy a new mop head today because I just felt like the sponge thing was gross. So I have a brand new one and I'm going to attack my floors with gusto. They don't look bad, but because I'm kind of a freak, and it's been two weeks, and we've had a mouse.. I just can't go to sleep another night knowing all of that AND knowing I have a new mop head. It needs to get done.

OK. So these questions all came from one person who said she'd like to see me do a reflection of my life of sorts. So.. ok. I'm game.

1. What is the worst moment of your life to date? Damn. It's kind of hard to narrow it down to one, because while I've had a lot of awesome moments, one that I remember often is one of the last nights I saw my real dad. It was a particular violent night and I still remember how terrified I was of it all and not really understanding it, even though I think I was just about 3 when it happened. I can give you every detail of the night and it still upsets me. The second worst moment is right after Matt got fired from his job, almost 4 years ago, and why it happened. I have never felt as betrayed as I did in that moment and I still struggle with it.

2. And what would be your best moment? The birth of both of my kids, although I was in a much different emotional and mental state for both of them. With Olivia I was excited and then went into depression. With Jackson I was depressed and then got better. Go figure.

3. If you could give yourself one piece of advice, knowing what you know now.. what would it be? Lots. HAHA! First, stop using your credit card. Second, breaking up with JR is not the end of your life and things will get better sooner than you think. Third, go out and have fun now. You'll get married and have babies so quickly and sometimes you'll wish you would have had fun. Even though you are broker than shit. Fourth, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe to be right. Some people are going to call you a bitch and it's totally ok. Being honest doesn't always make you a bitch. Fifth, do not move into an apartment with JR. You'll lose a lot of money and most of your stuff. AND the apartment is in such bad shape it should be condemned and yes- pigeons really ARE living in the closets. <-- and all that is just from the 2 years you spend in college.

4. If you could know one thing for certain about your future... what would it be? It'd be nice to know when I was going to die or how.. but I figure that happens to everyone. Everyone dies. So I guess if I could only pick one.. I'd like to know if I made the right decision to stay with Matt. It's something that's always in the back of my mind and weighs heavy on my heart sometimes.

5. Most embarrassing moment to date? Oh god. Like there is only one. HA! I'm going to say it was when Matt and I had been dating for 3 months. It was super nice out around my birthday so we decided to go to Jay Cooke State Park. Now, it was still icy and snowy outside, but I chose to wear my Adidas shell top shoes. You know, shoes with absolutely NO traction on them at all. So, we get to the park and I fell right in the parking lot. People standing around, totally laughing. We get our park pass and walk towards the swinging bridge. Which is really high up and the rushing waters of the St. Louis River are under you. You would die if you fell off and this thing wobbles and swings. And I am basically shuffling my feet like an idiot to get across. I'm pissing off a whole crowd of people behind me because of course, I'm that asshole going super slow. We get to the end of the bridge and it's a little slope and the trail goes in two directions. The slope is also sheer ice. And I go down. HARD. I not only land on my ass but then I bang my head onto the ice, and there's Matt-- walking away. And the crowd of people, stepping over my body and laughing. And that was the extent of our trail walk because I shuffled my ass across the bridge. And SOMEHOW, someone in the parking lot calls out to me, after noticing me limping to the car, and says, "Hey asshole! Wear trail shoes!" I get it. Fucker. Seriously. To have an entire park of people laughing at you? Kind of embarrassing.
OK- that was it for this week. Tomorrow is my birthday party (yay!) and my camera is charging as we speak so I am able to capture all kinds of fun stuff. Pretty dang excited homieoats.

9 comments: said...

Oh geez, that is pretty embarrassing. I have a TON of embarrassing moments. One in particular: I was at the chiropractor for the first time and he had me lay in the fetal position and then he crunched my back. All my bones popped. At that exact moment, I let one rip. And all I could say was, "Oh..."

Kate Weber said...

Snap! That hurt my head. I've whacked my head on the cement after falling on ice and it sucks. I was alone when it happened. I would be mortified if people saw.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Reading this has made me think about my life, we have all had embarresing moments it is part of living......

Like you for me the best moments in my life were the birth of my daughters I love being a mother and now a nanna.

If I could go back in time and give my younger self a peice of advice it would to always be true to myself and to belive in myself.

Josie said...

Hahaha! That's really funny, but it's hard to laugh when your kidney is trying to jump out of your side. I was gonna have a birthday surprise for you YESTERDAY, but since the baby and me are so fucking sick it's gonna be late. But Happy Birthday yesterday anyways.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'm not sure if I would want to know when I'm going to die. I think maybe yes? So perhaps I can prepare others? I don't fear death at all, but I would hate to leave my family so devastated. Well, I hope they would be devastated by my loss. haha!

And ps- I think part of our Road Trip needs to include a psychic. I've always wanted to go to one! Maybe we can get answers to these questions in the back of our minds ;)

Stacia said...

Wow...loved this. It did bring some tears to my eyes, whatever the issue with your hubby, that you still think about it and have a heavy heart sometimes. You're just this real person, showing what's got you from A to B. Love it! Hope your party rocked too!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Ow that is embarrassing!

Happy Belated Birthday

Sandra said...

If I stopped using my credit card, how would I spend money I don't have?
And hey! I have a Jackson too! Is yours a hypochondriac too?

Ang said...

seriously cannot wait to see pics from your party... (as I catch up on blog reading, maybe there is one already waiting for me?!?!)