Monday, March 14, 2011

Fitness baby.

Seriously-- this time change is effing me all up. And it feels like forever since I've blogged? Weird.

But it's time for our Weightloss Check in shit and you'll notice there is no vlog. Because I have a head cold and I want to get this up right away and go to bed so I can maybe just die quietly into the night.

I took pretty much everyone's advice and weighed myself this morning, after I peed. So either there is something to this, my scale is fucked up, or I lost 16.2 pounds in a week. You pick. (For the record, that says 149.2)
I don't get it, folks. Let's be honest.

But I have been doing really well with my exercise. I got my running in, still doing a mile without dying, three times a week. My arm exercises and crunches still hurt. Most importantly, I've cut down on my Pepsi intake. Not drastically... I have to ween myself, but I have been doing better. So I'm pumped.

I also ate a ton of cupcakes over the last two days, so the fact this isn't higher is kind of nice. :) My goal for this week is to get 4 workouts instead of 3 in. I'm feeling a little better about myself and my body and so I want to keep going with it while I still have some motivation.

How are all of you doing?? Are you noticing any improvements in how you look or feel?


Aimee said...

Wow congrats thats awesome!

And yes I hate hate the time change!

Unknown said...

Well, it could be legit. When you start running, you gain a decent amount of muscle mass. The more you have, the faster you metabolize stuff, and the faster you drop weight.

Almost 15lb in a week? That's a bit drastic. Maybe you had 10lb of pee in you last week?

Anyway, grats Bikini season is just around the corner! Keep it up!

Kate Weber said...

You're doing awesome! I'm so impressed! Keep up the good work! You're inspiring me to get back into my working out. I've been flaking lately.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big 'ol Jelly Belly, because um- I want to lose 15lbs in a week. lol. Jealoussss!

sigh, I was looking for your birthday update though tonight. I totally forgot tonight was weigh in night!

Julie H said...

Maybe it's the carpet/rug. I think they say to have it on a hard floor? Hopefully it's right though!

Shirley said...

Arizona= no time change= I don't get the whole time change thing.

Oilfield Trash said...

Congrats on the weight loss. See all those fuck words on the fuckmill are paying off.

And no pretty toes today? lol

Anonymous said...

I hate to piddle on your parade, but have you considered putting your scale on a tiled surface? The carpet actually absorbs some of the force of your weight and gives you a false reading. Every WW I've ever been to puts their scales on wood platforms because of this.

I could, of course, be wrong about this. Give it a shot. See if it changes. Because, like everyone else, I think 16 lbs is an insane amount of loss in one week, even with the best of efforts.

Aaaaand now... I shall admit to two things:

1. I've been reading for months and this is my first comment; I *bigfatpuffyheart* your candor about EVERYTHING.

2. My "still holding on to the baby weight despite the fact that my daughter will be two in May" excuse is worn out and I will be dusting off my scale and photographing my own weight soon. I promise. Because someoene else needs to hold me accountable for the crap I pile into my mouth, even if it's someone half-way across the country that I don't even really know.


Ang said...

Holy shit Sara! Way to fucking go!!

Unknown said...

Further proof that HealthOMeter scales are of the devil. Mine tells me I've lost weight during the weekends, then mocks me when I walk up to it on Mondays with a camera for my weigh-in. (Unfortunately, as the other ladies said, putting a scale on the carpet does mess it up a bit I think.)
But either way, you ROCK for sticking to your goals and doing all that exercise, and forget about the cupcakes it was your birthday weekend, so cupcake away girl!!

Stephany said...

I vote that you lost 16 pounds this week! ;)

I do agree with the others saying to put your scale on a hard surface. I always weigh in my bathroom because of the tile.

I'm also working on cutting down my soda intake although I'm taking baby steps as well. No cold turkey quitter here! Heh.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I am still so fucking tired I'm slap happy.

Congrats on the loss. Could be the scale was wrong before & has corrected it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Keep it up. I need to start my wedding weight loss plan. I always say I'm going to start tomorrow... haha.

FinnyKnits said...

"I got my running in, still doing a mile without dying, three times a week."

I think I just shed a tear.

You're awesome, good going and happy belated birthday, mama :)