Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A milestone, gifts, and examples of my burgeoning life.

First off... this is my 600th post. Let's all just take a moment that after 600 posts I still have random crazy to spew forth.

It's really quite amazing if you think about it. Because most people suck.

Anyhoodles. So that was my milestone to brag up. But now I've been promising for awhile that I'd show you my birthday gifts. And I drone on and on and ON about how awesome my friends are. While you might think you've heard enough I say you haven't and so there. My friends are the shit. You should all be jealous you don't have friends as good as mine. My friends are like extensions of me and they all know me so well, and they just know what I love. And I love that they know what I love.

OK.. so here is what I got:
 picture frames that match my living room, a yummy candle, iTunes gift cards and yes.. a Coach wristlet.
 Oh. Here are some prezzies I bought myself. A whole bunch of new Stampin Up stamps and two punches.
 Then my friend Amy sent me this. Now.. I had recorded a vlog for this, but I can't upload it to YouTube and when I tried to today it said I had an invalid file format. Um.. it's the same as I do for every vlog?? So I tried to re save it and yeah.. I can't open it now. Matt's said he'd look at it, so that might come, but for right now- you can see the picture. Um, how hilarious is this shirt? HUH?? It's FANTASTIC, that's what. I seriously can't wait to wear this. In fact.. it's going to be a part of tomorrow's wardrobe if we aren't snowed in. She also pays attention, because anybody who read my blog as of late knows my love for Bic Mark It pens. Seriously. They are like permanent marker pens in awesome colors that I love. LOVE.
 And my neighbor dropped these off for me because hello-- I love to snack. So I'm more than excited to eat these. And make a cheeseball. I've NEVER made a cheeseball so I'm excited to try. Let's hope I'm better at that than meatballs.
 And then I've mentioned I've been doing stuff. Well, this weekend Matt and I went on a date. Actually- we went to dinner with another couple I know but we snapped a picture before going in. Do you LOVE my flower pin?? Do ya?! Well, one of my very favorite people, Jamie, made it for me. She has an Etsy shop and you should go and buy stuff because she is preggers with her first baby. So.. I'm more than excited to be putting a gift together for her.
Then we also had to act like responsible parents and take Olivia to Kindergarten Transition night. Which hello--- if we want to talk about a waste of money? Let's talk about Kindergarten Transition. We had to eat gross cafeteria grade pizza for dinner and then they just told us to come to Kindergarten Round Up. Hardly anybody showed up as it was, and basically... in the two hours we spent there I could have gotten all that information on the registration papers. Which hey--- we already filled out because they were due a month ago so yes- everyone there already seen this information. WASTE of time and money. Oh well. Olivia was pretty damn excited to make herself a name tag and sing songs with some singer guy. So.. whatever.

So yeah. Tomorrow I am going to tell you about my trips coming up. What? Did I say TRIPS? As in plural?? Why, yes. Yes I did baby. ;)


Unknown said...

Ok the fainting goats is just pure win.

And WOW to 600 posts! I just hit #60 today. I feel like such a blogging baby!

Oilfield Trash said...

Wow 600 posts. That is awesome. Congrats on this feat.

Ang said...

So - all I want to know is: is there seriously a trend of fainting goats that T-shirts are being made now!? WTF - how the hell did she find that - it's fucking perfect for you!

Dana said...

Nice gifts! You have wonderful friends. I love the wristlet! I'm looking for one myself...just gotta work it into the budget. :) Congrats on 600 posts!!!

Unknown said...

That shirt is only going to make you want a goat even more than you already do!
Congrats on 600 posts, how awesome is that!!!

Annah said...

Babycakes did you change your hair color? i'm loving that pic of you and the hubbsters.

LOVE the presents, especially those picture frames and itunes card :)

Buy yourself this song and thank me later: Sideways by Citizen Cope. HUGS and Happy Bday again!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Tastefully Simple does excellent cheese balls.

Congrats on your 600the post!

Julie H said...

I hate going to crap they could have told you about in an email or flyer home. HATE IT. Meetings are stupid.

Anonymous said...

whooooo! it's tshirt time! (do you watch Jersey Shore? You'll get the tshirt time reference if you do) Glad you liked the gifts! :) I do what I can!

Also- Olivia is the cutest thing ever. ahh you make cute kids :)