Monday, March 7, 2011

Weightloss Challenge Monday...#6

Let's just get it on...

My camera is currently charging right now so I couldn't give you a picture.. but my weight this week is 165.4. I'm not going to get down about this because I am noticing some changes with my body in a very good way and so I'm going to ignore my weight for right now and start really pushing myself during my workouts.

My challenge this week continues to be my caffeine intake. Seriously. I am drinking way too much soda and I need to stop it. I know that I can't cut it out completely. I would probably die and everyone around me would be sneaking it into everything just to get me my fix because I am unbearable without my Pepsi.. or Coke in a pinch. I really am. But if I can get myself down to one can per day, and drink water the rest... that would be awesome. It would also save me approximately $5.50 a week in soda alone at McDonald's. And if you do the math (I didn't really.. I used a calculator) it's $286 a year. Holy fantastic shopping trip! I know. So I need to get serious about this. Starting tomorrow.

My workouts themselves are going well. I pretty much kicked ass this week. I'm getting about 4 full workouts in during the week (one mile run, about 10 minutes of walking after the run, 60-80 crunches, 60-80 arm exercises with hand weights) and then whenever I get a couple of minutes I get on my stair stepper for 200 steps. Which doesn't sound like a lot but I hurt pretty bad. I really didn't think 200 stair steps would be hard at all and I clearly am an idiot. But the mile run isn't feeling like death as much as it was last week. Some days are a lot better than others though, and I don't know know why really. I'm just struggling with my brain telling me to just stop, .75 is good enough, etc and it's really hard. But I've pushed on and I do feel better when I finish the mile. Once I feel better doing the mile, I'll slowly start upping myself to the goal of being able to run a 5K at the end of summer. Totally doable I think.

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Before I leave you with my pep talk, which sounds more and more like I'm losing my marbles, I am going to encourage you to come back tomorrow. Maybe it's time for another Sara's Favorite Things Giveaway in honor of my birthday week??? Perhaps.


Unknown said...

This is math you're going to hate.

A medium coke @ McD's is 220 calories.

$5.50 is about 5 of them, right?

That's 1100 calories. I pound of FAT is 1600 calories.

You're drinking about 2/3 of a pound of FAT every week.

I switched from soda (pop?) to tea and it helped me a lot. Unsweetened tea is zero calories. Zero.

Loved the vlog. Want to know a great way to get rid of arm jiggle fast? No joke... jack your man off. Do it twice a day, one with the left, one with the right.

Have you noticed that most guys don't have the arm jiggle? IT'S CUZ WE 'EXERCISE,' BABY!!!

Good Luck,
Brandon (aka L.I.I)

p.s. - Hair Up > Hair Down. You looked schmexy today, weight loss or no.

____j said...

So, I know this may not help you, but it's something I've been doing to cut out caffeine since I literally am not supposed to be drinking it. I've been making smoothies. I just buy the frozen fruit from walmart and yogurt, and add a splash of juice to thin it out. It's really good, and when I get done I'm also kind of full, so hey! no snack needed.

Oilfield Trash said...

I am so disappointed that there is no picture, especially after my wonderful post today! lol

Oilfield Trash said...

Oh and I am glad you are sticking with the workouts.

Jandy xx said...

aww, i like what lost in idaho wrote...

i havent said hi for a bit, so i thought id send my love xx

Anonymous said...

ok, a pound is 3500 calories.

but anyways- Hello ROCKSTAR! You ran 4 miles last week? That's awesome. Keep rockin' on!

Unknown said...

Way to go on the toning up!! And awesome job on all the exercise, hey you did enough exercise for both of us, sweet!
I am far too pussyshit for plastic surgery as well. Nuh-uh, no way not happening.

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

My brain tells me the same thing. That's why I'm not such a good runner...

Annah said...

That's so fabulous that you can actually run. I can't run for even thirty seconds. It's just not feasible. Have never been a runner.

Keep rocking it out! Can't wait for all the before and after pictures.

Annah said...

And how many times do I have to tell you, woman?!?!

You have to weight yourself in the morning, naked, after peeing. DUH!!!!


Stephany said...

This is my first time reading your blog and HELLO, I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS POST!!!!

For one, I am terrible at my soda intake as well. I just remembered today was supposed to be a "No Soda" day yet I had one at lunch. (Whoops?) I'm really trying to make one day a week where I just don't have any at all. Like you, I just can't go cold turkey. I can't do it. I have to know I'll have a drink sometime in the future because otherwise, you know, I WILL DIE. I'm trying to set aside a few days a week (hoping to make it so I only have soda 1-2 times a week) where I kind of "fast" soda. My water intake is horrible because of it.

Also, exercise. Yes. I totally get how hard running is. Totally. Get. It. I'm with you, girl! Right now, I'm just shooting for one mile. When I start to feel easier, I'll gradually bump it up. I've tried Couch to 5K but the program just doesn't work for me. (I hate run/walk intervals.) I was shooting to run a half-marathon in April (yes, I know. Crazy!) but I'm dropping down to the 5K after stressing out about it to the point of shingles. Ha!

OK. I'm writing a novel here and I'm sorry. Great blog!

G said...

i started running and cycling about two years ago having made the decision to stop being a couch potato....90kg when I started and I'm 90kg now. Now this would be total failure except that I can now run 10 miles, cycle 50 miles and swim 2 weight hasn't changed but my body shape has - always remember that as you work out you will put on muscle and that weighs more than fat.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Congrats on teh exercise!

Instead off weighing myself regularly I have a pair of pants I try on. I never wear them. I just try them on. (They are ugly & stiff, but good as a baseline) Depending on how they fit I decide how I am doing on my weight loss.

I do get on a scale about once a month out of sheer curiosity but the numbers never seem to match how the pants fit.