Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30/30 list... I need help.

I just realized I have not done a proper 30/30 list update since um... July.

Whoopsy pissy pants.

So you need to go here to see my last update and the list as a whole so you know what the eff I'm even talking. (I'm talking to you- folks with no memory and my new lambwhores)

The things that have not been done yet are and my plan:
  • sailboat ride: Matt and I will do this in Bayfield at some point this summer.
  • write a book: working on two!
  • snorkle: um.. I'll buy a snorkle and try in a pool or something.
  • Vegas: booked!
  • one song on piano
  • roadtrip with friends: will happen in March 2012, but maybe after my 30th. I'm going to be ok with that though because the plans are in motion.
  • 5K: happening in either August/September.
  • helicopter ride: happening in Vegas.
  • concerts: will get them done by the end of June.
  • camping: happening in August.
  • Grand Canyon: happening while on Vegas trip (hopefully)
  • Canada: ugh... I have NO idea. I still need to get a passport.
  • bikini: ew. I'm trying. It will happen by the end of summer.
  • 200 books: will be done by end of year I'm sure.
  • family tree book
  • canoeing or tubing: will go canoeing while I camp in August.
  • see the northern lights: I forgot I already saw them like 7 years ago with Matt. Whoops.
  • Wisconsin Dells: going to see the Dells with Amy in May on our Milwaukee trip for a book signing, but I'd like to take the kids this summer but honestly? Funds are going to be low after Vegas.
  • see new waterfall: happening in June!
  • sea caves in the winter: I'm going to try. We were supposed to do it in February but they never opened.
  • try skiing: December!
Um... yeah. I'm so fucking far behind it's awful. It's becoming apparent to me that there is a good chance I won't fnish this list. And a few weeks ago I asked you for some ideas on what I could add to my list as
"alternatives". And pretty much I got no ideas from you.

Folks. I'm disappointed in you.

I need you guys to help me out with FIVE alternative list items that I can do. Ideally, they should be low-cost, fun, and would provide blog fodder. Or at least kick ass pictures of me embarrassing myself. Someone suggested that I go to see a scary movie.. in a theatre. Why? Because I'm so fucking terrified of ANYTHING that would maybe be scary.
Folks- I covered my face during the 5th Harry Potter. True story. And I seriously feel bad for the person who has to go with me to document me pissing myself with fear.


So your job is to think of a few good ideas. By the end of the week so I can finish my list. Get crackalackin.


Oilfield Trash said...

Ok here is 5 things....

1. go watch midget wrestling.
2. skydive.
3. milk a cow.
4. volunteer at a homeless kitchen/shelter.
5. learn spanish.

Josie said...

How about you come to Zion's National Park and see the arcs! Because they're beautiful! And because it's like 6 hours from where I live and I've never been there. I think you know where I'm going with this.....

middle child said...

O.T. came up with some great ideas. On an unrelated note-how many of you are there? Seriously! You cannot possibly be just one person. Are you an alien? Are you part of a government project involving cloning? You amaze me. I guess that's why you are the leader. I've always been a whore but I guess now I am officially a LAMBwhore. Damn!

Unknown said...

Go streaking. Bonus points if it's below 40 outside.

Miranda said...

1. Throw a piece of office equipment from a rooftop Office Space style

2. Participate in a Dance Dance Revolution danceoff

3. Buy a star (so it lame and who honestly can sign over ownership rights to a frickin celestial body but it's still a nice thought.)

4. Take a pole dancing class

5. Participate in a flash mob. Holla!

Anonymous said...

1. kareoke your favorite song.
2. visit 5 restaurants you've wanted to try
3. add 5 new recipes into your rotation
4. go to a strip club (haha seriously I love seeing peoples reactions when I tell them I've been to one)
5. visit the sculpture garden in minneapolis (big cherry spoon place!)
6. try highlights! (have you ever done that? the hair school I go to is phenomenal! you could come here!)
7. buy an outfit you'd never normally wear, but really want to
8. take a class

and um, that's all I got? :)

Anonymous said...

oooo I have a few more!

9. tell the truth for one day. Absolutely NO lies or stretching the truth or refusal of answer.
10. Say yes to anything/everything for one day.
11. Have facebook/blog decide what you're going to do for one day.

haha ok, so a lot of "one day" things, but ya never know- could be fun!

asj said...

how aaabbbout-
-bake a pie from scratch
-run a mile w/o stopping [or a 5K]
-going to some sort of sporting event
-sew something [??]
-take a ________ class [something you've always wanted to do - try and find a local free ones too]

Ang said...

First of all, you actually need to go update your original post - because there are thing you've done (or have planned) that aren't crossed off... and it'll make you feel betta :)

I'll do some thinking... in the mean time - feel good about what you have done! Most people give up on this shit - you stuck it out and actually were able to cross some things off!

Diane and Chad said...

more ideas...
donate blood
make a scrapbook for each child
do an art project just for you
write a letter to the person you most appreciate from your past

Lost said...

A 3some? Do it!

Miranda said...

Or? A FIVESOME! Then bam! You've got five things to do that you've never done before. We your lambwhores are pretty genius.

Julie H said...

Twinkle twinkle is REALLY easy on the piano, you could plunk it out.