Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not one, but TWO winners. And other random crap that might entertain you.

I have two winners to announce before I forget.

The winner of April's Box of Awesome, Random, and Meaningless Shit is...

Aw.. wasn't that nice? That was supposed to go up last night but because YouTube hates me... it's going up today. Yell at them, not me.

Next up we have the winner of the book The Peach Keeper which I'm doing via Random Number do hickey because I don't have it in me to do a vlog today and deal with YouTube's bullshit.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 11

(You'll notice that I couldn't get the fancy box. Sorry.)

LynC is the winner and I shall try to contact you.

Winners can also email me at sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com if you are super excited to get your stuff right now because I'm mailing on Friday and yeah. I'd like to not make multiple trips to the post office, just this week. :)

A few weeks ago I got an unexpected but awesome package from a blog reader, Danielle, and it was full of funky socks and scrapbook stuff. This girl knows the way to my heart. I realized I never shared the goodie box, so here it is. I love MAIL people.
Then at the All Time Low concert I got a lot of awesome people watching in, even if the show kind of sucked. Sadly, some of my pictures didn't come out very well so I only have two to share. First up is the guy with almost no shoe.
 Now, the white part is not his shoe- it's his sock. I recognize that the price of good shoes is insane. I know this, and I know that being a broke college student you have to make sacrifices. But to broke college students everywhere- I am begging you to just not drink for one weekend and save that money for quality foot wear. What if it rains? You may as well be barefoot. What if you have to run from a herd of buffalo? Your shoes will flap in the wind and leave you to be trampled. Living in the Midwest I know that a herd of buffalo is maybe possible. If not buffalo, surely it could be cows. Or goats.

So yes. This poor asshole wasn't the only one- there were LOTS of people with shoes falling apart. It's an epidemic.

The next message is for chunky girls everywhere. Bitches- I know you want to be hot like the skinny girls. I know it. I'm right there with you. I know even you need some loving too and often times you're trolling for a man. I get it. But you know what isn't cute? Chunky girls in stiletto heels. Stiletto heels are not made for you, chunky girl. The pick of that heel is not made to accommodate that much weight. It just can't. There is a lot of physics and math involved but to make it simple- do not wear these if you are able to shop at Lane Bryant.

Otherwise you will fall on your ass at a concert and have to sit like an asshole on the stairs with ice from the bar and have bouncers carry you out. Like this girl.
 You can't see it but she clearly has sad face. You'll notice she's alone too. She came with a few friends, we saw them while standing in line. But I think it's just human nature and certainly survival of the fittest for us to not want to associate with assholes. You might just get lumped into the stereotype because you're hanging with the person.

I knew this girl was going to be a hot mess because she was easily a size 16 (no shame in that, I can't ever speak to it because I've been in those pants. Not literally, but you know what I mean.) and she's wearing a romper. Now, this is another post coming up but I hate rompers. This particular romper was very short and I saw the edge of (what I hope) to be a full pair of panties. It's just not OK, America. It's not OK.

But yes, chunky girl fell and hurt her ankle and was forced to sit on the sidelines while her friends (who the one was definitely a butter face with unfortunate feet. Wearing flip flops to a concert. Unspeakable.) had fun and tried trolling for men. Unsuccessful but amen for effort.

Anyways. So yes. Those were things I wanted to share yesterday but forgot until I saw the pictures in my folder this morning. :)

Congratulations to the winners, wear proper shoes, and avoid rompers.


Unknown said...

Yay for lyn and mrs! Congrats to the both of you!

And lol, that's why there's a weight limit in the mosh pit. Not that there was a mosh pot at the concert you were at, but the concept is the same...

Unknown said...

LOL I love this post.

Anonymous said...

lmao. I effing love you and your vlogs..... dude. Hilarious.

Oilfield Trash said...

I think this is my new favorite post. Loved it.

Congrats to the winners!!!

The Mrs. said...

Firstly, YAYUUUH!! I knew I was a little-lamb-whore-winner! I seriously just had a seizure-- I'm that damn excited! (OK nothing too literal about that... but I'm EXCITED!) YAYYY‼

Now, defend the romper. Dude, they are comfortable as fluffy little bunnies! It's like wearing a puppy crossbred with a cloud. Sure, it's weird to be topless while you pee in public, but sorta fun at the same time? Dooooo it.

The stiletto at a concert + fat/stick/chub/thin chick....all adds up to stupid! What was this chick thinking? I think it's hilarious that her friend was in flip flops..Maybe this chubby stiletto footed chick had plans for her flip-flop footed friend?? Haha...Idk I've been drinking. :)

Seriously, I am so honored and excited to win! I can't wait to get my box of awesome!

Ruth said...

They still sell rompers?
Oh my!

Dana said...

You are so fricking adorable in your video. Too cute. Your hair looks so long too! One of these days, I'm going to win one of your contests!!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeap I agree stilettos are not something us bigger women should wear I prefer a wedge type heal more support. That said what type of fool wears heals to a concert....they are asking to fall on their ass.........

Ang said...

you're a dork. I can't believe you carry around that doll (and keep him near while you eat popcorn, obviously)... that is all about that.

I just want to say that I love how you take pictures of the less fortunate. Did that girl turn around after the flash of your camera over her head? Then did you have to take her stiletto and beat her with it?

Nikolett said...

"It's like winning the lottery but a lot more ghetto" LOL you are hysterical but false ... because winning anything from you is like being told I can have five goats and ten llamas in my backyard. Because that would be awesome. Congrats to the winners!

And yeaaaah, I wish I could pull off rompers but after realizing I can't I now dislike them and the fact that they're EVERYWHERE.

P.S. Love your Rob doll.

Seana said...

This post was one of my favorites I've read from you! It made me laugh, thank you :P

And rompers? Seriously? I didn't realize those were still available!

Chicken said...

I miss you I love you. I need to get on here more often. Can you speak with my child and tell her to stop eating constantly and not wanting to sleep?


I'm thinking about you loves.

Chicken said...

P.S. Rompers are stupid.