Monday, April 11, 2011

Raw face, short pep talk... what's your progress?

I know I mention it in my short little vlog here- but GOOD JOB to those of you who have rejoined the Weightloss Challenge. If you are new to the blog and are interested in joining us, leave me a comment and I'll add you and your blog to my list. The list of players is on the right column... just scroll down a bit. If you are playing along, please visit the other blogs and leave words of encouragement or words such as "get off your ass and walk you moo cow" and things like that. Motivation and encouragement all in one.

So let's talk about me:

Successes & Good Things This Week: I drank a lot of water AND I got out and exercised 5 days over the last week. I can definitely feel and see a difference in my legs for sure and my stomach feels like it's getting smaller as well. I'm feeling good about my progress. Each walk/run has been three miles and I feel like even if I can't run a 5K this summer I can definitely walk it without looking like I'm going to die at the end.

Not So Great Things: Even though I'm running a mile, it feels like instead of getting easier it's getting harder and harder to run that mile. Now, I know I can do it because I've done it before. BUT I seriously feel like dying after doing half a mile. I don't know what my deal is. My right knee is also hurting some times. I know I'm not running too fast or pushing myself too hard but every once in awhile it's sore. I am wondering if the road I'm running on has something to do with it, because the side kind of slopes down on the right. And we don't really have sidewalks on the residential streets so I'm stuck with the road. I'm going to try running on the other side and see if that makes a difference.

Goals for this week: Keep up with my water. I have drastically reduced the amount of Pepsi/Coke I'm drinking so that's good. I also haven't eaten as much absolute shit lately so that's even better and I need to keep up with it. I am also going to at some point this week take a picture of several "areas" of me to show you how I've changed. The scale number isn't really moving but I am definitely noticing changes.

And since today was so nice out I went for my walk/run as soon as Matt came home. And yeah. Running in 65 degree weather is WAY different than 40 degree weather. I thought I was going to die. I have to figure out a game plan for this summer when it's way hotter than that. I can't run in the early morning hours (Matt goes to work at 4am) and I can't run at night (scared of the dark) so yeah. Late afternoon is where I'm at. Any suggestions??

So here's your pep talk. Sorry for my wet hair and no makeup. You'll live.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Way to go Sara keep up the good work I keep telling myself to get of my fat ass and yes I do have a fat ass my ass would make yours look so

My grandson Blain calls me his "Fat Nana" he doesn't say it to be mean to him he is just stating a fact.

I have started to use a fullness shake to help me get use to eating less again and so far it is working when I have it I eat my meal and then nothing else for about 3 to 4 hours without the shake I eat a meal and half an hour later I am in the kitchen looking for food even though I know I should be hungry but for some reason I think I am and I end up eating junk food.

I am trying to reduce the amount of Pepsi Max I am drinking easier said then done.

Travelin' Mike said...

Sounds like you are making a great job!! Keep it up! =)

Oilfield Trash said...

Yay for keeping up with the running.

Unknown said...

10lb in 2 weeks, thanks to a sadistic personal trainer. WOO!

Unknown said...

Way to meet your goals Sara!!!
I have starting toning up a tiny bit it seems, the scale has gone up a tad but the clothes are a bit looser. :D
You might just have to stick to the fuckmill on the days that are too hot and you can't find time to get a run in.

Danielle said...

I love the Vlogs :) Also, my knee really hurt as you know, and granted I had surgery so I'm starting at a disadvantage but you have to make sure that you have really good footwear and the place your running is crucial. Try to run on grass if possible, or at least a level surface! As much as possible. Not gonna lie - I gave up on my outdoor running but I have been exercising ... I'm about to post about it now, so stop by and read it, yo!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenner said...

You are awesome. Way to go! I have totally slogged off. Though today I did pull my daughter up and down the street on her little bike, so that's more exercise than I would have gotten otherwise!

Julie H said...

I suck (at the weight loss thing). But I HAVE been working out in the yard a lot. Too bad I stuff my face with whatever I can find when I come in.

Julie H said...

Oh and I drove past goats today and totally thought of you.

Ang said...

numbers on a scale are just numbers... if you're building muscle they will go UP. That is why I've stopped worrying about that number and I focus on how I feel and what I look like naked!

Keep up the good work Sara!

FinnyKnits said...

Careful with your knees - how are your shoes? Are they wearing out? Do you maybe need some cushioning insoles? Try icing your knee(s) after you run to curb the pain.

And SUPER DOUBLE LUCKY careful with the heat. I have given myself heatstroke running when it's too hot and WHOA does that suck. Remember to bring plenty of water to drink during your run and afterward. And, if it's just too fucking hot - don't run. It's not worth. Trust me (barfing).

Beverly said...

Ok, I have no blog so I have not joined in but I just thought I'd share my story. I have lost 22 lbs since Jan 4th by cutting out bread and sugar (no more soda). I was totally freaked when I got on the scale around xmas and weight over 200lbs. What the fuck happened?!? As of today I am at 181 and losing a pound to 1 1/2 lbs a week. I feel great! I plan to lose 45 lbs so I'm half way there. Congrats to you Sarah and everyone who is feeling sexy and slim.