Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Sara... where you thought it was maybe dead but I bring it back. Because I'm awesome like that.

I know. These last few weeks I've flaked on so much but I promise you... I'm bring it back like sexy came back. Or something. I've gotten great email questions from a few of you and some of them seemed kind of personal so instead of putting them in this forum, I just replied back to you personally. So.. yeah. But here's what we've got for this week.

(Don't like these questions? Think you can do better? Then email me at: sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com)

1. How did you and Matt meet? And was it love at first sight? Um, no it wasn't love at first sight. Not even close? Because when I met Matt at the hardware store he worked at with my mom, I was engaged to someone else. Granted at the time I was like 18 and a complete asshole who had no idea what I was doing but thought I was hot shit. Anyways. My mom kept telling me I should go out with Matt (in front of the fiance) and yeah. It was awkward. But fast forward a few years and I was single, Matt was single, and we went on a date that neither of us thought would turn into anything. Nine years together (seven of marriage), a house and two kids and some marriage counseling and this is where we are.

2. Are you watching the Casey Anthony trial and what do you think about it? Yes, I'm watching everything that I can when I'm at home. I think she is a fucking crazy person who needs to be in jail. I feel so bad for her family who she's completely thrown under the bus and it's people like her that make me believe that some people are just born fucked up. I mean, if you can't or don't want to take care of your kid anymore- call your mom and be like, "Mom- I can't do it." and drop your kid off. You don't have to kill an innocent toddler so you can party. That's awful. Her daughter was the same age as mine and I look at Olivia at that age and there is NO WAY I could kill her. Never. I understand parenthood is so much harder than anyone ever really tells you and you can't ever know until you're thrown into it. I get it. Nobody is ever prepared for it. But there are so many more options than killing your child. And I'm sorry- but I lose sight of my kids, even in the house and I'm flipping out. Where are they? Why are they so quiet? A million thoughts race into my head yet hers is gone for weeks and she's all nonchalant. WTF? A normal person wouldn't react that way. So if she isn't convicted I will officially loose all faith in the judicial system.

3. You seem like a person I'd like to have in my group of friends. If a person hangs out with you- what's something they wouldn't maybe have as a first impression? Um.. I'm not really sure. I think most people assume I'm this wildly hilarious person 24/7 and I'm not? I'm funny, I'm sarcastic, but for the most part I think I'm pretty laid back and chill? I'm up for trying new things and exploring stuff, I'm spontaneous and I don't like to be still for too long. I went to meet a person once and they said "I bet you are so effing hilarious." Well I'm sorry- but that puts a lot of pressure on me? But I think I'm a nice person, I try to be a good listener and I like to have a good time. But maybe I'll pose this question for readers who do know me?

4. How do you keep everything together? You are ridiculously organized and yet you seem to do it all without problems. I'm struggling and I feel like such a slacker compared to you. I have a ton of lists. A TON. I make a list for everything. I live by my calendar and nothing happens without me knowing it. I have cleaning systems in my house (like Saturday/Tuesday/Thursdays are when I clean my floors, I do laundry on the other days, I make my grocery lists on Fridays, etc.) and I have everything on some kind of schedule. I can't live in chaos but at the same time we're all really adaptable? I'm able to change what's supposed to happen and I don't worry about melt downs. But that means that I'm up later than everyone else, I'm in constant motion, I'm always on the go. I can't tell you the last time I sat and watched TV and wasn't doing one or two other things at the same time. I read and cook at the same time, I involve the kids in everything I do so they are always helping, nothing is ever still. Is it hard? Yes. Does it go smoothly? Rarely. But I have to do it all for this house to run the way it does... I don't have a choice.

5. Are you ever going to bring back Domestic Bitch Fridays? Maybe on another day or something? I liked your menu plans and recipes and as much as I like Dear Sara.. I miss that too. I know. I do too. I want to bring it back but maybe on a Sunday or something? It'd have to be a weekend because I have too much going on during the week and maybe I can mix it up to feature my coupon addiction too. I'm not sure. But yes, I want to bring it back and I hopefully will soon.


OK so there you have it for this week. Tomorrow night I'm going to be in Minneapolis for Chelsea Handler's show with my good friend Amy so that will be a good night. It's also my mom's birthday tomorrow (Hi MOM!).

And without giving too much away.. I have a lot of cool post ideas churning in my head that were all triggered by books I'm reading for review. So I am kind of excited for those? And I have to tell you about Olivia's 4K graduation, my Michigan trip that is next weekend already, and yeah. Lots of stuff happening. :)


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Where to start mmmmmm let me think ok so you have lists I have tried that but always lost the list when I do my food shopping of Firdays I make out my list on Thursday night and stick it in with my bags......I use my own bags when I go shoppping anyway if I didn't do that I would end up going shopping without the list......that said I do think at times just writting down what you have to do or buy helps you remember.

Like you I can do more then one thing at a time and often find myself watching telly while writting letters or blogging or doing housework.......much to Tim's annoyance he will tell me to just sit and relax and I am like there is to much to do to just sit on my ass and do nothing.

As for Casey Anthony anyone who kills a child should be locked up for life or if there is a death penatly they should get that.......
I do not get the shit that the person was depressed or whatever and didn't know what they where doing you killed a child and deserve what ever you get...........

Anonymous said...

I think what you see on here is what you get in person when meeting you. Maybe it's just because I've known you so long now and we email daily but.... idk. When I met you for the first time- there was no surprises? But definitely when others say "omg you're going to be so hilarious" that is major pressure. I think it just means you've reached celebrity status with them ;)

Oilfield Trash said...

I am so sick of Casey Anthony. That bitch needs to die a slow painful death. And then any parent who wants to should be allowed to piss on her dead body.

middle child said...

Chelsey?!!!! I am so fucking jealous! said...

I haven't been watching the trial for Casey, but I'm preeeeety sure she's guilty. And horrible.

You, on the other hand, have a very interesting story of how you and your hubby met. I like.

Julie H said...

I only make lists when I'm really stressed out about stuff or going on vacation or something. My mom has lists everywhere. Then she can't find that list she had.

Mrsbear said...

Stopping over from the LBS Tea Party.

I love the question and answer format, great way to interact and share about yourself.

The Casey Anthony trial is madness. It's also impossible not to follow. It seems like it's everywhere and her whole defense strategy is ludicrous. Her poor baby. Her poor parents. She's just a nut job.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl you're my kind of crazy. A smart mouth and you love True Blood too? I'm sold.
Have a great time at the Chelsea Handler show. I've read most of her books and they're hilarious.
Nice to 'meet' you fellow lady blogger.
p.s. now following you

Classic NYer said...

Is it hard? Yes. Does it go smoothly? Rarely. But I have to do it all for this house to run the way it does... I don't have a choice.

::bows before the master:: You're clearly a more highly evolved human being than I am. I can hardly keep track of my own shit far less those of other little tiny people...

stopped in from the lbs tea party. :-)