Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reminders and Hoarders.

Before I talk about tonight's post I want to remind you that it's the LAST day for you to enter to win a free book HERE and HERE. There aren't many entries so you still have a chance to win something. Even if you don't read- it's one Christmas gift off your list. You can thank me later.

So we know I'm on the couponing bandwagon. And I would by lying if I said I didn't want to have 8 foot high shelves full of stuff. Because I do. I love opening new packages and I like feeling like I could get some new toothpaste whenever I want to. Not that I would waste, but just knowing that I could waste is kind of an awesome feeling. So let's take a gander at my stockpiles which are spread through the house because my husband is slow on getting my shelving up. Considering it's taken 6 years of begging and I still don't have a functioning laundry sink, I have a feeling I'll be sleeping with cereal under my bed in no time.

First up, let's check out my upstairs linen closet. These boxes are full of toothpaste/toothbrushes, first aid, over the counter medicines and miscellaneous odds & ends.
 Then this is my box of travel size things and deodorants.
 I would also be lying if I told you that I didn't just open this drawer because it makes me happy. It's got 8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner (each) two bottles of lotion, two tubs of wet wipes, sunscreen, two bottles of body mist, 2 double sized bonus packs of deodorant, 2 packages of acne cream, more bandaids, Aunt Flo supplies and bug spray. All for almost nothing.
 AND now I have to use some of the space in my ghetto back porch because I? Have a lot of laundry detergent. And bathroom cleaning supplies. But as far as I'm concerned, a bathroom can't be too clean. I'm a fanatic about clean bathrooms.
 My cereal stash, I don't think I paid more than .75 for each box.
 And I'm set on baking supplies, canned cat food, popcorn and other randoms.
 And my food cupboard. It's a wee bit crammed and I'm kind of wondering where I'm going to put my groceries from this week? Because this is my only food cupboard. Matt needs to get my shelving up.
OH! And my freezer! We have a small chest freezer which is like... my new BFF? I'm slowly filling it to the brim. And you'll be happy to know that I bought strawberries when they were buy one/get one and I froze half of them -- which are in the container on the bottom.
But I am now tinkering with the idea of freezer cooking. If you aren't familiar, it's basically where you make a lot of meals all at once and freeze them. Essentially, it's one afternoon of cooking 30 dinners so that all you have to do is reheat the food and you're done. I'm thinking I will start seeing what works and what doesn't because this might be handy for when Olivia is in school full time this fall and I'll be doing more running around and helping her with homework and such. I'm kind of worried I'm going to get burned out so I need to find some ways to cut more corners.

But I'm basically becoming a clean food hoarder.

Speaking of hoarders- folks.... did you SEE last night's episode? The woman with all of the dolls? She kept laughing hysterically and I was kind of scared of her. But she had a mentally handicapped son who was even telling her that she has a problem. Now, if you have a mentally handicapped person telling you there is something wrong with you, that's kind of significant. She even had a "doll hospital" and would fix dolls and amputate and yeah. It was just too much.

The other woman featured basically shit her pants and left the poop pads everywhere. I couldn't even watch it because I was just that horrified. Honestly. Where the fuck are these people's family? I'm telling you, if I came to visit my mom and she had piles of crap everywhere and started peeing in bottles? Shit would be getting real. Like, nursing home real. There comes a point where a family person has to intervene for the welfare of someone else. Good lord. I can't even believe you see families bitching over who gets the house or whatever while ma is sitting in filth. Because at the end of the day? Who CARES who gets the house? It isn't habitable, it'd have to be bull dozed anyway. Good lord. People are really terrible sometimes. You don't become a hoarder over night, it's a build up over time and for these people to not step in before? Not ok. Truly. And it's just sad really.

Before I end tonight...
1. Enter the giveaways.
2. Are you a couponer? How are you storing your things?
3. What are your thoughts on hoarding?


____j said...

Random, but: is that Purex Laundry Detergent? If so, how much are you getting it for? I never see coupons down here for purex, but it's the only detergent we use. If you get extra coupons you can send some to me ;)

Ms. Ro Chelle said...

I have started the couponing thing...sort of. I don't do stockpiles of stuff though. Just a few of certain things because I am simply not talented enough to find these amazing deals. Also...finding the coupons is something that I'm still trying to master. It's an art, that's for sure.

I have stopped watching Hoarders. It is both disgusting and depressing.

Josie said...

I would suggest that if you run out of space for cereal,that you don't put it under your bed. That could cause a replay of your mouse incident.....just saying.

Ruth said...

I don't think I could watch that Hoarders show. I would be saying OMG every five minutes. The poop think would make me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
I don't know what my grandma did. I think she just bought stuff on sale. But when she died her bathroom cupboard was full of soap and toilet paper. It got split between my aunt and my mom. I don't think we bought toilet paper for a year.
Not that really has anything to do with anything. Just seeing all your stuff reminded me of that.

Unknown said...

I am a couponer. I bought a chest freezer and am slowly filling it up. Plus we got a big pantry for xmas from the in-law. I also put a huge shelf unit in our bathroom which is host to the toiletries/tp/paper towels. We need one more pantry. My husband eats like 4 year old so we have every cereal known to man. he is in heaven, because he will eat at least one bowl of cereal at some point each day. He is also on lock with deodorant for the next year.

what is most awesome. I have got our stock pile up so high, that i do not have to buy a single thing grocery wise for the next 2 weeks. i am so proud. i'm still looking at deals to increase my stock pile.

hoarders scare the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the best at couponing yet and am still determining if I come out ahead with them? I do have a good stock of shampoo/cond and will be picking up some more soon too. I just keep it in my linen closet though.

Hoarders are disgusting. End of story. Poop pads? I just threw up in my mouth.

And I've already signed up for your giveaways!

Julie H said...

I so need more hours in the day so I can get back into couponing!

Ang said...

Tell Matt to get on those shelves!! The nerve!

I don't do any of this stuff... but I'm always envious of people who do. I just don't have the desire to put my time into it.

Sara said...

Okay, is it purposeful to blog about couponing and stockpiling in the same post as hoarding? lol I know, I know, there is a difference. We don't coupon and I have an empty freezer. So, I may have to figure out how to fill that freezer up. We are slowly filling it up with catfish. Weird, right? Otherwise, I'm needing to get cereal for 75 cents. That stuff is expensive!

Jennifer Kay said...

If the frozen meals thing works out for you pass some recipes over this way. This would be great for our house...
signed Jen Kay's Husband :)

Nikolett said...

I promise I'll enter the giveaway as soon as I finish commenting :D I'm starting to become a couponer, not gonna lie. Though most of them I have them mailed to me 'cause Canada fails to have any cool coupons in the newspapers and now with the Canada Post on strike it's going to take forever for the coupons to get to me (sad times). You could definitely be on some milder version of Hoarders combined with Extreme Couponers, you've got a nice collection going :D

And I'm a bit of a hoarder myself, but it's a messy hoarder of memories and old class photos and birthday cards that are all shoved into drawers and then one day when I'm looking for something I see this pile of cards and then look through them for an hour and then forget what I was looking for. So productive lol. Long comment is long, I love ya lots lovely lady!