Sunday, June 19, 2011


So it's Father's Day and it dawned on me that maybe I should tell you about why my step dad and my husband are awesome. Because I don't talk about either of them much so it'll give you a chance to get to know them.

My real dad is a complete dead beat alcoholic that was never around when I grew up. Instead, my mom married my step dad and he took over the role as our dad in every way possible and did a fabulous job. He works as a over the road truck driver so that meant he was gone for long stretches of time (like months) just so that we could have the things we had when we were growing up. I know my mom had to work extra hard when he was gone but in the end, I think my brother and I were better for it.
 But even with dad being gone so much, he never missed one important event. He drove all day/night so he could come to my college graduation. He even sucked it up and wore a tux for my wedding AND walked me down the aisle, even though he hates having any attention drawn to himself. He taught me to never accept anything less than the best from any friend or boyfriend. He helped my self esteem by encouraging me all along the way even when it was clear I was failing at something. He made me be knowledgeable about boys... and parts... and stuff by making me listen to Loveline with Dr. Drew. I know that no matter what I can call him to talk or ask advice and I know whatever my decision he'll support me and never tell me I'm making a mistake even when it's clear I probably am going to fall flat on my ass and then whine that I made the wrong choice. So thanks, Dad. For always being there for me, for encouraging me all of the time, for telling me I was pretty when I felt the opposite, for accepting the choices I've made even though you maybe disagree, for taking my brother and I on like your very own. People looking in would never know you're not our biological dad and I don't either. You are amazing and I'm so glad my kids have you as a Grandpa.

And Matt. Damn. You know, I can say a lot of not great thing about my relationship with Matt and we may argue a lot. We might not be the ideal couple. And he might drive me just as nuts as I drive him. But one thing that can will always be said- Matt is a fabulous father. I know that if nothing else in my life, I made the right decision having children with Matt. There is not another guy on this planet that is as good of a dad as Matt is. And in all of the hard times we've had and all of the times I wanted to hate him, I just couldn't because he's just a good person at heart and nobody can say he isn't good to his kids and to me.

When I had Olivia I had really terrible post partum depression. I didn't know what was wrong with me for a year, Matt didn't know and looking back I see how helpless he must have felt, and he was nothing but supportive. After a few weeks he told me he'd be doing all of the feedings during the night because he thought maybe the lack of sleep was getting to me. He was dead tired every single morning, but he still got up and went to work for 9 hours a day.

He cleans up all of the disgusting messes. Whether it be kid or cat related, I know I can call Matt and he will always come home to do the job while I laugh, take pictures, and gag.

He's so selfless with the kids. When Olivia was 16 months old she was hospitalized with stomach flu and dehydration for three days. Meanwhile, Matt had the stomach flu and was throwing up all over the place but there he was, with Olivia and me.
When I was pregnant with both kids Matt would always run and get me whatever I was craving, no matter the time of night or how far he'd have to drive. He still does it whenever I ask. (Seriously- ask any of my friends, they all love this about Matt too because they get their cravings fulfilled too!) When I was pregnant with Jackson we hit the worst part of our marriage and it was almost over. While I was angry and hurt, there was Matt, being a supportive husband to a very pregnant wife.

And the best part? Matt still did all night feedings with Jackson even though I was perfectly OK to do them this time around.
Matt let me quit my full time, great paying job so I could stay at home/work part time and not go crazy. In order to support this, he works about 60-70 hours every week and never complains. He never asks for anything so when he does I always make sure to make it happen for him because he most definitely deserves it. He's the best dad these kids could ever have and I hope that someday when they look back on their childhood they realize that. So thank you, Matt. You gave me the two best things I have in my life and you help me more than you ever should every day.


Jennifer Kay said...

Dude, I totally love that picture of you with your dad, it's awesome.

Oh AND you were super nice to Matt...meow!

Veronica M. D. said...

So sweet. :)

Ruth said...

What a lovely tribute to your step-dad and Matt.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend. I find you so fantastic that I gave you an award. It's on my blog!

P.S. Your husband sounds like a great man and a great father.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Father's are such an important part of our lives and I think it is a shame that some men do not want to step up and act like a father to their children.

middle child said...

Love is Awesome!

middle child said...

"Promise Not to Tell" by Jennifer McMahon. OMG! I am so glad you reviewed this author's books. She is awesome. I bought all three of her books that were avail. Love her! Thank-you so much for turning me on to her. I know. Not the right comment for this post but I just wanted to thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is such a good happy post :) Yay for awesome dads!

Dana said...

You're lucky to have these great men in your life!

Annah said...

You're very lucky on BOTH counts.

Now go have sex with your sweet hubby, damn it!