Thursday, July 21, 2011

(Winner) and Random Awesomeness.

I forgot to draw the winner of the Shut Your Eyes Tight book giveaway. I did the random number thing and out of 13 entries...

#12 Melissa is the winner!

So Melissa, I shall email you since you left me your email you little rockstar. Don't you worry little bitches, I have more giveaways happening soon.

Anyways. Here are some random awesome things I'm going to share:

First, I got two new pairs of shoes on clearance recently. Mostly because my other flats are falling apart and quite honestly, when you can see the bottom of your foot, it's time for a new pair.
 These brown ones are my favorite because they only hurt my toes, whereas the black ones hurt my whole foot.
 The plus side to being mad at your spouse and them knowing it is that miracles DO happen and suddenly, they find time to do projects you beg for years about. I finally got my shelving put up in my laundry room.
 Which is filling up from coupon stockpiling. Sadly, the laundry sink isn't happening. I still hold out hope, though.
 Then on my way home from work the other day I saw this. You can't see it well but it's a home made wheel chair. The chair part is the EXACT same material/cushion as a rocking chair I once had that turned out to be a complete piece of shit. We threw ours out when the whole thing fell apart. But this person took their piece of shit chair cushion and strapped it to what looks like some bike tires on a really bizarre frame. I seriously hope a legit disabled person isn't riding in this and if so- that tells you right there that the health care in this country has gone down hill.
 And apparently, if you are fat and full of fur, the best place to lay in the heat is on top of my dining room table.
 And look at this ugly green thing! I found it for $5 at a thrift store. Um, LOVE it and it's ugliness. So it's on my table holding my fake apples the cats think are toys.
 And I found this on Pinterest and I love it. I want it as my screensaver.
And lastly, I have a LOT of 30/30 items to be crossed off of my list soon. I'm kind of excited about it. But most importantly--- I am going on my Las Vegas trip on MONDAY. Monday, folks. I have a house sitter, I have a baby sitter, I have a cat sitter, and I have a sad little budget to make this trip awesome. I'm set. Ideally, I'd like to have more money to go on this trip and I've never been this broke on a vacation, but I feel like it's a challenge and I'm going to try to have fun regardless. I had my yard sale money but quite honestly.. Olivia needed school clothes and supplies. That's more of a priority. But it'll be fine and I will have fun.



Anonymous said...

What can I say other than this: I am tee-totally jealous.

Not only of your ultra fab Vegas vaca, but also of those hot as shit brown shoes. Fuck, those are cool!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for new shoes! And I <3 that Pinterest pic ;) I laughed forever when I found it. Good idea making it your desktop background! And you will totally have lots of fun in Vegas!

Ruth said...

My mom has one of those things you have on your table. It is red though.
I have a friend that lives in Vegas and she has said before it's fun to walk the strip just to get amusement from seeing all the freaks walking around.
Have fun!

Oilfield Trash said...

I guess yay for some new shoes.

Unknown said...

i love the green thing! that picture is awesome too btw. I hope you play the penny slots and hit a jackpot so the rest of your vacation can be awesome!

Julie H said...

Hopefully those fat furry things don't knock your green thing on the floor ;)

I wish I was going to Vegas but it's going to be hot as f#ck!!

melissa said...

Yay! I am feeling pretty much like a rock-star for winning the book this week!!! Thank you!! Have a great time in Vegas!

____j said...

I love those shoooooes. Flats are my favorite things to wear and I need new ones. So jealous.

Steff said...

Hahaha I'm still laughing about that pinterest pic.

Have fun on your trip!!

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