Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sara's News Desk.

It's been awhile since I've done a post about what I've seen in the news that I have an opinion on. So let's get to it.

Did you see the story about a baseball player with a moth stuck in his ear? Because that's gross. I've seen another story recently similar to this and there too the moth was taken out alive. I'm sorry, but I would be freaking out. I'm not a bug person and I'm a self professed baby when it comes to pretty much everything, so you know I would be flailing.

Then my new thing is watching hour after hour of Dr. Phil on the Oprah Network or whatever. I can't help myself. I'm a Phil-Addict. but the good part is that I'm pretty opinionated and this show will provide me endless fodder.

Let's take today's rerun episode called "Fighting Back!" people who are apparently trying to fight the wrongs of the world. The first guests were this young couple who are probably married by now, but are pissed off about their engagement ring. If I understand this right, they picked out a ring together and the guy picked it up the next day. While he's in the midst of proposing marriage, the ring place was leaving him a message saying, "Whoops! We gave you the wrong ring, please come back to exchange it." The ring he was in possession of was approximately $700 MORE than what he paid for.

Like the mature folks they want to be, they ignore the calls and eventually have the girl's mother call the jewelry store because you know, it was stressing them out. CLEARLY it should because that's theft. Of course it came down to going to court and the couple failed to show up for two court dates (including one which was a continuance they requested) and now feel like they shouldn't have to give the ring back or pay the money that technically they owe. What is astounding to me is that A) they would even think they are in the right and B) that according to a "Dr. Phil poll" 63% of viewers agree with the couple.

Here's my thought. The jewelry store lawyer brought up a great point- it's not just their ring. There is another couple out there who don't have the ring they rightfully paid for and were expecting to get. Is your engagement ruined if you have to go back and get the ring you picked out as a couple? No, it's not. Don't be an idiot. If you decide that getting the ring you picked up would ruin the moment of the proposal, then man up and pay the difference. Mistakes happen and I'm sure the jewelry store won't make this one again, but good lord. I think these kids are totally immature and the fact that they can't logically see this for what it is kind of proves they aren't ready to get married.

Then the next thing from that same episode was a woman who supposedly got demoted at her job from front line bartender to working in the back kitchen area because she gained five pounds. No, I agree that's not right. Unless it's a situation where like at Hooters, you know you are hired for boobs, you can't be discriminated against based on what you look like. If an employer wants to hire people who fit a specific body requirement (like at Hooters) then make it known. OK, so eventually she won the right to work front line again. Now a normal person would just get on with life and feel victorious that *yay* you have a job and are not on the unemployment line with everyone else.

Oh, but not this girl. Oh no. She's got crazy Gloria Allred backing her up which means... dun dun dun... bring on frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits! YAY! The woman in question, Victoria, is now suing her former employer for unspecified damages because now she has low self esteem. Wah wah. She is a victim of such emotional turmoil that she can't possibly work (and has since quit her job after returning for only one day) and because she feels fat and sad, she had to quit college. Aw... poor baby. So now she's suing because she can't possible motivate herself to oh I don't know, get another job? Read an empowering self help book? It's people like this I'd like to just punch for being a waste of humanity and sucking up oxygen for no reason.

I won't even go into the guy bitching about his neighbor's dog because frankly- if I were him I'd be calling nuisance control 20 times a day if I had to. If you are a person who works full time outside of the home, it is cruel to own a dog and have them on a leash in your yard and just let them bark away. I'd like to have a dog but I know that even with me working part time, I am not home long enough over the course of a day to give it the attention it would need. So we don't have a dog. And I'm sure my neighbors are completely grateful. I can't imagine if I was at home all day and my neighbor's dog barked. Even if it wasn't totally non stop barking but frequent enough to drive you crazy, I would be complaining. I'm so considerate that if we're doing something that would maybe be loud and/or annoying to my neighbors- I at least go and let them know. I have no problem knocking on the door and saying, "Hey- we're doing some home repairs and we have to use a table saw- I just wanted to let you know it might be loud, but we'll try to get it done quickly." You know why? Because that's what a decent person does. Same goes with a dog. If I had a dog and my neighbor complained about it, I'd make every possible concession to work it out. Because that's what decent people do.

So. What are your thoughts on any/all of these stories? Has anything similar ever happened to you- how did you handle it?


Julie H said...

I actually woke up once with a bug in my ear. I don't what it was but I couldn't get it out and the wings kept fluttering in my ear. I went to the ER where they basically drown it with saline solution while making jokes about holding a flashlight to the other side. NOT FUCKING FUNNY (at the time). I don't know what it was because it never came out but it quit flapping and that was enough for me at the time lol. I'm guessing it came out at some point (I hope).

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about the moth/ear thing, but EWWWW. I would go crazy and probably wear earplugs the rest of my life so that never happened again.

Engagement Ring: HOW did the store mix up the rings? Unless they looked really similar, the couple should've been honest from the start and said "hey, this isn't what we picked out." And yes, if they wanted to keep that one- pay the difference. I'm sorry, but really- $700 is not a huge difference, esp when most people are shelling out $4k or more. What's another $700? And if you can't afford that- give it back.

Bar Chick: Get over it lady. You got your job back. Be happy. End of story. Yes, your employer sucks and you shouldn't even want to work for an asshole who cares about 5lbs, so go find a new job. You're just wasting everyone's time whining about things.

Dog barking: yes, be a responsible dog owner. I haaaate people who have dogs just because they're lonely or the dog is just too cute to not have. Really- dogs are like having kids. They need just about as much attention as kids and it's cruel to leave them alone all day. :( Like you said- I would also love to have a dog, but owning one is just not in the cards at the moment as I am not home very much.

Keep the stories coming! Interesting!

Helena said...

I just tied Kurt down to the chair, and made him read that moth-in-the-ear story (Our marriage is so freaky).

He is absolutely terrified of moths. Like, he will scream if they fly by. I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my life.

Anonymous said...

People are nuts!

And I worry about our dog barking ALL the time. She's not stuck outside all day, so I know she's not so bored she'll just bark constantly. But she can go outside if she wants, and she does like to bark at people who go down the alley. She'll actually be going to doggy daycare sometime next month to help out with keeping her busy and entertained. I only hope that if she's irritating our neighbors now that they'd let us know!