Monday, August 15, 2011

Still Chunky.

But it's OK. I know I'm still chunky because I'm not anywhere NEAR as diligent about exercise and diet as I should be. So I'm going to let that go and hope for a better exercise week. But for my part, although I didn't run much last week I moved an entire bookstore about 98% by myself. On a rickety media cart. Every single day last week.

I also know that after a week of hauling large amounts of books and clothing and just stuff in general I still hurt from it. But it's a good hurt so I'll take it.

Some goals for myself this week... well I ran 1.5 miles last week like it was nothing. I feel like if I can do that this week I'll be proud of myself. I'm going to try running two miles on Sunday. I'm kind of nervous about running a half marathon in June because I feel like I'm not going to be ready enough. I also am debating on doing a yoga class this fall. Have any of you done yoga? Did you lose weight or is more for regulating breathing and stretching? I really don't know how yoga helps you lose weight, so if any of you have some thoughts on that.... let me know. Have any of you done Pilate's? I say that because I'm going to be getting a Pilate's DVD to review very soon and I've never tried it, I'm kind of nervous but excited. I've wanted to take a class but I kind of don't want to be that asshole in the back of the class cracking up when I realize every body's ass is in the air.

Because that's possible. I remember one time I was riding the school bus and when I saw everybody bouncing up and down, because that's what you do in a bus, I started laughing uncontrollably. I have a problem, I recognize this, and I try not to embarrass myself.

Anyways. The other thing I'm going to try this weekend... canoeing. Bitches you know I've been working on my 30/30 list and it's been hard. It really has but it's always kind of gotten me out of what I would normally do or not do. Canoeing sounds like it might be kind of a work out, at least with my arms, so we'll see. I could use some work on my arms for sure.

So how are you? What are you doing to work out? Most importantly- what kind of snacks can I eat that don't taste like cardboard? Because let me tell you- that Special K shit is gross. And don't even tell me about those Weight Watchers things. Bitch please. One bite isn't going to do me.


Danielle said...

Do you like icecream??? Try the skinny cow brand, their stuff is good and low in calories. Not too skimpy of a serving either!!!

Unknown said...

yoga and Pilates will kick your ass. lol. i did it a few years ago thinking it was breathing/stretching hippy junk. yeah nope. i used to run miles upon miles and play on several sports teams and yoga/pilates kicked my butt way worse. when my leg isn't so fubar'd i plan on starting yoga up again.
about food, i take whatever cereal i buy and measure them out into single servings (mostly 100calorie) and put them in plastic baggies. i do that with whatever snack food i might want. it keeps the hubs from binging like crazy.

laughing cow cheese wedges, 1 serving of ham and some cucumber slices have been my go to snack lately. something crisp, protein filled and yummy.

Jen said...

Just want to let you know that you inspired me to start running too! I'm still at the 1km-I'm-dying stage but actually its kinda addictive! You did SO WELL on your huge run last week, and let me tell you you look fantastic for it too. Thigh muscles!!
Yoga does some really good stuff- strengthens core muscles, speeds up metabolism, ups lung capacity, improves sleep, and helps with long, lean muscles (woo, no wrestler's bulgy biceps). The best DVD I've found is Denise Austen's fat-blasting yoga (if you can put up with her perkiness)which is some years old now- but have a look for it, it is a bloody hard workout, but also stretches, relaxes and has fast results. It's 45 mins, with an optional 15 mins ball workout at the end.

Jen said...

... This is the one- seriously, makes you feel great!

Josie said...

I got the 100 calorie packs of popcorn :) It's not as buttery as I usually like, but it satisfies the craving.

Anonymous said...

ok i'm the laziest person in the world so instead of getting my ass up to workout, i wondered what can i do that involves the least amount of energy so that i won't gain weight? and the answer to that: diet.

i cut out all white rice, white pasta and white bread, i only eat whole grain bread in the morning and i eat lots of salads, lean meats and veggies/fruits. in other words, my diet is plain ass boring. because of my rabbit eating habits, i haven't gained any weight but have actually lost some (must be from the lack of those sugary carbs) and i feel so much better. i also cut out all that yummy snacky goodness they call chips and chocolate which resulted in me sleeping better too.

oh, and that doesn't mean i don't eat good food once in a while - i totally do - but i just don't eat it all the time.

asj said...

I LOVE yoga and it definitely helped me lose weight and get more toned... it's definitely a workout not just stretching if you go to the right classes/watch the right DVDs.

snack wise I love fiber one bars [chocolate, 90 calories] and applesauce [do you like applesauce or is that one of those weird foods you won't eat?] ;)

Anonymous said...

Well tonight I am FORCING myself to do either the 30 Day Shred or start P90X. Pretty sure I'm doing the 30 Day Shred ;) I've taken yoga classes and really like them. The ones I've done are tough and I was sweating to the point of it dripping down my face and onto the mat. There's a lot of strength type stuff while doing yoga. The first time I did it- I took it with a friend and I was laughing a majority of the class because it was seriously hard and she kept swearing at me. It wasn't something we could exactly walk out of, but I'm glad we didn't. It was one of the best workouts. (except now that instructor doesn't teach as much)

For snacks- alllll about portion control baby! Even when I'm being strict with myself on nutrition, I still allow myself chips. I just portion them out. And actually that's just enough for me. OR try popcorn/cheerios/fruit/yogurt with Bran Buds.

Veracity said...

My friend once got fake nails on her toes. To which I was appalled. Longer than usual toe nails? AND you paid for them bad bitches? Oh hellz nah. I suppose that's better than the crusty, dirt ridden feet you are talking about.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've been doing pilates all summer. I don't think I've lost weight because of it but I have reshaped my body. Pants that didn't fit now do even though my weight really hasn't changed. I'm firmer all over. Well, not my boobs but nothing short of surgery will fit that.

I do yoga too. Again not much weight loss but I'm stronger, more flexible & just feel better