Monday, August 22, 2011

Weightloss Monday: Running with Pilates. Oh, and a WINNER.

So maybe I'm not running with pilates persay, but this week I'm doing both! I was actually contacted about reviewing a Pilates DVD and so I'm going to officially start that tonight (wee!) right after my run... which will hopefully be two miles. Cross your fingers.

I'm pretty sure I can do two miles since I did it last week and didn't feel like I was going to die- so my marathon training is in full swing. Which is kind of scary? Can I just be upfront? And the need for a properly fitting sports bra is becoming obscenely clear because we had a bit too much boob jiggle for comfort. Although I'm sure my neighbors, in particular the pedophiles and convicted rapists, don't seem to mind and eagerly await for my next trek through the hood, feeling like they are going to bounce off is a problem. I'm temporarily trying to fix that by using the ol' double bra method which is worse than you can ever imagine when it's say... 85 degrees and humid outside. Thankfully tonight it's only maybe 75 and not as humid so I'm hoping the pools of sweat just waiting to dump into the shower are avoided.

Oh yes, I'm nothing if not a great scene painter for you.

But aside from that, I've eaten like shit and it will only get worse this week. Why? Well because I'm going to Chicago and you can't do a proper Chicago trip without indulging in some Chicago pizza which is fully loaded with carbs and fat. Here's hoping I can walk an ungodly amount on the Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier to justify it.

So my challenge is to curb my snacking. I'm a snack-a-holic and quite honestly, if you give me a handful of Cheez-Its I'm going to want the box. And if I eat a box of Cheez-Its, I'm going to want something sugary to balance out the salty. And we can go right down the line with various things I may have in my house. It's a problem. And I would say it's because I'm bored, but I'm too tired to do anything aside from sit on the couch and watch me some Dr. Phil. I'm literally exhausted lately, so the thought of getting up to do something is repulsive. I can't even imagine it. So that's my goal. LESS SNACKING.

Let me know what your challenges are for this week. Or brag about how awesome you're doing. I'll take that too.

And before we go... the winner of the book Complete Without Kids is...

number 6... which is...


OOHHH... so I will email you and get your mailing info so I can get your book out to you. Let's all flash our boobs at Devilish.. I'm sure she will appreciate it.


devilishdelish said...

Yey! Boobs are good.

Anonymous said...

I am insanely motivated this week. I got up at 5:45 this morning and went for a short walk. I plan on sleeping in a bit later tomorrow and the rest of the week, but I'm determined to pry myself out of bed and go. I think it's a fabulous time since I'm starting school too, so I kinda feel the need to restart everything else too!

Steff said...

My goal this week is to not drink a Pepsi for breakfast! I've gotten in the habit of that over the past couple months. I'm not someone who can eat breakfast without feeling sick in the morning, but I am still hungry. I can drink a Pepsi and be 'full' until 11 or 11:30 and then eat lunch around 12:15. I realize it's not unhealthy, so hopefully I can kick the habit!

Good luck with the running. I've been running again the past couple weeks and I'm thinking of signing up for a 5k in November, but I'm still too chicken!

Ruth said...

You are doing great. I did get Kiddo to start exercising with me and than I quit cause I didn't have time.

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