Sunday, March 11, 2012

First half of epic birthdayness. It involves a goat.

Yeah, I'm making up words such as "birthdayness" because I can do that. But let's talk about me! And my birthday! It was wonderful and awesome and fun and most importantly- the best yet. Part of me is kind of sad because it can't be this great every year, but this year it was great and I have a fantastic life.

So I've been getting cards and presents in the mail for three days, but the first one I got was from Kim and she got me a goat. The fact he isn't real isn't great, but at least I have a goat. I feel like maybe I should just start getting goats and sheep for my desk. But nonetheless, I love how she supports my obsessions, because now my desk is going to look amazing.
On Friday Matt gave me his present even though my birthday was Saturday. Between him and the kids they can't keep nothing a secret. The best part was that earlier, Jackson flat out said, "Daddy got you a present. And you can wear it on your finger!" God damn adorable. It's actually two rings and I can only wear one at a time because my fingers are weird and buying me rings is a bit difficult. But it's OK because I don't like being flashy as it is. Plus, I like to wear cocktail rings and that can be a bit much with this too. But it is super sparkly, just like I like 'em. 
Sterling Silver 3.29-ct. T.W. DiamonLuxe Ring Set
 Then my mom got me a new pair of Converse shoes. Um, *adore*. I have decided that I am meant to wear Converse every day, so I need every color and style. These are just the best shoes and I don't care how old I get, I'm going to be rocking these. And my black and white plaid VANS too.
 On Friday I splurged and got my hair highlighted, thinned out and my eyebrows waxed. Do I look tired? I pretty much was exhausted. But it looks a little brighter in person, my room has weird lighting.
 Friday night I went out to dinner with my family, which included my parents and brother, to Texas Roadhouse. I pretty much ate like a pig and was full for hours, but you know I don't care. My parents were super awesome and took the kids for an overnight. But instead of going on a hot date, we came home and watched episodes of An Idiot Abroad on DVR and went to bed early. Matt even let me sleep in on Saturday and went to work.

At noon, he came home and then him and I went to lunch and to the mall for a few hours. It was kind of nice to spend time with just him. When we came back home, I had more mail! This time it came from southern cutie Dianne.
 I basically SQUEALED when I saw that she got me the best Cracker Barrel has to offer. Sugar suckers (and I hate literally just eaten my last one), moon pies (they make minis?!), and a googoo cluster. AND she made me two hair clips, and a ghetto birthday card on a Cracker Barrel bag. It was pretty damn epic and wonderful and I have already hidden my treats because Matt was trying to eye them up. Um, I don't think so, buddy.

Saturday night we went to my mom's for dinner and had birthday cake! One of my all time favorite cakes is from Coldstone Creamery and it's called "Cheesecake Named Desire". If you have never had this, get it. Every calorie and gram of fat is worth it, I promise.
 After we got the kids home and settled I was kind of exhausted. I had a really busy couple of days and I just wanted some sleep. So, as I'm sitting on the couch I'm basically dozing off. And then I get a text from my good friend Emily. She asks me if the birthday fairy had come. Weird, because I had been texting her in the morning so at first I thought she texted the wrong person. Then she tells me to go look on my door step. Cautiously, I open my door to see a little bag sitting on my front step.

I obviously run back in like the five year old I really am and dump it all out:
 First up, Emily is kind of awesome who secretly knows me really well and I'm thrilled to call her my friend because she is awesome. She got me a book, a cd of songs from the 80's, a McDonald's gift card, COUPONS, a bunch of candy, and a ton of quotes about aging. Seriously- best confetti idea EVER.
I had such a good time ready through them all and seriously- best way to end my actual birthday.

But the party isn't over, oh no, bitches. Me, Emily, Amy and Tammy are hitting the road Friday morning and are Chicago bound! We're going to party like we're Irish in a city with a green river, and we are going to be dorky tourists on a trolley, we are going to eat more carbs in one weekend than most people do in a week, and we are going to have a fabulous time! I am so excited for this girls weekend that I don't know how I will ever get through the week! I'll probably be grinning ear to ear all week thinking about the fun weekend coming up.

And to everyone who sent me Facebook messages, posts, emails, and cards? THANK YOU. You all rock and make my life that much more awesome. If I could give you sloppy kisses and big hugs I would. You all make my birthday that much better each and every year and I don't know what I'd do without all of you. Cheers!


kimberrleigh said...

Yay! I'm so glad you love all of it! Goats ftw! I probably could have stolen a goat and shipped one to you, but I don't think Matt would have approved, sadly.

I'm jealous you will be enjoying a green river. I can't even go to our city parade because I have a sorority event that morning. No Irish fun until that night :(
Oh and that you'll be going to Chicago, because I've never been.

Shirley said...

Glad you had a great birthday! I discovered hot pink Converse around Christmas and I really don't know how I lived my life any other way.

Ruth said...

Happy birthday!
Glad you had a good one.

Unknown said...

yay! I'm glad everything showed up and you loved it! You can totally wear your green barrette when you're rocking your "irish" in Chicago.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I'm glad you had an awesome birthday! I think the 30's are going to be a good decade for you.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I'm so happy your birthday was amazing! You deserve it. Have fun in Chi-town.

Life Love & High Heels said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY birthday goodies!!!! I will have your gift all ready when I see you on Friday!!!!

Julie H said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Great presents too :)

Stacia said...

Love seeing all your prezzies!! Welcome to your 30s!! Sneaks were my fave! xoxo

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! That sounds soooo amazing and you deserve every last bit of awesome that you got! *hugs*