Monday, April 9, 2012

Jackson is 4. Watch out, ladies.

So I've had a busy few days. I can't wait to tell you all about it because you will laugh. All in this post. Let's start.

 First up, the birthday boy on his actual birthday. He is so freaking cute I can barely stand it.
 Jackson and his big sister! They are like best friends and he absolutely adores her.

Our tradition is that on their birthday they get to open a present from us, they get to pick dinner, and we have a little at home celebration. Then I typically do a bigger party for family and friends that weekend.
 So here's Jackson opening his gift...
 ... and he got Bakugans! He loves these little weird things and I don't know why. But he was plenty excited to bring them to Grandma's house to show her.

His dinner that he chose was hotdogs, macaroni, spicy Doritos and orange soda. Completely random, but whatever. I see he had the exact same dinner for his 3rd birthday once I looked back at pictures. What a goofball.

 Then I made him a cake. I ordered a legit cake for his party, but I figured I should make one (since Matt is bitching about my cake supplies I just HAD to have for my $100 worth of classes) for him. And to be honest, I made the batch of frosting and decided, oh fuck it. I'm done.
 But Jackson didn't care...
 he was thrilled at his ghetto cake because it had his name on it.
 So fast forward a few days. I was sick. Like, I legit sick, thought I was maybe dying sick. I had been for days and I just couldn't shake it. Finally, his party was ready to go for Friday at dinner time, but I woke up at 2am with quite literally, the worst neck and throat pain I have ever had in my life. Now, it had been really painful for days but when I woke up I could not longer swallow and talking was tricky.

Matt starts looking up urgent cares and I'm trying to figure out how much an ER visit would be and my card says at least 25% of the bill so I'm thinking that isn't going to happen. My best option was to visit an urgent care inside of a grocery store at 8am. Totally did that. I went to urgent care in a grocery store looking like death. Coincidentally, I was there with a bunch of other people all with the same thing. We get our swab and we all have strep. Except I have some super strain of strep since I was on day NINE. So the nice nurse gave me 3000 mg of amoxicillin a day for like ten days or something. It's a lot of pills, that's all I know. She gave me the go-ahead to continue with the party, which sucked because then I was getting a migraine.

I had to brave the Walmart pharmacy who is quite honestly, the slowest pharmacy ever. Who knew counting would be such a high level skill? Apparently, a high profile education is needed to be a pharmacy technician. I get home, take some pills, take a nap and only feel marginally human by the time the party came around. I don't know if you know what that kind of dosage of amoxicillin does to a person, but for me? Rampant diarrhea. I know you care to know that, but it's important to note because through the entire party? We had issues. Let's just say it was a good thing I had my period at the same time. If you know what I mean. 

But, the Woody Buzz party must go on.
 I made our Claw game- kids had to grab prizes out of the bucket using the tongs. It was a HUGE hit with the kids.
 And we had it at a pizza place so that was actually really great- clean up was a breeze.
 The kids decorated rocket ships. I spent a week tracing and cutting out these damn things and it was worth it- each kid made like three or four.
 Jackson showing off his claw skills.
The best part of the day was actually at bedtime. Jackson is hands down, the sweetest little boy there ever was. He grabs my face and says, "Mama- you give me the best parties. This was my best birthday ever." Um, melt my heart! Totally makes feeling like death yet going all out for my kiddo worth it.

But god DAMN. My baby is four. I can't believe he is four already. I remember being pregnant with him at a really shitty time in my life wondering if I could even do this. I remember being so scared, stressed out, sad, tired, everything but happy. And when he was born? It was like the clouds literally parted over me and I knew it was all going to be OK, that I could do this, and no matter what happened between Matt and I that this little guy would see me through. It was such a different feeling than when I had Olivia that it made me realize how much post partum depression took from me with Olivia. Jackson was the best baby, he's the kindest little boy with such a sensitive little heart. He's a goofball, he's energetic, he loves everybody, and he tells me he's going to love me forever and it's OK if I love him forever too.

Happy Birthday little monkey- mama loves you to the moon and back.


Stacia said...

Of course I laughed, esp about the counting skills of Walmart employees.

It doesn't get any easier with each passing birthday. Nic turned 18 and he's this "man" now. I wanted him to be 4 again. Now he's out ghost hunting with friends, and I want so badly for him to be 4 and just be my little guy waiting for me to tuck him in.

Your son is the cutest, and I love his eyes in the second pic with your daughter. Adorable.

Glad your feeling better. Being that sick, sucks.

Ruth said...

Glad Jackson had a good birthday. Sorry you were sick. My husband had a bad reaction to one type of antibiotic he was on. It wasn't amoxicillin though. But, he lost 12 pounds.

Veronica M. D. said...

I actually just saw Jackson's 3rd birthday party photos last night on facebook -- he looks so different! What a big boy!

Also, I always have to go to the Meijer pharmacy, and they are just as stupid too, so that must be the new thing now, hiring complete morons to hand out pharmaceuticals. Excellent.

Looks like the party was a blast! Great job!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Let's just start this with, when in the world did he get so big? And Olivia is freaking gorgeous. You are going to have a problem with boys with that one. And my issue with my pharmacy is that they are just rude. And the head pharmacist doesn't speak English, so that's especially helpful.

Julie H said...

Awww you made me all teary eyed at the end there!

Girl, I hope you don't get the other problem from big doses of antibiodics. Yeast infections are so not fun!

Your little boy's face is changing, getting to be a big kid!

Jen Mc said...

What an awesome party! You should start your own business....
I loved the cake you made for him.
Hope all is well-off to catch up with your blog...

FinnyKnits said...

That is just the most adorable thing. I love that he's such a sweet kid. Shows that all that hard work parenting while being deathly ill is working :)