Monday, April 2, 2012

Just kidding!

I realized I haven't given you a blog post in awhile, so let's do a quick and dirty recap of some stuff that I can think of right away.

So a few weeks ago I went to get just a few things that were on sale that I was out of. Matt eats pizza rolls for lunch at work when he's too lazy to make a real lunch and he had been on me about buying more since we were out. My haul included: 2 orange juices, 2 pounds of grapes, 1 pound of ground beef, 2 hams, 2 boxes of waffles, 2 Go Gurts, 2 Splitz yogurts, 5 cake mixes, 3 cinnamon rolls, 3 Grands biscuits, 1 tub of frosting, 10 boxes of pizza rolls, 2 heads of lettuce, 1 pound of onions, 1 package of chicken, and a bag of presliced apples.
 That's a picture of some of my haul. My total? $52.32!! I saved $43.22 in coupons and sales. WOO HOO. The guy behind me in line was like, "Shit- I wish my wife would do that." That was almost 3 weeks ago and I still have most of that stuff. I see though that my stockpile of canned goods and meat is going down so I'm hoping I can snag some more deals soon.

Then Jackson got this firefighter PlayMobil thing and I felt kind of bad ass for taking on the job of putting the little pieces together. I'm not good at putting anything together and god help me if I was a single person in charge of IKEA furniture, because it would be bad. But I got to step 2 here and was like, I don't get this.
 Of course, when Matt came home I was telling him I didn't have that white piece and so I think we're missing it from our box. He replies with, "Sara- that's a fucking faucet. You can put water in the gray piece so water comes out of the hose." I'm sorry, but the "faucet" is the same size as the gray thing- how was I supposed to know that?!

I cleaned a junk drawer that wouldn't shut. That drawer is my dirty little secret.
 I also realized I'm down to one sugar sucker. I'm sad about this and want more.
I have a lot on my plate this week- between my regular wifey and mommy duties I have Jackson's 4th birthday party on Friday, an Easter thing at the zoo and then Olivia's friends' birthday party on Saturday and then Easter.

Can I just say I don't care for Easter? Easter is stupid. Except the jelly beans and Reese's eggs. I like those.


Josie said...

I realized recently that my grocery store sells those sugar suckers, and I thought of you. Just FYI.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Lol I thought you were going to complain about dripping water into the toy. Ohhhh sara. You need a break huh?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

My junk drawer looks nothing like that. I had to go in there the other day to find batteries and I was like, where the heck did we get 14 coozies?