Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wishes, Assholes, and Boobs.

Leave it to me to bring two random topics together, right?

First up, do you remember my friend Jessica? She's the one who's been living in the Mayo Clinic in Rochester since DECEMBER awaiting a heart and liver transplant. You can go HERE to see the news story on her, which was really good. If you pay close attention, you'll see me and my friend Amy in the background from when we visited her. But I say you should watch it anyways to be blown away by her humility and perspective considering how crappy things seem right now. Talk about embracing a positive attitude. Anyways.

A few months ago she asked for people to send her postcards because she's probably bored as shit and would like the distraction. I love me some trash TV, but you can only be entertained by it for so long. So I am asking YOU to send her a postcard or something saying I sent you and you hope she does well and gets her organs soon. It would brighten her day for sure and it's important for her spirits to be up. Correspondence can be mailed to:

Jessica Danielson
Patient Care Unit MB4E-744
St. Mary's Hospital
1216 Second Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905

You don't need to know a person first hand to send them a positive thought and I think the lesson we can learn from Jessica is to appreciate each and every day we have and not take it for granted. It'd be great to show Jessica that even strangers are rooting for her. 

But my encounter with a total asshole has made me think of her more than usual this week. I think of her often but this week even more so. 

I won't go into the complete story about it, but let me just say this: When you are hired to do a specific job, it's with the understanding that sometimes unexpected things will come up and make your day a little more hectic. That goes without saying for every job in the world. Not everything will conform to the way you think it should be in your head and your job is to roll with the punches and not be an asshole. I don't appreciate your sarcasm, hostility and flat out saying something is bullshit when A) I had nothing to do with the mix up, B) accidents happen and sometimes people forget to communicate something, we're all busy and C) it's not the end of the god damn world. It would have taken this person maybe five minutes to fix the problem but instead, they chose to be an asshole, rude to me and another person, and make themselves look like incompetent idiots. I don't care how smart you are or how critical you think your position is somewhere, you have no right to treat anybody like this. End of story, period. 

In other news, I have my very first mammogram tomorrow. I'm not going to lie, I am absolutely scared shitless. It's at 3:20 and I'm actually going to try to get pictures so I can share the experience with you. You probably won't get a boob shot, but stay tuned because you just don't know what I'll give you. 


Stacia said...

I'll send her a card. :)

Mammos SUCK. I'd rather have cramps. Maybe not. Good luck and I'm hoping for good news for you!!


Ang said...

I'm going to see what I can do about sending your friend a postcard - sad but inspiring story. I hope the best for her!

Good Luck today!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Thinking of you today. Get those boobies squished.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've never had an issue with mamograms. There is discomfort but no actual pain.

They never have let me take photos & honestly I'm not sure how I could in that position.