Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She zooms with zest.

I took a self imposed internet exile this weekend because in basic terms: it was a shit weekend and I discovered that a good clue that you're in a depression valley is that you lock yourself in your room and cry while reading several books over the course of three days. But, as with the beginning of any week, I put my big girl panties on and made it through an entire day without random crying so we're going to go ahead and mark it a win.

But the weekend wasn't all shit. On Friday, Olivia graduated kindergarten (though they go to school until June 6, so that's weird). My girl is a complete 180 from the girl who started school in September. That Olivia was shy, wouldn't talk to strangers at all, would just stand in front of a crowd and fake it. But this Olivia? She not only went up to welcome people (with two other girls whoa are also are Student Council ambassadors), but she SANG and DANCED in her show. I almost started crying but I kept it together because she explicitly told me not to cry because it would be embarrassing.

 But the morning of, I wanted to get a picture of her all pretty and adorable before school started. I made her wear foam curlers to bed because lord knows I can't work a curling iron to save my life.
 Olivia was thrilled to see me in the front row like the spastic parent I am. And you know I'm there singing the songs with her, which I'm sure she found completely mortifying.
 Not going to lie, when I heard all of the kids sing the Zelda Zebra song, and pretend to gallop on bleachers? I almost started crying because they were all so god damn cute.
 Then they all got diplomas and I teared up but held it together. She even got a cool picture of her class.
 Afterwards they had cake and punch for everyone, but I obviously took that time to get a million pictures of Olivia and her best friends, Grace and Paige.
 Then, when we got home we had a family BBQ in her honor because let's face it- this kid is smart and cute and anyone who is smart and cute deserves a party. (AND, she's obviously my daughter and will find any reason to party. Which should be fine until you know, like high school and college.)
 I even made Matt do his fatherly duty and take a picture with his daughter who looks just like him.
And of course, the three of us. She is such a good girl and I could not have asked for a better daughter. She is so excited to be going to first grade and I'm feeling like crap about it. I feel old and I feel like there's no way she could possibly be a first grader yet. *sigh*


kimberrleigh said...

Awe yay! I hate feeling old - the neighbor's kid came over and swam in our pool. I asked how old she was "7!!!" and then she asked me, and with a panicked voice I went "I'll be 22 next month..."

And Olivia totally is a hybrid of you two :)

____j said...

She is too, too cute! I'm proud of her for coming out of her shell. And the fact that she told you not to cry bc that would be embarrassing--priceless!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

She's killing me with her cute. Like dead. And she looks so dang grown up!

Julie H said...

What a cutie pie!

Crying in your room is no good :(

Kattrina said...

She is so cute and I can't believe that she is graduating kindergarten!!! Wow!! She's gonna be in first grade soon!!

Life Love & High Heels said...

Freaking adorable. The end. omg. :) Yay for kindergarten graduation!

Unknown said...

Too cute! congratulations mom!
As far as her looking like her dad, she has your chin, mouth and nose and his eyes I think. I see more you than him...