Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shit my husband does to piss me off.

I know I have talked about my OCD tendencies before and so it should come to no surprise to you when I share my hate for one of Matt's annoying habits he does out of sheer laziness. And most of you are going to be all, "Sara? Really? Is this what it comes down to once your married?"

Yes, bitches. It does. It does because this is something that drives me NUTS.

Everybody knows that when you take something off a clothes hanger, you move that hanger to the end of the closet so all of your empties are hanging out together. Obviously.
 But Matt doesn't do that. He often leaves them like this. Just hanging in the mother fucking wind. Which is annoying enough. But then he also just leaves empty ones mixed in with his clothes. This makes me angry when I go to hang up my clothes and I'm like, "Shit- are we out of hangers? Why, that can't be! We have one for everything! Who is eating the hangers?!"
 And then I have to dig through all of HIS clothes to find hangers.
That's what I found just yesterday. He's lucky I didn't stab him with them.

That's the thing about marriage- after awhile, it's the little things like this that set you over the edge and make you twitchy in a bad way. I'm a very neat and organized person and every time Matt does stuff like this, knowing full well the extent of my crazy, it drives me nuts. It's like he doesn't even recognize his life could be in danger should this happen on a particularly bad PMS day.

So that's my rant for the evening. I feel better now that I've shared another piece of crazy with you.


kimberrleigh said...

Dude, I totally get it. Even still living at home I get that way with things my family does. It's going to get all kinds of bad once I move away by myself. I'm gonna get into patterns and when I HOPEFULLY meet my future husband, he'll probably go nuts. :P

Julie H said...

LOL I thought I was the only one that moved them to the end?? Glad to know someone else is crazy like me. My husband's most annoying closet thing is that he will take a shirt and just drape it over the rod. Um hello?? That messes up the whole system!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I do the same thing your husband does. Never occurred to me to move the hanger but I might give it a try.
My issue with DH and clothes is that there is a small pile of them on the floor between his side of the bed and the wall. Sometimes these are clean & he just didn't feel like folding & putting them away before bed. Sometimes they are dirty because he undresses there & doesn't always feel like walking to the hamper (It's 20 whole steps after all).
Because I never know the status of the pile I don't do anything with it. I refuse to rewash clean clothes, even by accident. Then one day he gets all pissy because he has no clean work shirts. They are all in the pile and suddenly at 10pm I am expected to do a load of laundry.
Which does not happen. So then neither does sex that night either

Ashley said...

Uggggggh. So many things my soon to be husband does that make me exclaim, at least once a day, that he pisses me off.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Today? Today I might kill Andy. He has a cold and all I can hear is "sniff. sniff. *sucking noise as he inhales his own snot*". UGH. How hard is it to use a damn kleenex!?

Whiskeymarie said...

After almost 16 years, when they finally find me, rocking myself in the fetal position on the floor and muttering "had to kill him, had to kill him..." it will surely be because of his inability to walk 5 FEET to put his recycling in the bin instead of just setting it on the counter or the stove for me to deal with.
I think the authorities will find that murder was justified in this case.

Ang said...

I tried moving the hangers to the end of the closet once, but it didn't stick.

Steve and I have separate closets and we'll forever have separate... and NO way in hell will I ever do his laundry for him. You're a nice wife!

FinnyKnits said...

Ruh-roh - don't look in my closet. I leave my hangers right where they are when I take the clothes off of them because I find it dangerously satisfying to then rehang the cleaned items on them and "re-fill" the closet. That way I know that everything I took out and wore made it back safely.

I think I'm trying to cultivate a family of dresses and tops.

I feel sick.

Ann said...

Damn. You are bat shit crazy.

Life Love & High Heels said...

haha oh Sara.... I gotta admit- you would be so annoyed by my closet. I leave empty hangers all over the place. And really, that's when I actually hang shit up!