Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things that are making me happy today despite being pissed off and stressed out.

Folks, not going to lie- this week sucks balls. And not even in a could-potentially-be-a-good-thing-ball-sucking-way, but more of a I'm-going-to-kill-someone-and-I'm-not-because-I-just-mopped-my-floors-and-don't-have-energy-to-do-it-again-to-cover-up-crime kind of way. I'm not going to blog about it but just know Matt is on my last my fucking nerves and it's weeks like this where I question if I should just get out now before I'm no longer a MILF and have potential.


But the highlights to this week have been the following:

 Jackson is quite possibly, the cutest little boy ever. Have I ever mentioned that? I forgot I took these pictures of him last Friday and when I was going through my photos this week I found them and they made me laugh. He likes to show me how strong he is now that he's four.
 He had me buy him tank tops specifically to show off his muscles. He's kind of adorable.
 I have an empty laundry basket today. I took a picture as motivation that it IS possible to get to the bottom.
 Olivia is trying so hard to write out full pages of stuff and is so proud of herself for sounding out words. So yesterday this was in her school folder and you know I kept it.
 But the gem? The gem was this card she made for Matt. Here's the outside.
 And this is the inside. HA! She told everyone in her class about the deck and how her dad built it and that someday he was going to just build her a house. Um, yeah. I don't want to tell her that probably won't ever happen at this rate.
 I really fucking love my $20 bowl that is now wall art from IKEA. I saw this in a magazine, passed it up at IKEA twice and then decided to hell with it all, I'm going to blow $20 on a bowl that isn't even functional and hang it precariously on my wall. Next to my second favorite wedding picture that can only be hung since it's little leg to sit on a table broke.
 And before all of the rain we got in the last three days struck, my yard was looking kind of fabulous. While standing on my deck, I appreciated the neighbor's big ass flowering tree and my bipolar lilac bush that only flowers in weird patches. Never the whole bush, god for fucking bid you do what you're supposed to, just patches.
And then the other side of my yard has my weird-everybody-told-me-it-was-dead flowering tree that has come back after spending hundreds of dollars in weird flowering bush stakes. See employees of Menards? You were WRONG. (On a side note: isn't my yard huge?? I kind of love how huge my yard is. We bought this piece of shit house because it has a yard worth having. But we need a fence. And I have a post about why coming soon.)

So the week isn't total shit, but for the most part it is.

Olivia graduates kindergarten tomorrow (yet still goes to school until June 6. Explain that, bitches.) and we're having a family BBQ at our house. The deck has become somewhat of an ark because the entire yard is Lake Strand at the moment so it might get cozy on the deck. OR, we can eat inside of course. But because I have family coming over to my house I get all weird and neurotic and clean like a mother fucking crazy person. I made a new macaroni salad which I'm worried about, orange flavored cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, I cleaned everything in my house, four loads of laundry, got Olivia's lunch for tomorrow packed, managed to get Olivia's hair into curlers before bed tonight, and now I'm going to sign off to shower and read for a bit. *yawn*


Julie H said...

You have a great yard! I hope it dries up for you. It's maybe going to rain here tomorrow and ruin my friend's daughter's high school graduation. Stupid weather!

Ruth said...

I could use some of your rain. It's drier than hell here.
Olivia is doing great writing.

Jennifer Kay said...

Olivia must be feeling the shades with her "Miss Strand" business, not once but twice. :)

And I'm at work so stop making me bust out laughing when I read the "god for fucking bid" on your bipolar bush!!

You have an awesome yard with lots to mow...can we give Matt one bonus point for mowing that beast? If you say that you mow it, I will crawl in a hole.

Danielle said...

Jackson is so adorable ... love those muscle pictures!!!

Your yard is beautiful! I hope that it dries up so everyone can be outside to enjoy it and your house can stay clean as a whistle once everyone leaves!

middle child said...

You keep getting all the rain we are supposed to get! We did alot of planting today and it was like digging in powdered sugar!
You certainly do need a rest.Zzzz.
Oh, I almost forgot. Love your yard.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Love that the weights match Jack's shirt! And that bowl from Ikea- I want it! Might need to figure out how to incorporate it into my decor!

Sorry to hear you've been stressed etc. No bueno. Feel free to come run away to my place. The pool is now open ;)