Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dear Sara. A day late but no less awesome.

So I completely forgot to do my Dear Sara post last night because I was too busy watching the lame ass and bizarre Olympic opening ceremonies. I let the kids watch until 8 and *big* mistake. Hello officials, the English literature nightmare scene? Was that necessary? The giant Voldemort and the little demons trying to snatch kids? Guess who got no fucking sleep last night?

This bitch.

But let's handle the winner of the Night Watch book giveaway! Using and it's #1, which would be Carol N Wong! I will send you a quick email this evening Carol, so watch your inbox!

Let's get this shiz started:

1. Two couples go out to dinner quite a bit, but the same couple ends up picking up the check. The other couple is always dodging the bill - what should the paying couple do? Honestly, the next time you go out just tell the waitress it's separate checks before everyone starts ordering. If the other couple says, "Oh, I thought we could do one check" or something, just respond with, "Oh wow- thanks for picking up lunch!" and that is what we call a check mate, bitch. You need to nip that shit in the bud. 

2. With the Olympics coming up- do you watch? If so, what is your favorite sport? Of course I watch, like every decent American should be. For the summer Olympics I like to watch swimming, diving, volleyball, and of course, gymnastics. I watched all of the Olympic Trails and I just about died with Nastia Liukin face planted the god damn mat. For winter Olympics I like to watch figure skating and skiing for sure. 

3. How strict are you with bed time for your kids? I have an 8 year old and she really pushes the bed time limits. Some nights she's fine and no fuss but then others (most of the time) she will do everything she can to stay up later and just fights me. How would you handle this? I am what people refer to as the Bedtime Nazi. I am very strict with bedtime and I have been since birth. My kids are 4 and almost  7 and they are in their beds between 7 and 7:30. I'm transitioning them to 7:30 because with the school year coming and knowing we'll have more activities and homework, an extra half hour is going to be great. But I am very strict. We do our bedtime routine together, I read to them, talk to them for a few minutes about the day, and then I'm out. If they aren't sleepy, they are allowed to read, listen to music, play quietly in their beds. They are NOT allowed to come out of their rooms unless they have to pee or the room is on fire. We've had some rough points along the way but for the most part, my kids know the deal. So if I were you- I would just put your damn foot down. You need to remember that YOU are the parent, YOU are the one in charge and your child(ren) need to know this. 

4. Do you do teacher gifts for the beginning of school? Last year I saw other parents do it and I did not... so is this something common? Should I be doing this? I think it's totally up to you. I give the teacher something little because I feel like they put up with a lot over the course of the day and quite frankly, who doesn't like getting something? So last year I think I gave Olivia's teacher a small basket of goodies (candy, pens, a little notebook, Advil, etc.) and her teacher loved it. This year I think I might try my hand at a school supply cake (like a diaper cake, but made with school supplies). But I also try to buy whatever is on the teacher wish list that is listed on the school supply list and then sometimes (if I can afford it) I give the teacher a gift card to Target or Michaels. I know they appreciate it and I want them to start off their school year right too. But if you can't afford to do something for the first day after buying everything to get your kid ready, surprise them something around conference time or something! 

5. Do you have any siblings? Do you get along with them? I have one brother who is two years younger than me. In fact, today is his 28th birthday. (Happy birthday, Travis!!). Travis and I get along very well and he's always got my back if I need him and the same is true with me. Plus he is funny and charming and just a really great guy who is THE best uncle for my kids. My kids totally adore him and I'm glad that they have such a great uncle like him and I grew up with. 

So tomorrow I am going to do another book review you are probably going to like, and then I have a laundry room update for you. Because you know that shit isn't done, but we've got some progress. 


Diane and Chad said...

love your bedtime routine...force 'em early to follow rules and it's so much easier later, right?

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Great Dear Sara I never had a bedtime for my girls once they started school although from 7.30pm they would have to play quietly in their room or watch something on telly while in bed........I did however stress if they did not get up and ready for school when I called then it would to bed at 7.30pm that night and I meant it and enforced it which is why I rarely had a problem of a morning I also insisted they had breakfast before going to school

Carol N Wong said...

Hi Sara,
Thank you for Night Watch! I am really glad that you had that giveaway.


____j said...

"Of course I watch, like every decent American should be." HAHA! Nanny definitely told me last night that I was unamerican for not watching. OOPS.