Monday, July 30, 2012

Thump, thump, thump.

So, I am still trying to lose weight. This last week I have gotten back on my running kick again and honestly, I still hate it. I don't understand how people can honestly sit here and tell me once I feel the endorphins, I'll love it and crave it. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that because if I haven't felt the endorphins yet I  don't think I will.

This week I ran in the HEAT. The heat, people. I figure the "I can't run in heat" excuse is only good for one week, so there it went last week. So this week I ran in the heat and it was as horrible as I thought it would be. One day I had enough sweat in my bra that it was pooling. The absorbing technology in my bra ether failed me or it was overwhelmed because I am not kidding when I say literally a pool of water hit my bathroom floor when I came home to shower. It was as disgusting as that sounds.

I was supposed to start kickboxing today and got all mentally ready for it. Then I go onto Facebook to see that tonight's class wasn't happening. FUCK ME. This is my third or fourth attempt to start and they cancel the class last minute. Every class I can't go to is on, just not the ones I want to go to. That is more than a little annoying.

Next week I am going to do an official weigh in with pictures! This week I was 174 and that is gross. I'm nowhere near my worst but still, I know I can do better. And I will. In order to get myself to be more accountable I got myself the MyFitnessPal app for my phone so I'm trying to track my food. A huge slap in the face is seeing how many calories you actually eat in a day. It's actually god damn depressing. And I hate checking to see how many calories something is only to realize that if I eat that, I'm left with enough calories for maybe a grape for dinner. I'm fucking HANGRY people. I am so beyond hungry that I am angry about it.

Not to mention I of course pick the worst week ever to weigh myself and start a calorie tracking app- the week of my period. You all need to fear for the lives of everyone around me. It's not pretty.

For those of you following me on my thunder thigh removal quest, how are you doing? What is keeping you motivated?


Whiskeymarie said...

I've been tracking my calories/progress through Yes, the calorie thing is HUMBLING. But, it keeps me accountable. I don't know how you run in this shit - I'm an indoor dog with my treadmill these days.

Sara said...

I'm kind of in the same boat. The heat and humidity has been unbearable! I did my first 5K (The Color Run) a couple weeks ago and it was awesome, but I walked the whole thing. But, to walk 3 miles in this heat is pretty good, so I'm not down about that. I want to do another 5K in the fall and to do that I need to keep training, keep at it. I need to buy a gym pass to the gym right across from my apartment so I can just walk there and get shit done. My motivation? Sure, it's for me, but it's also for someone else--someone who doesn't like me back, but I'm holding onto a little hope. But it's mostly for me, right? hahaha.

middle child said...

Endorphins? Try Xanax and chocolate.
Losing weight? Fast walks will work. Too hot or too cold out? Hit your local rec. center. 30 minutes 3-4 times a week is good. Food? Eat six small meals a day. Healthy foods. Smaller portions. Try to get real food, like without the artificial crap.
Yes, I do know what to do. I did it when I was first diagnosed with type II diabetes. I lost 60 pounds. Then I got pissed around Thanksgiving and thought....why can't I just eat like normal people? And so I did and I gained half that weight back. Do not diet or excercise to extreems. Just make lifestyle changes. One at a time. Peace.

Tales of a Misfit Housewife said...

Finally on mfp huh?!?! Please friend me:) my user is jldaley09

It's soooo hard to get back on track. Between my heel hurting like hell and life being a bitch it is damn near impossible.

Ang said...

I (used to) use Myfitnesspal, it's a good site/app. HOWEVER, look at the bright side, if you weigh in at you period bloat weight, you'll probably be down a good pound or two the next week, right?! You'll feel great about yourself :)
I don't know how you run, it hurts my body (not like 'it hurts I cant do it', but like my knees, my boobs, etc. ugh).
Good luck girl!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Oh the calorie thing! "But it was just a small sandwich!!!" 867 calories!

Lack of money is what keeps me motivated. I have one pair of jeans I can fit in and 8 that are too small. I cannot afford to buy new jeans so I have to lose enough weight to fit back in those jeans before it gets cool enough to wear them every day.

Ashley said...

I use Calorie Count to track what I'm eating - they have an iPhone app and also a regular website, so I can always plug in what I'm eating.

I haven't been doing too well the past week or so (hello, McDonald's every day), but I keep telling myself that my parents are coming to visit soon and I really don't want to hear from my mom about how I need to try harder before my wedding. Blaaaaaaaaarg.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Right now I'm focusing on eating healthy. Which is a direct by-product of us trying to save money. Which means no going out to eat. It's been like three days and I'm dying.

Julie H said...

Lose It! girl here! I followed a swarm of other people to a new Facebook motivator group.

Ryan Adair said...

I was at 172 in Jan, started lifting weights (heavy) about 3 times a week, went high protein & natural carb (pasta no, potatoes yes) lost 23 lbs. I slipped in some yoga and an occasional run.. It's hard at first, but once got rid ofprocessed carbs (at home mostly) my blood sugar regulated which stabilized my hunger (I ended up going gluten free which has made my appetite much more reasonable). But high protein is def the way to go. Egg whites are your friend and so is low sodium deli meat, hemp smoothies (buy online-lots of b12vitamins in it too) and quinoa. (quinoa, gluten free pasta is great too, high protien, and you get your "pasta" fix).

____j said...

Props to you for running in the heat. I don't think I'd do it to save my life.