Thursday, August 2, 2012

I live with a superhero named Funk Man.

Admittedly, Olivia gets to do a lot of fun, extra curricular stuff. Mostly because she's older and Jackson's options are limited. This summer I was determined to get him into Camp Superheroes, a camp offered through the technical college I work at. He could have gone last year, but it's $85 for three hours over four days. Last year? We were really tight with money. We were really tight with money this year but he wanted to go VERY badly. And at age four he is way into superheroes and I just couldn't say no. So we ate a lot of cereal and pancakes for dinner so I could have enough money to sign him up. And I am so glad I did. 
Because the class was from 9-12 and I was working 8-3 every day that week, he had to sit at work with me for an hour every morning. He helped out throughout the week and it was just really great to spend that hour with him alone every morning. He was reluctant for me to leave him in the classroom when camp started but I eventually snuck out the door and obviously worried all day. He was one of the littlest guys there.
Day one, you obviously wear your Superman shirt and bring your superhero backpack. I watched him from the windows in the ball and he actually took turns with the other kids, appeared to be listening really well and clearly made friends with his teacher.
Day one consisted of rolling around in a giant inflatable ball outside and making his official superhero mask. He told me he really liked it and wanted to go back.
Day two consisted of searching for clues around campus for bad guys and making his superhero shield. I am so surprised that he let them paint his face- he usually freaks out and doesn't want to have it done.
I should pause to show you that he actually worked in the morning. He swiffered the floors every morning.
And he stickered textbooks for me. He actually got through a whole bunch of them and got them on straight. Stickering was his favorite task for sure. And he dusted everything repeatedly. He also asked if I had a squeegee for the windows but I didn't.
Day three was the day he was most excited for. On Wednesday they got to make their superhero cape out of old t-shirts. Granted, he didn't really color his cape a whole bunch, but he said some boys were hogging the markers. So I told him I would get him a little set of fabric markers and he can finish it up.
But he thought he was the coolest little kid. All of the kids made their capes and ran around campus and the lawn "flying" around- it was freaking adorable.
The very last day they got to play superhero games, play in the inflatable ball again and they had to earn their official superhero badge. The best part was that they all drew pictures of the superhero they would like to be. I still have his, but I forgot to take a picture to share with you. His superhero was Funk Man, and he stands on laser beams apparently.

But the best part of the week was seeing him pretty much turn into a big boy and separating himself from Olivia. Jackson always follows Olivia around and sometimes he kind of just blends into her sometimes. Now that he's getting older I can see him becoming more of his own person, with a really great personality and I am able to see the differences in my kids a little better. I think this is the best part of having more than one child, seeing how different they end up being. And Jackson is just the cutest little boy that melts my heart. Honestly- how can you not love that little face?


Unknown said...

oh my lord just too much adorableness in one post!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

That is SUCH a cute idea for a camp! And seriously, Jackson needs to stop growing.

Kattrina said...

Glad he had such a good time. He's adorable. What a cute idea for a camp. My sister's two girls are so different it is amazing they had the same parents. It's fun watching them develop their own personalities.

Jill said...

His theme song should be "Who's Got the Funk" by George Clinton. He'd totally be my hero!

____j said...

Aww! I love it! Sounds like he had so much fun!

Julie H said...

Totally worth eating cereal for, so cute!

Jennifer Kay said...

I just want to squeeze his little face! I say it was money well spent especially like you say he got to be an individual for a few days, they totally need that!