Monday, August 20, 2012

Kohl's rocks, and I'm a grocery shopping superstar

OK, so you remember the other day I posted a picture of me in these really kick ass pants I am now completely in love that I would like to wear all of the time? Well some of you have asked me where I got them and while I've emailed as many of you back as I could, I got an email from Kohl's.

Yeah, because me and Kohl's are kind of like that. We're undercover besties. Let's face it- my purchases there is probably keeping at least one person fully employed.

But Kohl's wanted me to share with you the link to their Pants Shop AND give you all a 10% discount that you can stack with other discounts. Because Kohl's loves you but never more than I love you. Remember who loves you more. More specifically... THESE are the pants I have. Trust me when I tell you they are awesome and I love them a lot. But if you use UBLOGTEN between now and August 24 online you can get 10% off. Happy shopping lovers.

But then I have had a few more people email me to ask if I would start sharing my menu planning again and my shopping. Which, I know I have slacked off but I had done that assuming people don't really care? But now that I have gotten a few more request.. I'll start up. Because if nothing else, money is a little more tight at our house because we have two kids in school this year and we have some more home improvement projects we'd like to get done and yeah. This crap costs money. And to be honest, I have had a few people either email me or tell me on Facebook that by me being frugal with grocery shopping I'm obviously serving crap food to my kids, to which I say kiss my ass, loser. I present to you, my food menu for August 18-August 31.

Saturday: Spaghetti
Sunday: BBQ Pulled Chicken sandwiches (crockpot), garden salad
Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: Crockpot Pork Chops with gravy and apples, brown rice, corn
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken, pasta salad
Thursday: Gulash
Friday-Sunday: Chicago. I plan to eat like shit.
Monday: Home made chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese
Tuesday: Crockpot Sloppy Joes, baked chips
Wednesday: Chicken fajitas
Thursday: Build-your-own sandwich on whole wheat buns, minestrone soup, salad
Friday: Home made pizza
Saturday: spaghetti

Breakfasts consist of either cereal, pancakes, waffles, etc. Lunch is primarily sandwiches or leftovers.

So I went grocery shopping for all of these AND got 15 bottles of Powerade for Matt and a few extra boxes of noodles and soup because they were on a good sale. My total? $76.04 after saving $37.24 with coupons.

So it's possible. My grocery limit for two weeks is always $100 unless there is a buy one/get one deal on pork or chicken. Obviously this week there was a buy one/get one on chicken so we're having a lot of chicken. I'd rather to have a ton of chicken than pork, let's be real. I'm not a fan of pork but that just means I won't eat as much, right?


Jennifer Kay said...

I love your Friday-Sunday honesty. And oh my God you brought back some bad childhood memories with the word goulash!!! My dad used to call it goulahi because my mom would throw like kidney beans in it so it was a mix of chili and goulash. DISGUSTING.

Can't wait to see your face!!!

Kattrina said...

I can't believe your food budget is $100 for two weeks! I try super hard to keep ours to $100 for one week and there are only two of us. Unfortunately (from the budget standpoint) I buy organic produce and organic meats, which cost a lot more money. Like $12 for a pound of chicken. And I usually spend about $40 on fresh produce, which is almost half my weekly budget. I think I'm gonna need to stick to frozen veggies pretty soon. Boo.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I like a good pork roast but not chops. I cannot explain why. Your menu looks good!

Nikolett said...

I've missed you toooooo! And your food menu sounds SO good. BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches sound divine, as does the home made pizza and gulash. Umm, can I come over for dinner please?

And I really wish there were Kohl's in Canada.

Life Love & High Heels said...

I'm trying to prepare more food at home now. I've been using Pinterest for some recipes and the Spicy Garlic Chicken one is amaaaaazing and I paired that with garlic couscous. Omg. So good. That will totally be one of my staples each week now. Swear. So good.

Unknown said...

Kattrina and I are in the same boat. I buy a boat load of produce, and even if I buy nothing else, that kills my budget:( good planning though. I like that you DO feed your kids good (not crap filled) food