Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Link Up.

LAST CHANCE to sign up for the super awesome Halloween swap Jamie and I are doing. Go HERE to sign up and be great. We need one more person at least to make it even, and you know how I am with even numbers and my OCD. Do it for me. And my crazy.

So a few weeks ago I signed up for Linny's Movie Swap thingie because I fucking love swaps, I love getting cool stuff in the mail, and I like to "meet" new people. Luckily for me I got Lauren as my partner and she is lovely AND an avid reader so it's like we were destined to be together. So let's see what she got me.

Um, yes. First off, let me be honest and tell you I ate that entire snack kit for dinner one day. I won't even lie or be ashamed by this, because it was amazing and delicious. Nom, nom, nom.

Then, Matt and I watched the movie the other night and hilarious. I love Mark Wahlberg anyways and I hadn't seen this so I'm glad Lauren is awesome and picked this one up for me. And THEN, she got me these super kick ass calendar book marks. Um, YAY. I am forever losing my bookmarks and then Lola ate my Robert Pattinson one (moment of silence..) and so I'm in need of one. But I'm kind of too cheap to buy them, so I secretly wish other people would and they do and then it's all a wonderful life after all.

So THANK YOU, Lauren for being awesome. And then I got a book review out of the deal as well so it was a pretty awesome partnership if I do say so myself.


Victoria said...

that snack bucket looks amazing :)

i want to see that movie,looks funny and it is hard to go wrong with mark wahlberg!

cute blog!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this Halloween swap!! I love getting shit in the mail too.

Wait, I don't like SHIT....I like getting cools THINGS in the mail.

Just trying to head off anyone who thought of taking a dump in a box and mailing it to me.

____j said...

Wow, I'm an idiot & just paired you with the person you just got a package from. Oh well, at least you know she sends an awesome package, right?!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it all. I can never have too many bookmarks and I thought these were too clever, so I had to include them. I'm glad you both enjoyed the movie too. I thought it was quite hilarious when I saw it, so I was hoping you would too. :) (I finally have my post up too!! Thank you!!!)


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Hi Sara, joining you from over at Lauren's place as knowing what you had sent her I was nosey as to what she had sent you.

Nice to meet you, PW.

Lin said...

Not that I'm saying I didnt love what I got but your package is so kick ass. I love that movie bucket!

I actually had to laugh while reading your & Lauren's post because my weekend has included watching both this movie & Paul (which you sent her). Thanks for joining the swap & linking up!

Knev said...

The biggest Entertainment you like to have?