Monday, September 17, 2012

Sara Lately.

Bitches, I've been busy. To say I've been busy is almost an insult because busy doesn't even cover it. I feel like I have been dragged through a hedge ass first on a good day.

Just picture that visual.

But here are some things I've been doing:

 I've been cleaning up after two fat ass animals that could quite honestly, live off of their fat stores for at least two weeks. No matter where I put the food, they find it and some how open the lid. Stumpy will lay on the floor to eat and drag himself to more food. This should all change now that Lola has joined us. Wait, what? Yeah- Lola has arrived. More about her and her mayhem of crazy soon.

The kids also ran a race a few weeks ago. Just for fun and for free dinner. No, I'm not lying.
 And they were totally loving their free shirts.

Then the realized Mom was going to make them run. And then Matt realized I was going to make him run 1/8 of a mile with Jackson because hello- he's  four and every other parent was out there. Except me because I was smart and wore flip flops while I convinced Matt he should try out his new shoes. *snicker*
 He looks super pleased doesn't he?
 Jackson said Daddy held him back and he could have won if he didn't have to drag Daddy around.
 But he got a medal anyways and keeps telling people he won the Olympics.

Then Olivia ran- my little Miss Uncoordinated and Completely Un-Athletic.
 But she finished and loudly proclaimed she did it without falling. WIN.
 So she got a medal too.
 Then for her birthday we painted her room purple because she is not a baby and pink is apparently a baby color. You've all been schooled.
 It's a lot of purple, yo.
And the good folks at Home Depot aren't required to pass a math test or know how to work a calculator because we now have an extra gallon of purple we don't need. YAY.

So that's some of it. Just a little bit. Tomorrow I have a book review for you and we can meet Lola.


Jennifer Kay said...

Seriously loving the purple dude. Her bedroom is SUPER cute!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Her room turned out ADORABLE. And actually, Matt does look happy. He and J look really cute :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Purple indeed. And I have to say I like it more than pink. But that is just me.

I can only imagine how busy you are. Really? I don't know how you do it....but I admire it.


Ang said...

but... did she LOVE her new room?!?! Give us the deets lady!

Julie H said...

I still need to paint over the dark purple and neon green my oldest painted her room. Now it's the middle's room and she has some other wild color picked out.

Love Matt running haha

I get tired just reading about all you do!

Lin said...

You've done more than I've done all month, go you. The room came out great, you could work for HGTV haha. I laughed & laughed at the fact your son said he was held back by his dad. Little dude's making his way to the olympics, you know, if dad stops bringing him down.

FYI, Home Depot will take just about anything back. All you have to do is bitch about it & say it was their mistake. I know this because my husband works there & says ppl do it all the time :)