Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Head colds and stress.

Can I just say that having my second head cold in a month is kind of shit? What happened to my once a year policy? So while tonight I'm stuffed up and then blowing my brains out in a Kleenex, I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel super. Right?


But I would also like to say that I'm sick of getting vented onto and yelled at by people. Every day for the last two weeks at least one person just dumps all of their problems on me and then yells at me because it's somehow my fault. It's not MY fault you overextend yourself and don't check your calendar. It's not MY fault that your husband is angry that you're cheating on him- he kind of has a right to be. It's not MY fault that you just got fired, perhaps if you did your job at work instead of play on Facebook all day, you'd still be employed. It's not MY fault that you can't buy your kid a winter jacket- maybe you should stop going to bars every weekend. I'm sorry I can't call and visit you all of the time- I have a very busy life. If I have the option to sitting at home and reading on a weekend versus spending all of my extra money on travel? I'm going to pick sitting at home. It's not that I don't miss you, it's just that financially? I have to be better about what I do.

I'd like to know where people get off just dumping it all on me. Maybe I'm just too quiet. Maybe I should just throw it right back into their faces. Sure, I'm sarcastic and I'll call you out if I need to, but I'm just trained to shut up and take it when someone is clearly pissed off and having a bad day. But I'd like for some of these people to recognize that I work my ass off every single day. I put everyone before me. You need a ride to the airport? I'll skip dinner and take you. Need someone to volunteer? Sure, I can do that and just get to bed later even though I don't feel well. Need to call and cry it out? Dishes can wait. It's like not one of the things I do for anyone is even acknowledged or appreciated.

I appreciate when people step up to volunteer, or help out, or whatever- but then don't come back and bitch about it. If you don't want to help or it'd be a problem- that's totally fine. I can do it or find someone else. And please don't tell me you can help me, then don't show. And don't call. Because here I am, counting on you so I can have dinner with my kids for the first time in two weeks and you leave me hanging. Again.

So I think I need to just go ahead and take some NyQuil, shut my phone off, and die quietly in my bed from booger suffocation.


Jennifer Kay said...

Booger suffocation? I will puke just reading that sentence. Have you ever tried Airborne? Even if you take it a few days into a cold it seems to really cut down on the symptoms (i.e. boogers)

And for the rest of that drama? Damn girl...drop anyone who doesn't bring extreme happiness to your life. All the rest is just a waste of time.

Unknown said...

Absolutely love you. Get well dear.

Seana said...

Oh man, I can totally relate in a way! I'm like you, if people need something I'm there. And usually before they even ask, it's done. But, if I stop doing things for any length of time due to sickness, exhaustion, or god-forbid, I have a life.. I'll never hear the end of it!

I wish there was a way to eliminate these sort of people, but the solution still eludes me.

Hang in there, Sara! Hopefully you'll feel better soon and some of the troubled people will go away.. one can only hope, right?


middle child said...

As for your's not over 'till you cough for a few days.
As for people dumping on you and blaming? Just try to cut them off before the blaming begins by saying..I'm sorry you are having a bad day.
And when you do good things for others-not for a thank-you or appreciation-you will find that after a time it dawns on you that no one seems grateful. You have the choice to do good anyway or to quit doing these things. I tend to quit to stop the hurt but with-in days I am right back to doing it.

Seana said...

Miss gorgeous Sara.. One more comment.. My latest entry was kind of inspired by this one, and I linked you in it as well...

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I know some people that are always bitching about money. They never have enough. But when on any given weekday you can be found at your favorite bar? I don't feel bad for you at all.

FinnyKnits said...

Asphyxiation by boogers is no way to go. Be strong, get well and go tell all those slack ass humps to get their acts together and shut the fuck up already.

Lin said...

You have no idea how many times I've felt like I was going to die from booger suffocation. Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope it clears up soon. Make sure you're taking decongestants to drain all that crap out.

You're also not the only that hate people who promise to show up & help but never actually show. Ugh, so annoying. It's like, at least text me or something & let me know you're not gonna make it.