Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Impulsive Sara and Sara on a rampage.

So, something you don't know about me is I'm very impulsive. I don't make rash decisions I later regret, but once I've decided something- I rush through to get what I'm after.

Example: new vehicle.

We've wanted to trade the van in for quite awhile. It has served us well but we don't need that large of a vehicle anymore and I'm too cool to be in a van. But I also know I don't want a car. Having driven a vehicle higher up the ground has shown me that as a short people, I need that to feel like I'm not going to die on the road. So I've found one that is everything I want, need, and in our budget.

A 2013 Ford Escape SE. I'm still trying to talk Matt into going with an SEL but so far, he thinks the SE is the way to go. I want this thing BADLY. I'll be happy with an SE and the payment would be better but if we can swing an SEL... this will be a very happy girl. I am very hopeful to get this baby before I go to a concert on the 20th. CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

In other news, are you as sick of the political callers as me? Because in the span of three hours, I have gotten 57 calls asking me to participate in various surveys. Guess what? It's the same questions and I've been patient enough. I'm so fucking done. Honestly, if I get one more call I'm going to lose it. Straight up lose it. It's the Republicans calling me, too. I'm a god damn registered Democrat. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, WHY AM I ON YOUR LIST???

I'm pretty sure the last one I got, which was a real person and not just a computerized thing, when I started telling the guy that he better remove my god damn name and number off their fucking list because I would have to be deaf, blind, and stupid to vote for Mitt Romney. I just got a lot of stuttering and he hung up on me. But now I just get the computerized thing and I'm just fucking over it.

I'm also on every do not call list imaginable, and yet... I still get these calls. I also get calls from some credit card companies who want to lower my rate. When I don't have their card. (Yes, I've checked my credit report, all is well).

So yes. Matt is ready to cancel our phone number so I stop screaming into the phone.


middle child said...

Yeah. You had me at your title. Impulsive Sara. I was like....what? I hope you get your vehicle. And while I know it isn't the same at all...I think you should put a few goat decals on it!!!

Josie said...

My mom has an older Escape (2008 I think?) and she LOVES it. I hope you get it!

kimberrleigh said...

I'm impulsive too. Which is why my bank account SUCKS right before I get paid again. Like legit, I have $15. Ugh. I need to not do that. I pay all my bills but I just spend whatever's left and that's bad.
I also don't take long when making decisions. When I bought my car I did my research but just by seeing it and eventually test driving it I knew I wanted it and that was it.

So I hope you get your new car! I love SUVs. And yay for no van! I refuse to ever drive a van, regardless of.. anything really. I'm morally and religiously and psychologically opposed to vans.

carelessly graceful

Shirley said...

I've had my eye on the Jeep Geand Cherokee. I need to graduate first.

Zoƫ said...

Pretty car! I don't think I'll ever buy a brand new car, but if you're going to might as well go all out... so I hope you get the limited.

Holly Diane said...

We got a Ford Escape last year and LOVE IT..best decision ever :)
I've stopped answering my phone...not sure I'll start again after November, it's been rather nice :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I've gotten a million of those phone calls. The other day I was holding my friends not even 24 hour old baby and my phone rang. I had Andy answer it, thinking it was a survey caller. Nope, it was the cable company and Andy proceeded to sign us up for cable again. All because I was holding a newborn.

Lin said...

That was the third car on my list, love it. The first was another Altima (to replace the one I wrecked), the second was a Chevy Cruze. We ended up going with the Cruze since it's a cheaper payment & better gas mileage. Hope Matt gives in. Maybe you need to sweeten up the deal a little? Like send the kids to a friends for a sleepover ;)

Also, those freakin' callers are annoying as fuck. Two of them called me last night at 930pm. They got told off big time for it.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I get those low rate calls all the time. We also have been getting a lot of political calls but we are independents so both sides call me

Julie H said...

CUTE car!

I got rid of my house phone. I get almost no calls now. If I get one on my cell phone I add the number to my telemarketer contact :)

Julie H said...

CUTE car!

I got rid of my house phone. I get almost no calls now. If I get one on my cell phone I add the number to my telemarketer contact :)