Monday, October 1, 2012

My stud muffin, and my schedule. I'm either crazy or deranged.

So, if you have been checking in over the weekend you would have seen my post about how incredibly stressed out I am and on the verge of going insane. What happens when I get to this point is that I effectively shut down. Everything in my brain stops and I literally can do nothing. Except read like a mad woman and cuddly with my stud.
Yeah, that's right. Stumpy and I like to read together while snuggling under my Robert Pattinson blanket. Because we all know I'm destined to be a book hoarding, crazy cat lady with possibly an unhealthy obsession with Robert Pattinson, I may as well embrace it. I also finished 4.5 books so there.


Can we talk about my week? Because once again, although I live by my calendar I usually forget to consult with it before I'm all, "Yeah! I can do that/be there, no problem!". Then I get home and am like, ohmyfuckinggodI'manidiot.

Monday: today I worked 9-3 and it was fine. But I barely got there on time because I had to follow the slowest fucking asshole in a huge truck raping the median while on his cell.

Tuesday: I work 9-2 but I have just enough time to get some paperwork done before Olivia has her dance class and then I have to come home to work on PTO stuff.

Wednesday: I work 8-4. I also have a PTO meeting that night of which I feel really unprepared for but more on that in a bit. Oh, and I have to send Matt with the kids to the Girl Scout sign up because it's at the same time as PTO and I haven't managed time travel yet so let's hope he doesn't sign me up for anything.

Thursday: I work 9-2. I also have a meeting at Barnes and Noble after work for a book fair, and I also have zumba. More on what zumba from last week was like.

Friday: This is the day I wait for ALL WEEK. It's because I have a solid three hours with no kids and I can get a ton done. What I get done in those three hours is more than most people get done in the entire week and that is not a joke. It's amazing. And I think it scares Matt.

But yes- Zumba. I'm going and I love it. Last week though we ended up doing about 150 squats over the hour and holy mother lambwhores- I was in pain on Friday. And Saturday. And a little on Sunday. My ass and thighs are so out of shape it's embarrassing. The fact they move on their own is bad enough but that was bad. So I'm going again this week and I will conquer those squats. More likely, I'll just be really sore and regret sitting on the floor on Friday.


Jandy xx said...

you are seriously the bussiest person i know!

can i just say, as a book reviewing blogger, i'm pretty sure you can say you've made it when you can say you have a meeting with barnes and noble!

you rock my world!

Unknown said...

Just keep thinking how crazy good your ass is going to look after all those squats.

Unknown said...

Just keep thinking about how crazy good your ass is going to look after all those squats!

Ang said...

once you master Zumba, try Kettlebells... that'll leave you sore for days as well. It's an amazing workout!

Anonymous said...

I am not only impressed with your schedule, I am impressed at how many books you manage to read. I mean, shit...I devour books too, but I have to have a solid seven hours of sleep every night to function.

Do you sleep? Maybe you are part robot and you just haven't shared that with me yet.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

You look so cute in that chair. I want to snuggle up with you and Stumpy and read amazing books.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Zumba is a little too dancy for me. I take Body Pump, which is weight lifting set to music. I seriously love Body Pump. I feel so strong after my muscles have know, the next day or so.

Julie H said...

That is why I'm currently not letting my kids do any outside activities. I'm too tired to run all around!!