Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dancing Queen and Singing Sensation

I can't believe how far behind on updates I am for you, but that shit is about to change. Hold your panties because I am going to flood your feed with awesomeness.

First up, have I ever mentioned my uterus produces really great kids? Sure, Matt helps some, but because I do most of the work making the baby, I get credit for everything great about them.


So a couple of weeks ago, Olivia had her Holiday Dance Recital. She absolutely loves dance and wishes she could go to dance more than one night a week. She's been stressing out about the routine insisting that she really didn't know it but was going to try anyways.
 Seriously, is she not adorable?
 Do you see her? Back left corner, with the knobby knees.
 Dancing the entire time.
 Totally knew her routine and nailed it. She was so freaking adorable, dancing her little heart out. She was so proud of herself and I almost started to cry watching her. What a change from even last June when she danced. I have a feeling some of her friends from dance aren't going to continue next fall, but I'm trying to tell Olivia that if she likes dance she should continue, even if her friends aren't going to. It'd be sad to see her friends not continue because Olivia would be bummed, but I would be bummed too- I like hanging out with the dance moms.

Then last week she had her Holiday Sing Along at her school and I knew she had been practicing because I could hear her courtesy of her karaoke machine in her room.
 Since I was at the school pretty much all day, I got to see both performances.
 And dammit she was adorable.
It was all I could do not to go up there and squeeze her guts out and totally embarrass her in front of her friends.

She was so happy that we all came to watch her, and some of us twice. The morning show was a little more eventful with someone pulling the fire alarm during her group's set which meant we all had to evacuate outside into the freezing air, and most of the girls had sleeveless dresses. So I run out there to offer my jacket to her classmates who were freezing and she was a little shaken up. Between her and I talking about the recent school shooting, and increased police presence at her school and then a fire alarm? She flat out asked me if it was because of a bad person. That was probably the most gut wrenching moment as a parent because while most adults think it won't happen at their child's school, children just assume it will.

Not to mention Jackson and his preschool class had walked down because most of them had siblings at school singing, and they have never had a practice fire drill because they are in a daycare building. Needless to say, Jackson was scared so when I found him in the group he wanted a hug and then didn't want to go back to school. I convinced him that he'd have more fun at his school then he would sitting with me at Olivia's school so he went and then ended up being fine.

Tomorrow we'll talk about Jackson's holiday class party and how I need this shit to not happen while I'm PMS'ing because I am prone to crying. A lot.


Lin said...

Your uterus really does create some good looking kiddos. Also, talented...knobby knees & all haha.

Jandy xx said...

seriously, i don't know if i could have stpped myself from squeezing her guts out!!

Ryan Adair said...

Ahhhh! Fun! So cute! My uterus wants to make babieeeeesssss.

Jaime Hungry said...

I'm a firm believer that most kids' awesomeness comes from the uterus. Also little girls in tutu's is one of my favorite things of all time. Olivia is so stinkin cute.