Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hoopty Loopty.

So, I am the proud owner of a hoopty piece of crap Ford Escape.

Remember when I posted about my super awesome excitement over buying my first very brand new car? I love my car. I love it a lot. I feel like have really bonded with my new car and I love it. So when I got a call last week saying that my car had to be "grounded" because it could randomly start on fire. Like, a blaze of god damn glory on the road.

Obviously, I was pissed. But they tell me they'll give me a rental at no cost to me except for fuel while they fix it. Which, OK. But then they tell me oh by the way... they don't know why it starts on fire, so they don't know how to fix it. Which basically means my car is off the road indefinitely.

Lemme say that again: car is undrivable indefinitely.

I am so pissed. Actually, pissed isn't even the word that would be acceptable.

So I turn the vehicle in on Friday and get my rental car, which is a new Dodge Journey from New Jersey that smells. Which just made me more angry. After I get the rental car, I had to drive over to the dealership and turn the keys over. I proceed to ask questions and the service department were jerks. Total jerks who have no interest in talking to me because of my vagina, but kept talking to Matt because he has a penis. Oh, hell fucking no. So I tell them that I want something that has the date on it and says I dropped the car off because in accordance of the Wisconsin Lemon Law, if my car is undrivable for 30 days (consecutive or not), it qualifies as a lemon and I will turn it in. They kind of paled at that but still. They then tell me that countless websites and the Ford customer service person, their manager, and then a recall specialist are all wrong when they say that the Ford Escape engine that my car has was previously recalled twice already. Everyone else is wrong, the dealership is right.


So now I have to drive this piece of shit rental indefinitely.

I have to call Ford this week because I'd be damned if I am going to make my car payment this month if I can't drive the damn thing. I will get that payment paid- you watch. I can't wait to call them up and bitch them a new asshole. The level of incompetence of this all around is unbelievable. First up, how can you release a vehicle that starts on fire? Then be so incompetent to not know why it starts on fire? Then get annoyed when customers like me get pissed off that you are telling me to park my car indefinitely? Quite frankly, I feel like I should have been able to get an automatic refund or upgrade to the next engine size because this is some bullshit here.

But the most annoying part? While FIVE service department guys are treating me like I'm a moron with a vagina, Matt says nothing. He basically lets them talk all over me and says nothing. I was so angry it was unbelievable. I'm still angry and it's making me so unfestive for Christmas. Assholes.

So yeah. I'll call Ford on Wednesday probably. What should I bitch about? Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing? I'd call today but I feel like it would be me mostly screaming four letter words, I need to calm down a wee bit.


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'd ask them if they have determined what the problem is yet & how long the fix will take, then point out about the lemon law in your state & that the clock is ticking & while it's ticking there will be no payments. Demand approval for the lack of payment if your car is out of service for more than 10 days.
Though probably they will insist that 'free' rental is because you are making payments & not making payments means you have to return the rental. You might want to find out the cost of a long term rental. It could be cheaper than the car payment & you can use that as leverage.
And complain about the service department guys, then call the dealership, demand to speak to the GM & complain some more about the service guys. That shit is unacceptable. DH just stands there like a silent idiot too when that happens because he knows about as much about modern engines as I do. Pre 1990 engines he knows tons about, after that he might as well have a vagina.

Seana said...

Oh my... You poor woman!

First, I think you should rip Matt a new one for not standing up for you and telling them what's what!

I've personally have had many Fords in my family growing up, and none of the experiences ended well. Doesn't the dealership have some sort of policy where you can take it back in a specified time frame? It wasn't as-is, was it? I'd talk to your bank about it, and see what they say.. or perhaps even a lawyer that has a free consultation if you can't make progress anywhere else.

Good luck with your call to Ford! I'll be sending good vibes your way, for sure!


Anonymous said...

I kinda have to echo Seana's sentiment that I have never had a good experience with a Ford. Joshua INSISTED on buying a Ford everytime he needed a new truck and it was always a piece of crap, but NEVER have I ahd one that crapped out on me or got recalled within the first month of me having it.

Really? I would tell them I want out. Totally. I would tell them that if they won't let me out of the car, then the least they can do is give me some type of upgrade. Or free oil changes for life or some shit like that.

And I can't believe Matt wouldn't say anything. Joshua would have been like the hulk going through there. And there is NO WAY a tech would treat me like dirt in front of him. They are likely to get their teeth knocked out.

Sigh. I feel for you girl. Just keep us posted.


Ruth said...

I'd call Ford and bitch like holy hell.
That is crap.
I've had a problem with my old jeep and the warranty company jerking me around. The dealership found the part and ordered it, than the warranty place found it cheaper and made the dealership ship the first part back. And meanwhile we had to pay for the rental. Had to complain so they'd cover it.
As for Matt, not sure what to say. My husband wouldn't let them do that.

middle child said...

I wasn't going to say this but since I read the other comments....buy a Chevy!

Lin said...

What complete bullshit. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, I'd be super pissed too. Sucks that these d-bags are giving you a hard time. Anything that has to do with our car, which is under the hubs name, is handled by me. Most of the time the dudes at the dealer will be like 'hey little lady, why dont you let your husband deal with all this business', as if I'm some kind of moron. Whenever this happens the hubs turns to them & says, 'Im just here to sign, she's makes all the calls though' haha...it's hilarious.

Hope all this works out for you & the finance company gives you an all new car. You know, one that doesnt randomly set fire.

Unknown said...

Isn't there also a buyers remorse law thing?
Good luck! I say buy a honda. I do NOT like Ford's and when my dad worked with them, they were completely dicks who liked to blame all of THEIR issues on everyone else. It was NOT cool.

Unknown said...

So call this cheating or whatnot, but I also start up with 'my dad is a mechanic' because he sort of is. He's an engineer that can fix anything, including cars and I will GET him on the phone if I think that people are lying to me. I do not put up with shit, but neither does my husband. He may know jack about cars, but he wouldn't let anyone treat me like that in front of him. You should bitch and KEEP bitching until you get a car back that doesn't blow up. This is insane.

Jaime Hungry said...

I LOATH the people that work for a dealership/repair shop. They all assume that because I'm a girl I know nothing and they can screw me over. Firestone is my mortal enemy. I go there because I have lifetime alignment and they're oil changes are decent but I don't think I've ever been in there with out them giving me less than a $500 quote on everything I "need" done to my car.

Tina said...

Start with the local dealership. Find out who owns it. Then start moving up the chain to regional and finally corporate. Gets names, phone numbers and addresses for everyone you speak to.

Document every conversation you've had to date, dates, times and names. Summarize everything in a letter and send to all levels, local, regional and corporate. Also find your local TV or newspaper consumer advocate, cc them on your documentation as well.

Call the dealership DAILY for an update, insist on the service dept manager only. Start whatever paperwork is required for lemon clause, that will include all your documentation you've accumulated. Do not drag Matt along to the dealership. Standing at the counter demanding your rights be respected is very powerful thing...I would suggest getting the service manage sign off on his statements and get it witnessed right at the dealership.

FinnyKnits said...

Everyone has really good ideas in their comments, here. I won't pile on too much since I'm sure you're overwhelmed, but my recommendations are:

1. Get every agreement in writing. If they agree to waive your payments, give you an upgrade, flog the service people with broomsticks - whatever. GET IT IN WRITING.

2. When you call Ford - cozy up with the person you talk to. Treat them, from the start, like they totally get your plight, commiserate with you, etc. Present your issue as though OBVIOUSLY they will see it as a total disgrace and OBVIOUSLY will want to do whatever they can to fix it for you. Then ask them for help.

Seriously - this advice works for me 90% of the time. I've gotten hundreds of dollars in free groceries (after slipping on a grape in the store), had dozens of clocks' times changed in SF's train station (long story), entire international cell phone bills waived...the list goes on.

GOOD LUCK, sister. Sorry your rental blows.

Julie H said...

Oh my god! That freaking sucks big donkey balls :(